X Company’s Evelyne Brochu Previews Another Epic Year for Aurora


Look out! The ladies of X Company show no signs of slowing down in the third and final season, premiering Wednesday, January 11 at 9 p.m. on CBC. Season 2 of the WWII drama saw Aurora (Evelyne Brochu) have her leadership questioned by the team before an intense final showdown with Faber (Torben Liebrecht) that saw she and Alfred (Jack Laskey) turning the Nazi officer. Unfortunately, having the truth revealed also damaged Aurora’s friendship with Faber’s wife Sabine (Livia Matthes). Will the women be able to recover from these shocking truths in Season 3?

It may be difficult for Aurora to find time to mend fences given she and the team will be fighting back with renewed purpose due to Tom’s (Dustin Milligan) death at the end of last season. She’ll embark on a dangerous undercover mission that may once again threaten her friendship with Sabine. Alfred and Aurora will also have to face their personal feelings for one another and what that means when you’re fighting a war.

Quebec born Brochu recently spoke exclusively with The TV Junkies about Aurora’s mission for Season 3 and how she’ll handle not only her feelings for Alfred, but working with both the Fabers. She also shared her feelings on both X Company and Orphan Black coming to an end this year and discussed some of her favorite Aurora moments.

The TV Junkies: What did you think of Mark [Ellis] and Stephanie’s [Morgenstern] decision to end the show after three seasons?

Evelyne Brochu: You have this pre-nostalgia and notion that it’s coming to an end and have to make the most of it, then you leave Budapest and are happy to be home, but then it hits you like a wall. This is over and it’s not going to happen again. The friendships will last forever, but that whole adventure has come to an end. It’s very, very sad and I’m in the grieving process right now.

TTVJ: You’re going through the process with Orphan Black ending as well, so did you ever start to wonder what you did to cause this coincidence? [laughs]

EB: No, but maybe I’m like The Finisher! [laughs] That’s awful to think, but strangely both shows that were very present in my life, and a part of a long period of my life, are coming to an end. It’s bittersweet and makes way for the next step, but it also means you have to let go of some families. That’s the hardest part in our line of work, the connections are so deep, especially in Budapest because we basically lived together. We are all each other have, we’re our support systems and each other’s family so having to let go of that is hard.

TTVJ: The Season 2 finale made it pretty clear that Alfred and Aurora have feelings for one another. How will they deal with that in Season 3?

EB: If it was a normal show then they’d start dating, but this is war. Them caring for each other may be dangerous for the team so what if Sinclair finds out? What is he going to think of that and is he going to ask them to break it off? How are they going to react to that? Where is that going to take them? These are the questions facing that “couple” in the next season.


TTVJ: After everything Aurora and the team has been through with Faber, what is it going to be like trying to work with him this year?

EB: There’s a renewed power for Aurora. Her team doubted her for awhile in Season 2, but she ran on top of the tank, got Faber on board–of course she’s grieving Tom but that gives her a new purpose and focus–but is Faber really on board?

Faber is also a kind of mirror for Aurora because Aurora goes on a very deep and long undercover mission in Season 3. He’s undercover, she’s undercover, they are working closely together, they both sacrificed someone they really loved, they both did something they didn’t want to do to save something they needed to save, so I think they see something in each other that nobody else could understand.

Is he a weakness? Is he an asset? Is he the enemy? Or is he a mirror and someone she needs to get closer to because he’s the only one that can understand her? I think he’s all of these things and that makes for very rich fiction.

TTVJ: Speaking of the Fabers, I really loved Aurora’s friendship with Sabine, but she found out the truth last year. Is there any way they can still be friends moving forward?

EB: With Aurora and Sabine that friendship is real and there was something that was ruptured in that link, but there are shared sentiments of caring for one another. Is she going to be able to gain her trust back? She will have to on a “professional” level because she’s trying to get close to a very high ranking Nazi who happens to be Sabine’s dad. Sabine is not going to like that because she’s like ‘first of all you used me and now you’re trying to use me to get to my dad!’ Aurora is going to have to work to get her trust back. Will she succeed? We’ll see…

TTVJ: Last season the team lost one of their own in Tom. Are they still feeling that void in Season 3 and will we be seeing any new characters fill his spot on the team?

EB: That void is unfillable and it turns into fire. That void turns into this renewed sense of purpose and a need for that death and all the deaths to not be in vain. There’s a lot of grief, pain and disappointment but there’s also that new flame that burns in all of their hearts.

In terms of people stepping in, you’ll see a lot of very cool characters, characters taking different paths than we’re used to seeing, but we’re not going to replace Tom per say. There’s no American dude that’s going to be a spy because our authors are smarter than that and it’s going to be a bit more surprising than that. There will be new people and people we know, but in new places.


TTVJ: Do you have a favorite Aurora moment? Personally I’m not sure anything can beat you standing on top of the tank last season.

EB: That’s what I was going to say! I think that one was pretty killer. From this season there’s one you’re going to like in that we have a really cool fight scene between me and a new character you’re going to meet called Heidi. She’s played by Madeleine Knight, a really, really great British actress who is very feisty and grounded. Her character adds another color to the show.

In the German world I’m infiltrating she’s the facilitator. She doesn’t know that I’m a spy so she’s like ‘come and work with me at Race and Resettlements.’ My character is like ‘yea! Wait what’s Race and Resettlements?’ But soon the audience and Aurora will discover just how bad it is. Eventually there’s an amazing fight scene between those two characters that is a very long one and a very intense one. Amanda Tapping was directing that episode and she said ‘I’m not going to use any of the stunt doubles because you guys did so good.’ I think that might be another epic moment.

TTVJ: I’m pretty sure if it was me I’d have a poster of me standing on that tank somewhere in my house.

EB: [laughs] Yea like ‘you can do it girl! Remember that? You did that so go ahead and do some more!’

TTVJ: Is there anything you can share with us about Delphine in Season 5 of Orphan Black?

EB: Well she’s there so that’s something I couldn’t even say last year! I can tell you where Season 5 picks up for Delphine. Remember that yurt world where we found her last year and where Cosima ended up in pretty bad shape? So Season 5 starts for Delphine and Cosima just hours away from that event. We’re going to explore that world a little more and see what it means and the answers we can draw from it.


Are you excited for the return of Aurora and Co.? What is your favorite Aurora moment? Sound off in the comments below!

X Company Season 3 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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