X Company’s Lara Jean Chorostecki on Krystina’s Action-Packed Season 3


One of the biggest joys of the third and final season of X Company for us here at The TV Junkies has been the emergence of Krystina’s butt-kicking side. We’ve always known her to be smart and able to take care of herself, as she proved last season by handling the Klaus situation back at Camp X, but her dealings this year taking down Schroeder (Trevor White) have proved once and for all that she is not to be messed with. It’s been especially nice to see Krystina (Lara Jean Chorostecki) blossom this year after everything she went through in Season 2 losing Tom (Dustin Milligan).

As X Company moves forward this week with “Promises,” written by Nicolas Billon and directed by Paolo Barzman, Krystina will face a dilemma about what she wants to do next and how Sinclair (Hugh Dillon) reacts to her decision. To get more insight into Krystina, The TV Junkies recently spoke with Brampton, Ontario native Chorostecki, who is well known for her role as Freddie Lounds on Hannibal. Chorostecki shares her joy at Krystina’s arc this season, why she loves working on X Company, and gives some insight into Krystina’s next moves.


The TV Junkies: Honestly, my biggest takeaway from the first two episodes of Season 3 was that Krystina is now a total badass. How thrilled were you when you read those scripts?

Lara Jean Chorostecki: I really enjoyed what we did last season with Dustin, and then as always the stuff I was doing with Hugh and building that relationship. But to see her show a new shade and blossom, of course as an actor was really exciting and very warranted. I was really excited to read it and I remember arriving in Budapest and Evelyne [Brochu] being like ‘did you see that? Did you see that?’ [laughs] Trevor’s work is really fantastic too, so to be able to delve into things with him was really great.

TTVJ: Was getting Krystina involved in the action more something you had talked about with Mark [Ellis and Stephanie [Morgenstern]?

LC: We had talked about it since Season 1, how they wanted to do more with her, but it’s a big story. The whole time period has so many stories to tell and Krystina had always been, from the beginning, someone back at the camp, but also someone they wanted to make room for in the larger story. I’m really happy they were able to do that and I know it had always been an intention that we talked about.

In Season 2 they tried to make more room for her with her storyline with Tom, which thankfully led to the ability to explore this. We really find her at the beginning of Season 3 quite angry and desperate to contribute in some sort of tangible way. I wasn’t in the dark about it and there was always a push to do more with her. Hopefully that’s a testament that they know what I can do with my own craft, but also a testament to the seeds they’ve planted with this character.


TTVJ: I loved Krystina not only getting in on the action, but really using her brains to foil and take down Schroeder. It felt very true to her character and was great to see.

LC: I agree completely that it felt organic and made sense. We thought with Klaus last year that it planted some seeds that she was quite good at using her personal experience and whatever she’s going through to mold into an undercover mode. When she was talking to Klaus last year about the massacre that happened, and got quite emotional over it she was trying to manipulate him, but at the same time those emotions were very real. I think that’s what we see this year too.

In Episode 1 with the bartender when she’s talking about Tom she is trying to manipulate him and gain sympathy from him, but she’s also using real emotion and turning it into something useful for her rather than something that is taking her over. That’s what could make her a very good spy is that she’s able to not let her emotions take over and manipulate her, but is able to use them to manipulate others. And she’s whip smart and has a great, fun sense of humor so I’m really happy with the three seasons because I feel like we’ve managed to show a really well-rounded human being.

TTVJ: Now that Krystina has had a taste of some action, what is next for her? Is she going to be happy staying at Camp X or will she want something more?

LC: Oh no! She wants out. The work at the camp is extremely important, but she’s dealing with the war and the grief by moving forward and that is going overseas and getting in on the action. I felt like it was so organic that she’s a good shot, she’s good at hand to hand and just one of the top people that they could be sending out into the field. They aren’t because she’s also whip smart and a good leader back at the camp, but she’s no longer satisfied with that.

TTVJ: What does Sinclair think about that?

LC: I think he’s quite divided because they have such an obvious and strong friendship on top of the working relationship. I think we’ve seen for two seasons, through some really nice scenes together, that he really relies on her to be his sounding board and most trusted person. Having her disappear and not be there would be hard for her. Also, when you send someone out in the field there’s a much greater chance of something happening and I’m sure that weighs on his conscious.


TTVJ: Something I really enjoy about X Company is that it writes these amazing female characters. You don’t necessarily expect it given that we’re dealing with a show set during a time where many men were in charge, but I really enjoy that.

LC: I do too. It’s nice to tell that particular time period with a female bent. Evelyne’s work is so great, and it’s really nice to see not just strong female characters for the sake of having strong female characters. It’s thought out, there’s reasoning behind it and I’m not just suddenly kicking Scubaman’s ass because it would look cool. It’s actually very believable. They have created and crafted some quite believable characters.

TTVJ: Now that you’re a few months removed from the end of filming, what are your thoughts on the show ending?

LC: Bittersweet. It was nice that we knew going into the season so that there was no debate and we were able to end it with a sense of finality. That was lovely, but it was bittersweet right from the get go because we knew we wouldn’t be heading back to Budapest anymore. It made you wonder if you’d ever be there again in that lovely country. Apart from that, as actors you are used to moving from job to job, but when you get a great job like this it is sad to leave.

TTVJ: You’re also appearing on Designated Survivor. What’s that experience been like?

LC: I’ll say it was a lot of fun, but with an asterisk. I was shooting both shows at the same time for two months so I was shooting two shows on two different continents. I got my frequent flier miles and I was extremely grateful come October because I was able for the first time to acclimatize to Europe before shooting a scene. I’m really proud of my work as Krystina over the last three years because fun fact, I did the entirety of Krystina, minus the last two episodes of Season 3, completely jet-lagged. So I watch the show and think ‘maybe it was better to be jet-lagged’ because it’s resulted in some work that I’m really proud of. Thankfully with X Company there’s such a lovely support system that I was always full supported doing scenes, having just arrived 24 hours previously.


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