X Company’s Evelyne Brochu on Aurora’s Haunting Season


With the cat now out of the bag on X Company, and the whole team aware that René (François Arnaud) is still alive, the big question becomes what will happen between him and ex Aurora (Evelyne Brochu)? Clearly feeling the effects of being a prisoner of war, instead of falling into Aurora’s arms, René shrunk from her and was instead comforted by Alfred (Jack Laskey). What will this mean for the former couple moving forward and how will their dynamic affect the team as a whole?

Since Alfred’s capture, the X Company team has already been cut off from their normal supplies and sources. That will continue this week as the Gestapo are hot on the team’s heels, and they must get creative to return Alfred and René back to Camp X. As if René’s return and those obstacles weren’t enough to deal with, Aurora has also had to defend her position as team leader against Sinclair’s (Hugh Dillon) tough line of questioning.

What does all this mean for her going forward? Can she put aside her personal feelings once again and focus on the mission at hand? The TV Junkies recently caught up with Brochu to talk about what lies ahead for Aurora this season and what René being alive means.

The TV Junkies: I was holding my breath a lot during the first two episodes. Does that intensity continue throughout the rest of the season?

Evelyne Brochu: It absolutely does! I think the cool thing about this season is that it’s a bit more gripping. It’s harder for the team to go through the missions. The missions are on a higher scale, which means more risk, more danger. I feel like that holding your breath thing that happened to you will happen all the way through.

TTVJ: Everyone is now aware that René is alive. How is Aurora going to react to that news going forward?

EB: I don’t think it happens a lot in many lives, to grieve someone and then deal with them coming back. I think all the characters kicking off Season 2–not only Aurora and René, everyone–has been affected in a way. Everyone’s seen something or done something that has a really big impact on their soul. They aren’t little green, fresh faces fighting for justice. I think they all realize the dance they are dancing is a lot more complicated than that.

Aurora carries some things, but so does René. What is he going to reveal and how are they going to meet again coming from where they are at? They used to fight alongside each other and now there’s a whole bunch of their past that happened when they were not together. How are they going to be able to find each other again? What have they done and how is that going to affect the relationship? That’s what’s super interesting.

I can’t tell you more, but I can tell you that it all unravels in Episode 3–one of my favorite episodes of the season. It’s a very Aurora and René heavy episode. We have a whole journey through that episode that for me, was such a joy to get to do with François, who is an amazing actor and a really good friend. I think people can look forward to that and a lot of answers are going to come from there. It’s going to kick off a lot stuff for Aurora for the rest of the season too.


TTVJ: We saw that Aurora couldn’t shoot Alfred to stop him from being taken at the end of last season. Is that something she’ll continue to wrestle with?

EB: I think we can see that it’s a haunted Aurora that we see in Season 2. She’s a sergeant and has a huge responsibility towards her team. So we’re going to see how she’s going to deal with those secrets because she’s going to choose not to reveal that in order to stay strong. But sometimes when we feel that we’re staying strong and keeping things inside, is really when we’re being most vulnerable because nobody knows what’s happening. The team is going to feel like Aurora is not necessarily hiding something, but she’s not the way she used to be. She’s not the leader she used to be and there’s going to be conflict within the team because of that.

Of course also now that Alfred was captured because she didn’t kill him, they can’t trust anything anymore. Safe houses, contacts, no contact with Camp X–they are on their own because of her. Did he reveal anything when he got captured? He has a perfect memory and if he talks the team is screwed, so she feels super guilty!

TTVJ: Way to go Aurora! [laughs]

EB: [laughs] They are teaming with someone who is wounded and they can’t count on anybody but themselves. They are constantly changing safe houses. They are going to spend a lot of time in the forest–hiding, moving–so you can imagine how tired and exhausted they are. Also imagine the stress that risking your life everyday brings on a human being. The team is going to suffer from that. You start playing the blame game and the worst is when you blame yourself. We’re the hardest on ourselves, so yes, it’s fun for Aurora.

TTVJ: Sinclair (Hugh Dillon) was very suspicious of Aurora and her story of not having a shot on Alfred. Will he continue to question her and will they continue to butt heads this season?

EB: Totally! There’s going to be a total face-off between Sinclair and Aurora. I think the biggest thing though is that she’s going to question her ability to be a leader. That’s the hardest thing, when you don’t have confidence in yourself. How do you pull yourself together to move forward? That’s always hard and I think everyone can relate to that in some way.

TTVJ: Everything is leading up to the battle at Dieppe this season. What will Aurora’s role in that mission look like?

EB: Aurora is on a personal mission. I think sometimes to avoid pain, people will start to overly focus on something else to take their mind away from the pain. She’s going to go on her first undercover mission as a German woman living in Paris. She’s not only going to dance with the Devil but she’s going to become friends with his wife. She’s going to lead a double life.

I say that there’s two Auroras. There’s “Sports Aurora” who is wearing pants, all muddy, with the boys and she’s trying to keep the team together. Then there’s “City Aurora” wearing dresses, speaking German and pretending to be someone else. Strangely enough it’s through the character that she composes for that mission that we’re going to learn what’s in her heart. In disguise, making a new friend in the city, sitting in cafes, she can finally talk about what’s happening to her. Sometimes it’s through fiction that we reveal ourselves the most, and I think that as an actor I can definitely relate to that.

TTVJ: I really enjoy that Aurora leads up this team of guys, something we didn’t see a lot of during that time in history. There seems to be a trend of seeing more female characters in these types of roles. Was that something that drew you to the role?

EB: It totally was! I think the cool thing about that is that it is “new” on TV, but I don’t think it was ever “new” in real life. I think a lot of women kicked ass throughout history, so it’s cool that now we’re actually spending time giving attention to that. I feel like in my life that I don’t see any of my friends–and I don’t think it was like that in the past either–where we don’t disappear just to appear at the end of a man’s story to kiss him and congratulate him. We have issues of our own, battles of our own, ideals of our own, dreams of our own and I think it’s always been like that. I feel like we’re finally portraying women as they always were. So it’s not new to me, it’s just new that we’re finally putting this on screen.

TTVJ: So I have to ask, when we last saw Delphine on Orphan Black she had been shot and lay bleeding. What can you tell us about Season 4 and Delphine’s fate?

EB: If I talk–I didn’t know, before I did this show, how intense science fiction can be. But I feel like if I talk there’s going to be someone in a lab coat with a baseball bat who’s going to jump at me. I can’t say anything or tell you anything. But being a part of that show makes me feel proud on so many levels.


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