X Company’s Evelyne Brochu on Coming Full Circle with Aurora


Every member of the X Company team was asked to make huge sacrifices in the name of the greater good over the CBC drama’s three seasons, but perhaps none more so than Aurora (Evelyne Brochu). The leader of the Allied spies on the ground, Aurora had a huge final season that saw her have to make tough decision after tough decision as she went deep undercover as Helena Bauer, cozying up to the horribly evil Obergruppenführer Schmidt (Morten Suurballe). In the end, she was almost ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, and give her life for the cause before being stopped by Franz Faber (Torben Liebrecht).

Instead, Aurora and her team did accomplish their mission — thanks in huge part to Faber — and after a bittersweet goodbye to Alfred (Jack Laskey) and Neil (Warren Brown), viewers saw her still spying in Belgium. Prior to saying goodbye to Berlin, Aurora did make things right with Faber’s wife Sabine (Livia Matthes) as the women and their friendship seemed to finally come to an understanding about each other. The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with Brochu prior to the X Company series finale screening in Toronto about her character’s ending, the end of the series in general, and how she made it through some of Aurora’s difficult scenes this season.

The TV Junkies: As a viewer watching the finale, I was immensely satisfied with how Mark and Stephanie wrapped things up. What did it feel like from your perspective? Were you satisfied with Aurora’s ending?

Evelyne Brochu: Her incredible journey — where she gets found out and everything — I thought they were great scenes and I wanted to honor them. I was not just excited, but thrilled to get to play them, but what moved me the most was the plane scene. It was a full circle from the beginning and even though we’ve lost pieces of the circle along the way, it was stunning as an actor to see the journey you’ve traveled. So to be sitting on that same plane with two members missing, it was very emotional.

TTVJ: Like Faber, Aurora was ready to sacrifice herself for the cause. Why was she prepared to do that in that moment?

EB: I think she was always prepared to do that in every moment. That’s the thing that makes her special. She’s not perfect but she has that ability to put the cause in front of everything else. No matter what happens, that’s always there. She’s sacrificed a lot — especially this season — and she’s lost a lot too. At some point you have to carry it through for it to make sense.

TTVJ: I also feel like that was a big reason it made sense for her to be out in the field as a spy in Belgium at the end.

EB: She’s not the type to leave the battlefield.


TTVJ: It was great to see one last scene between Aurora and Sabine. Were you and Livia glad to get that and after the war can Aurora go hang with Zosia and Sabine in Poland?

EB: Let’s do it! We’ll make it a web series. [laughs] No, that was very satisfying, especially because that friendship was very real, but life got in the way. The life got in the way a lot for Aurora and pretending to be someone else constantly has been a struggle for her. Realizing the great road they’ve traveled and that Sabine’s character really did a 180 — she went from being completely naive to understanding what was at stake. Both of them meeting at a point where they both know the same things and that they did have a real friendship, connecting at that moment made a lot of sense and felt good for Aurora as well as me.

TTVJ: Alfred and Aurora finally had a moment of happiness together, and probably as happy of an ending as one can get from a show like X Company. What were your thoughts on their journey and what was it like to play across Jack for three seasons?

EB: He was great and very, very kind, brilliant and cool. He’s a dear friend and a great partner. The fact that we were all living together in a strange city brought us even closer, but it’s the nature of the amazing human beings that made that journey so important and meaningful. Everyone on the show and every member of the team rocked, which made it more exciting and meaningful. It wasn’t easy for me to be away from the team, and away as Aurora, because as an actor you feel what the character feels at time. Being removed from the boys and the strength that they give me, I think that’s what the character felt, but I may have felt it too. It’s like when Neil hugged me at the end of Season 2, that felt really good. When your character and another have a lot of tension, it’s nice to have that moment where it all washes away.

TTVJ: Speaking of feeling what the character is feeling, Aurora had to do some pretty horrible things this season to keep the mission moving forward. What did you feel when you first read some of those difficult scenes, for instance the ones in Episode 307, “The Hunt?”

EB: I thought it was a very gripping script and telling a horrible story that unfortunately is true. They did do that and then you wonder how someone can behave like that and be a part of this horrific system? The system is made to make you feel like you don’t have a choice, and therefore it’s not your choice and not your “responsibility.” But it is. At that point, for Aurora she has to step into the system in order to be able to break it, but at a level she never thought she’d have to go to. Her moral dilemma is so big and impossible. Those are the things that make us interested in fiction and make us wonder ‘What would I do? How would I react to these impossible choices?’


TTVJ: Did you have a favorite Aurora moment this season? Personally, I’m not sure it beats the fight with Heidi (Madeleine Knight) and her fate.

EB: For that fight we didn’t have to use the doubles and only used our fighting. You’re pretty proud of yourself when that happens. Playing across Madeleine was such a joy because she’s an amazing actress and amazing human being. It’s fun to be a strong female character, but it’s even better when you’re surrounded by them.

TTVJ: You also have the final season of Orphan Black coming up that you just finished filming. What was it like saying goodbye to that and how did it compare to what you went through with X Company?

EB: I just finished on Friday and I was so emotional and a total wreck. We did really beautiful scenes and the season was really satisfying for us, as I think it will be satisfying for viewers as well. I can trick myself into not being too, too sad because for Orphan Black we’re doing PaleyFest soon so it’s not ‘goodbye’ it’s ‘see you soon.’ For X Company, we had the finale screening and we had Connor’s [Price] wedding in December, so there’s always something you can put in front of you to say it’s not over. You can also trust in the actual friendships that you’ve built so the memories will remain, but so will the friendships. It’ll never be Budapest again or never be the fun and craziness of shooting it and joy of being a part of it on a day to day basis. But it’s a part of our lives and we’re a part of each other’s lives.


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