Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon on Why Wynonna’s Latest Reveal Was Hearbreaker for Doc

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy

Another week has passed on Wynonna Earp and it’s still not clear who the father of Wynonna’s (Melanie Scrofano) baby is. Doc (Tim Rozon) assumed that it was his, but it was recently revealed that there may be another, revenant contender in the mix. Doc didn’t have too long to worry over that news though, as viewers started to see the effects on him of The Stone Witch being killed. U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves (Adrian Holmes) hunted down Doc for a long standing warrant, but luckily, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) was able to come through and save his friend.

Does that mean, despite all the baby drama currently happening, that Dolls and Doc’s bromance is still going strong? For the answer to that, as well as what it was like filming those comedic scenes that saw the pair, along with Jeremy (Varun Saranga), all bound together, The TV Junkies spoke to Rozon. Just as he did in part one of our interview, Rozon provides insight into what’s going on in Doc’s mind, especially now that he’s aware he may not be the father, and whether or not he’s going to still step up for Wynonna as promised.

Rozon is also keeping busy off screen by writing more Wynonna Earp comic books with creator Beau Smith. Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #1, which he co-wrote Smith, is now available and the pair have more issues to come. This was the second time Rozon got to write comics with Smith, and he also details why things are better the second time around.


The TV Junkies: We still have this question over who the father of Wynonna’s baby is, but Dolls tells Doc that he just needs to man up. Is that what he’s going to do and how does that question affect Doc?

Tim Rozon: I’d love to say it didn’t affect him and he’s a strong enough man to not be bothered by that, but unfortunately he’s not. He’s riddled by ego, insecurities and I think it really affects him and devastates him that he’s maybe not the father. He wasn’t able to get reciprocated love from Wynonna at the end of Season 1 anyways, and then to find out that he may not be the dad is kind of a heartbreaker for Doc. That will play out and we’ll go places from there, but I won’t get into it. He mostly hides how he feels from everybody, but yes, he’s devastated. I think it’s similar for Dolls because they both have these feelings and are both disappointed in that same way.

At the end of 207, and I love Emily and the writers’ brilliance, because they have us either with the fact that the baby might be her great great grandfather’s immortal best friend’s cowboy baby, or it might be the thing she’s been cursed to eradicate from the Earth growing inside of her. Either way it’s like ‘WHAT?’

TTVJ: Doc and Dolls were just reaching a really good point in their relationship, but this pregnancy seemed like it was going to threaten that. That’s one of the reasons it was so great in 207 to see Dolls stick up for Doc and back him. They’ve come such a long way. What can we expect out of that bromance?

TR: I think this goes back to Season 1 in Episode 108 when they had the fight, and I find it so true with stupid boys, but that person you get in a fight with may become your best friend. Ever since that fight things have changed between them, and no matter what, there’s always a mutual respect for one another. At the end of the day, they both care about the most important thing of all, and that’s what’s best for Wynonna — whatever she wants and needs, they are in agreement that that’s what’s most important.

I think they are both smart enough to realize when they aren’t enough. So I think Doc gets it when she needs more Dolls, or if she needs Dolls and they both understand that she doesn’t need anybody at all too, and keep their distance and stay away. They both respect each other and they both care a lot about Wynonna Earp, and they respect that about each other. At this point, there’s a competitiveness to them too, but they are friends and definitely get more of a kick out of each other than they’ll ever let on. They are just such polar opposites. For me, the really fun part was throwing Jeremy into all of it because it added a third wheel to the party. Jeremy is one of my favorite characters.


TTVJ: I know you are really close off screen with Varun. So which bromance came first, the on or off screen one?

TR: It was on screen first because he was in and out of there and we didn’t know what was happening. Then it simply came down to Playstation, and he started playing one of the games I was playing. We were on headsets communicating after work and once we became Playstation squad mates that was it. He’s one of those guys, we went out to eat all the time, and anyone that loves to eat I’m going to love them. Tamara [Duarte], Dani [Kind] and Varun we were like a squad and just loved to go out to eat.

TTVJ: One of the highlights this past week was the boys all getting bound together. How excited were you guys to play those moments together? What was it like getting to do physical comedy like that?

TR: It was super fun. You’re normally always having fun, but sometimes I heavy scenes with Melanie Scrofano, but those scenes you just know we’re going to goof around. We’re all three goofballs and we didn’t get much time together this year so it was nice. That was the main time that the three of us got to goof around, and we were like the three little musketeers that day. Also, Paolo Barzman [director] was back from last year, one of the stuntmen from last year came back, we were all goofing around and I was being pulled up, it was the “boys will be boys” episode. It was a blast and we just goofed off, but it was nice to go back and get back to stuff with Mel, which makes you realize how great and complex the show is.

I’m not as strong comedy-wise as Varun, that’s a fact. He understands the science of comedy and he’s like the Schitt’s Creek actors I work with, whereas I do not understand the science of comedy. I’m there and things are funny, but for me personally I don’t know how to be funny. Varun does and Shamier does too, they know how to be funny. I’m more in funny situations and I’m like Doc in that way. Sometimes people say, ‘oh you’re funny,’ but I think it’s more the situation is funny or my reaction to them are funny.

TTVJ: Well you fooled me because those scenes were some of the highlights of the episode, and they came off just great.

TR: The good thing is too that it was fun to have a lighter, fun part in the middle, but at the same time it wasn’t light either because there’s heavy stuff coming. But you’re right, the main takeaway was that Dolls had Doc’s back, and Doc had Dolls’ back in the beginning of the season. So in many ways Dolls was returning the favor.

TTVJ: I really enjoyed the Bass Reeves character played by Adrian Holmes (19-2), and we’re really starting to see the effects of the Stone Witch being killed. Will we see those effects continue to come back on Doc throughout the season, where he realizes he may now be susceptible to things?

TR: [laughs] You need to watch 208 and 209. I don’t want to spoil stuff so the only way I can answer that is ‘yes.’

TTVJ: Did you feel any mustache envy with Adrian? I assumed his was fake though.

TR: Yes, his was fake. He had mustache envy of me because when they were having to stop between takes to fix the mustache, reattach the mustache and he’d have to be in makeup an hour to get the mustache on, and it’d still come off. He no joke said ‘I now 100 per cent understand why you wear that mustache 10 months out of the year.’ If I had a fake mustache it’d be so much more of a pain. I don’t have it right now and I miss it.


TTVJ: You’ve written some more comic books with Beau. Did you think you’d get the chance to do that again? Was it as fun the second time around?

TR: I did not know I was going to get the chance to do it again. It happened so weird, Beau and I were just talking and he was telling me the story, it was amazing, and I just go back into comic book fan mode thinking how great it was going to be. I went out to dinner, got a message from him and I called him back when he says, ‘I called IDW and pitched them the idea of you coming back and us doing this again. IDW is on board, so what do you think?’ I was like ‘what do you mean what do I think? How does this happen? I was eating dinner two seconds ago and my life was OK, and now my life is so amazing. How did that happen?’

We’re not done though, I just handed in Issue #4 and we’ve got one issue left. The first time around was so special because I couldn’t believe it was happening. The second time was even more special because I just really got to enjoy it. Creatively, Beau and I are so in sync that it’s really scary and we had all these crazy ideas and new characters.

It was really great, and the other cool thing is that this time I had just came off Wynonna, so I was really fresh. I had Wynonna in my brain, my heart and it was just all over so it was really easy to bring that world to the comic book world. Beau said ‘I can tell you something, I can feel the show this time, the heart. It’s really great.’ So that was special too because I was just really in the Wynonna zone. Just communicating with Beau is inspiring because he really loves it and he’s got such great ideas. He’s got a crazy, crazy brain and I just love that he lets me inside there, so this time was more fun in a way. I can’t believe I’m doing it and I hope I get to keep doing it.


Did you enjoy seeing the boys bound together as much as we did? Sound off with your thoughts on what’s next for Doc and Dolls below!

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