Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon On Season 2’s Emotional Experience and Doc’s Intentions

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy

When it comes to Wynonna Earp it’s hard to find a bigger fan than Tim Rozon. The Montreal native, who plays Doc Holliday on the series, has made no attempt at hiding how much he loves the show he gets to be a part of, but somehow that love and respect went to a whole new level in Season 2. When Wynonna Earp’s lead, Melanie Scrofano, revealed she was pregnant at the beginning of Season 2, and that showrunner Emily Andras was going to write it as part of the story this year, Rozon says that the entire team was on board with the decision.

In fact, Rozon recently spoke exclusively with The TV Junkies about the cast’s reaction to the news, and how he was in utter awe of the work Scrofano put in this season. He said he wasn’t alone either, and recalled a time costar Dominique Provost-Chalkley expressed a similar sentiment. It was right after filming that particularly emotional Earp sisters end scene in last week’s episode and Rozon remembers that “It was one of those days I saw Dom, and she was like ‘you don’t even know what Melanie did today. It was incredible. I’m telling you, I was in a scene with not only an actor, but a mother.’”

While there’s no question Rozon appreciates and supports the work Scrofano did, Doc Holliday’s motives are still a little unclear when it comes to Wynonna’s pregnancy. He recently gave her a note declaring he was “all in,” but how does he truly feel? Rozon discusses that and more in our chat, and don’t forget to check back after this week’s episode for part two of our interview.


The TV Junkies: Obviously fans were pretty surprised to find out about Melanie’s pregnancy, and that it was going to be incorporated into the story. What did you think when you first heard?

Tim Rozon: It’s so crazy because we knew absolutely nothing, honestly. We got to Calgary, I was super excited and I was going to lunch with everyone and the producers. There was nothing weird about that, we’re a close knit family and it made sense we’d all get together for lunch before starting the season. They wasted no time, and Emily and Mel were like ‘there’s something we have to tell you.’ Melanie started welling up and was like ‘So, I’m pregnant!’ In all honesty, I don’t know how we were supposed to react, but the first thing was just pure happiness. You don’t think about anything because in that moment it’s a friend and human being saying they are having a baby. You celebrate that. After a moment they said ‘how this will affect the upcoming season is…’ That’s when we were like ‘oh, right, OK.’

Then Emily told us that Syfy and the producers were behind it, and all of us were like ‘OK, yes, we are doing this!’ Then the other thing, and this was unanimous, was that everyone had to be there for Mel this year and whatever she needs. If there’s anybody you’re going to bend over for, do more for or do anything for, it’s Mel because she does so much for us. I just remember looking at Shamier and being like ‘Whoa! That’s awesome!’ We weren’t thinking of anything other than happiness for Mel.

TTVJ: That was one of the things that made me sad. Here’s something you should be allowed to be very happy about, and yet Mel had this worry that she was messing things up.

TR: You know what’s funny, that never even occurred to me, except Mel said it. She said it at that lunch, was very affected and said ‘I almost blew it for everybody and your livelihoods.’ That hurt me even more because listen, nobody loves this show more than me, but at the end of the day, I care more about a human being. I care more about Melanie Scrofano than I care for the character Wynonna Earp, and I love Wynonna Earp. I didn’t even have that thought, so when I saw she had it and it all came out, I think it was a great sense of relief all around.


TTVJ: Can you believe that none of the fans guessed? Earpers are pretty smart, but yet you guys kept this a secret.

TR: I am super shocked. We are idiots, in the nicest way possible, and for some reason I decided I was going to start Periscoping. Nobody noticed, but Emily and I almost blew it a few episodes ago. Of all the people, it would’ve been Emily and I, but luckily I was pressing the button wrong and no one heard. At the end of the day, for us, this is Melanie Scrofano and the level of respect that all of us have for her is a very high bar, especially being there for what she went through this year. I’m not going to be the one to say anything.

When we got to Episode 206 we were all looking forward to it and just wanted to get it out there. I felt for Mel because she had to do a lot of close up shots and winter jackets. I think the thing that helped us was Calgary and the coldness. I remember everyone being really happy when we finally got to play it. The thing we were trying to hide the most, once we finally got to embrace it, it was also the most liberating and best part of the experience.

I never heard anything and I am super proud of everybody. Maybe some people did know, but had enough respect to not say anything. Whatever it was, it just worked out really well.

TTVJ: Doc gave Wynonna a pretty powerful note, and he seems to think he’s the father of her baby. What are his intentions as far as the pregnancy and Wynonna?

TR: That was my actual handwriting and I write like a doctor, so I’m just glad you could read what it said. He doesn’t know what to think at first, and all of a sudden she’s not just a little bit pregnant either. I do believe this, that the love of his life and the woman he cares about the most in the world is quite pregnant. At first he’s trying to process what to do, and he’s not great at it, but I think the note was a perfect choice by Emily and the writers. It was a way to reach out without being too intrusive, and just a beautiful couple of words that I loved for the two of them to have.

It goes back to the first season when I think Doc meant what he said to Wynonna about moving to the country, getting a little place and growing barley and wheat. No matter what he pretends, I think in the back of his mind, and definitely in his heart, that’s what his hopes and dreams are, to start a family with Wynonna Earp and be done with the demon killing, whiskey drinking and other stuff.


TTVJ: I loved the note, and in combination with that Earp sisters moment it was just a really perfect ending.

TR: I think we’re in agreement that some of our favorite moments are those Earp sisters, and at the end of the day, the show comes back to them. In that scene, I just remember Dom talking about that and ‘what a thing to be a part of.’

TTVJ: I definitely think that scene was one of Mel’s best performances on the show to date. It was incredible.

TR: I don’t want to get into spoilers, but for me, the really good stuff actually comes after Episode 208. Just being in scenes with her, the stuff we were going through, it’s just amazing.

I do want to touch on the fact that working with Mel this year was just a once in a lifetime experience for me. For me, selfishly as an actor, it was just the greatest gift ever. You eliminate the fact that you’re acting because you’re with a human being, an amazing woman who is 8 or 9 months pregnant at some point, and the character you’re playing may or may not be the father. You’re affected daily, within the scenes and out of the scenes. That’s why I said ‘what a character choice Mel, to be this devoted. What can we do to one up that in Season 3?’

What an experience, what a wonderful experience. It was really nice to be in awe of a costar like that. I’ve been in scenes with people where you’re like ‘wow, this person is really good,’ but this year with Melanie was just special.


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