Wynonna Earp: Zoie Palmer Discusses the Most Challenging Moments for Jolene

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SYFY / Bell Media

When Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras told us that she wanted to create a role for Lost Girl’s Zoie Palmer that really challenged her range, she really wasn’t lying. Palmer’s guest turn as Jolene, a demon that had attached itself to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), had a bit of everything. From being a straight up villain, to singing karaoke and then turning all sweet and offering everyone baked goods, Jolene allowed Palmer’s skills to be on full display, but also allowed her to interact and play with almost every member of the Wynonna Earp cast. Also, Jolene may have been a demon, but Palmer’s performance, along with writer Shelley Scarrow’s script, really had us actually feeling bad for her at times as she met a very scary fate.

Palmer recently spoke with The TV Junkies about some of the specifics of the “Jolene” episode, including what it was like to sing karaoke in Shorty’s and film that intense scene between Waverly and Jolene with Provost-Chalkley. Palmer will soon be able to be seen on Season 2 of the Super Channel drama Pure and she previews a little about the character she’ll be playing there as well.


The TV Junkies: There’s so many amazing parts to Jolene and the entire episode, but I think one of my favorites is that crazy karaoke scene with you singing and a bar brawl happening. What was that like to shoot?

Zoie Palmer: Funnily enough, when I got to Calgary I had lost my voice and just got it back enough to show up. So we pushed recording of that song for a little bit until I could get back on my feet, and I wasn’t entirely over it when we did. But I think it turned out OK, even though I was recovering. I sang on Instant Star, Lost Girl and Dark Matter, and I’m not sure what the theme is with me singing on shows, but it’s becoming a thing. It’s terrifying though to get up on stage in front of the whole bar, cast and crew. It was scary, but they are very supportive. I did my best and I think it was OK. [laughs]

TTVJ: It turned out great! That entire scene I was thinking ‘what is happening? This is the craziest show, but I love it so much.’

ZP: I know! That whole thing in the bar was epic, wasn’t it? There was the recreation of the scene from Season 1 when WayHaught met and then I’m flying over the bar. It’s very crazy and such a cool scene.

SYFY / Bell Media
SYFY / Bell Media

TTVJ: The other major scene was near the end of the episode between Waverly and Jolene. How were you able to stay so evil when Dominique is there looking so sad?

ZP: That was a really early scene that we shot together and we hadn’t had any time together yet. Dom and I didn’t know each other beforehand and it was a really intense scene for both of us, like almost hard. It’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done because of the intensity that I had to come at her with. It really felt like we got lost in that scene together. She’s extraordinary and stayed open, which is hard to be on the receiving end of what I was throwing at her. Take after take after take. Imagine me coming after you like that. She just stayed there.

When they said they got it, we both just exhaled. It was a lot. It was really emotionally draining for both of us to have to go to that place over and over and over again. That’s the job, and you do it all the time, but some days are more challenging than others. The filming of it was really intense, but she’s such a beautiful actress that it was a complete pleasure to do that with her. We stayed there with each other and went together to this really awful place. I mean I’m telling her to kill herself! When they said ‘OK, I think we got it,’ we both shook it off and went to the cast chairs like ‘wow! what was THAT?’ It was cool and that’s what we do, but I have to say it was a tough scene to shoot.

TTVJ: I know you just filmed Season 2 of Pure so can you share with us anything about that role?

ZP: I play Detective Val Krochack and Ryan Robbins, the lead male on that show, and I worked on The Guard together 10 years ago. So that was a nice little reunion for us. Val starts as an accountant detective, but we quickly learn that is the last thing that she should be doing. She’s so ambitious and needs to be a real detective. So she works to bring down the Mexican drug cartel that’s in the Mennonite community, and she starts to figure things out very quickly that’s something awry. It’s quite an intense show and Val is one of the most intense characters I’ve ever played. She’s A Type and handles almost everything aggressively. She doesn’t know another way to manage life than aggressively and it’s her only way in it seems. She doesn’t understand that there are other options. It’s a very cool show and a very well-written show by Michael Amo, the creator. It’s brilliant and I think people are going to like it a lot.

TTVJ: I know when I heard of the Season 2 additions of you and Alyson Hannigan I got pretty excited.

ZP: That’s right! She was awesome and so amazing. We have scenes and she’s a very cool lady. She’s a lovely actor and a beautiful human being. It’s also now airing Season 1 on WGN and Hulu.


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