X Company’s Madeleine Knight Says It’s “War” Now for Heidi


As if Aurora (Evelyne Brochu) wasn’t in enough danger, posing as Helena Bauer on X Company, things went to a whole new level at the end of last week’s episode. Aurora’s rival, Heidi Adler (Madeleine Knight) overheard a moment between her and Faber (Torben Liebrecht) that she no doubt will put to good use, leaving the Allied spy in danger on Wednesday night. With Heidi in possession of this information we may get a confrontation that has been brewing all season long between the two women. In recent weeks Heidi has been less than thrilled about Aurora getting closer to Obergruppenführer Schmidt (Morten Suurballe). Will she finally boil over?

While Heidi may be poised to cause trouble for Aurora, there are few X Company viewers who can deny what a great addition Knight has been to the show in Season 3. Heidi is the first major television role for the UK actress, and The TV Junkies recently spoke exclusively with her about the role and why she’s had so much fun playing such a bad character. She also previewed what Heidi’s next move may be and what that means for Aurora. Also, stay tuned after tonight’s X Company, “Naqam,” for part two of our interview with Knight.


The TV Junkies: How did you get this opportunity to be a part of X Company?

Madeleine Knight: I was doing a play at the time in England and I had an audition come through. I went to it in London and got the role so I had to get an understudy to fill my theater show. But it was just a self tape that was sent to Mark [Ellis] and Stephanie [Morgenstern].

TTVJ: Did you know what was going to be in store for Heidi and the evil she had inside her from the onset? She’s so appealing at first in many ways.

MK: No, I didn’t know and she does seem like a fun party animal at first. I believe it was on the day of the first shoot, in the big ballroom scene where we first meet Heidi, that I learned the extent of her. I had a chat with Stephanie that day and she filled me in, but at the audition that wasn’t filled in at all. It was more just what her characteristics were that she was bubbly, fun, vivacious and exciting. That was all I had to go on in the audition.

TTVJ: That’s one of my favorite things about Heidi is that she has a way of saying really horrible things but making them sound almost pleasant.

MK: That comes from the fact that Heidi is from a generation that grew up in Hitler’s youth programs. She’s one of the generations that is completely and utterly indoctrinated. So for her everything is absolute truth and the way. For her to say these horrible things haphazardly and off the cuff, especially about Jews, they are subhuman and animals to her. It’s horrific, but to her it’s not. It’s a completely different worldview.

TTVJ: Because at first she very much seems like someone Aurora would naturally be drawn to and friends with.

MK: Some of their attributes are very similar in that they are both ambitious and women in a man’s game. In the scene on the train earlier this season, Heidi even acknowledges and lists off that they are both cultured and intelligent.


TTVJ: I’ve got to ask because it’s something I struggle with every week in writing, but how long did it take for you to master saying “Obergruppenführer”?

MK: A long time. A long time! [laughs] It has taken a lot of takes!

TTVJ: Last week’s episode involving the party took a very, very dark turn once you went hunting and was very difficult to watch. What did you think when you first read that in the script?

MK: I was horrified. ‘What? That is absolutely awful!’ Story wise I thought it was absolutely fantastic, and there’s been research of that actually happening in real life which is just horrific. I was shocked!

TTVJ: Heidi overheard a pretty big moment between Aurora and Faber at the end of last week’s episode. Can you preview what Heidi will do with that new information?

MK: She’s on the hunt now and that’s the moment she becomes the warrior. Aurora is already the enemy because she’s completely bombarded her relationship with Schmidt and that was her career in. Women who were very driven attached themselves to very high ranking Nazis and he was her way into the inner circle. So the fact Helena has come in and stole him is war for Heidi. This has given her everything she needs.


Have you enjoyed the addition of Knight’s Heidi this season? How afraid should we be for Aurora? Share your thoughts below!

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