Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon says Doc is out for himself


When we last checked in on Wynonna Earp, Doc Holliday had just dropped a pretty big bombshell on his friend Wyatt’s great great granddaughter. Ol’ Hank finally came clean to Wynonna about his true identity, and it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the news in this week’s episode, “The Blade.” Not only does she have to contend with the fact that she knows the truth about Doc, but whether or not he’s a good guy here to help is still very much a mystery to Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and viewers of the show alike.

In order to get a better understanding behind Doc’s motivations and true intentions, The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with the man himself, Montreal native Tim Rozon. He previewed the flashbacks to Doc and Wyatt’s relationship that viewers will see this week, as well as spoke to what is really and truly driving Doc, and Doc’s contentious relationships with both Bobo (Michael Eklund) and the Stone Witch.

The TV Junkies: Doc dropped a big bombshell on Wynonna at the end of Episode 3. What will her initial reaction be to that news?

Tim Rozon: I honestly can’t tell you exactly what Wynonna thinks about Doc. Just because he said who he is doesn’t mean anybody believes it, or that all the sudden he’s trusted by anybody. At the same time, there are demons and she’s the heir to the curse to put down revenants, so there’s these things that aren’t normal, and she is more susceptible to believe what he’s saying.

TTVJ: In Episode 4 we get to see some flashbacks to Doc and Wyatt. Can you preview anything about those for us and what we may learn from them?

TR: I was so excited when I got the part, but I really couldn’t wait to see if there’d be flashbacks. I remember bugging Emily [Andras] saying ‘Are we going to find out about his past?’ What I knew about Doc’s history–how he died, the OK Corral–there were so many avenues that had me wondering ‘Are we going to do it? How are we going to get into it?’ I was so excited when I read the flashbacks and the way she did it.

We get a glimpse into Doc’s past, and I’ll say this, it’s the same as his future. It’s uncertain and we still don’t know which side he’s on or where he’s coming from. You definitely understand more where he’s coming from, but at the same time he’s such a well-written character that it’s so hard to figure out what side he’s on, or really why he makes the choices he makes.

I think we’re going to find out what drives the character later on–we’ve got a hint of it with the pink cadillac–but I don’t think we’re going to find out what drives him from the past. We understand him more as a person and some of the pain he carries around with himself, that’s for sure, but she [Emily] handled it and I remember reading it and just fanboying out saying ‘This is awesome!’


TTVJ: One character we know for certain is bad is Bobo. He and Doc are now reluctantly working together. Will we learn more about their history?

TR: Emily and all the writers are so amazing and so smart, that they aren’t going to introduce characters or points that won’t get their due diligence at some point. All these i’s will be dotted. Everything will get dealt with in due time.

TTVJ: Are the scenes with Michael Eklund as fun for you to shoot as they are for us to watch?

TR: Working with Michael is amazing. You have to remember that the way you watch stuff doesn’t mean it was the way we filmed it. I got out west early and didn’t work with anybody the first three weeks. My first experience with Wynonna Earp was Michael Eklund stepping on my head in Episode 2 and him putting a cigarette out in the barrel of my pistol. I remember thinking ‘This is going to be awesome because this guy is here and he’s here to play!’ I like to play so much too, being a theater actor, and I just knew right away ‘This is going to be awesome. This show is going to be awesome and this guy is going to be awesome.’ We had so much fun together.

When I finally got on set with Mel and Dom, I was like ‘I don’t know what you guys have been doing over here, but that Michael Eklund kid is killing it over there!’ He’s a super cool guy and we’re on the same planes and avenues for the weirdest things we can talk about and relate to. Our weirdness gravitated towards each other.

I heard Michael Eklund do an interview and someone asked him about Bobo, and I told him that I’d steal his answer because it’s so perfect, and explains how I feel about Doc. You said Bobo is bad, but who said he’s bad? Bobo for sure doesn’t think Bobo is bad. Bobo’s motives are good to him. You don’t know what Bobo’s backstory is and you don’t know what makes him do the things he does. I don’t think a bad character knows he’s bad or plays it bad. In Bobo’s mind, everything he’s doing is good towards Bobo. At the end of the day,  everybody on the show has their own selfish agendas. Everything Wynonna does is for herself. She’s out there killing these demons, but who is she doing that for? She’s doing that for herself, right?

TTVJ: No for her sister!

TR: [Laughs] Yea, ahhh, good versus evil! The good thing is that it shows you that none of the characters are one-dimensional and everyone has their own thing.


TTVJ: Bobo has told Doc to get close to Wynonna and gain her trust. Can you share how he plans on doing that, and what his relationship with Wynonna is going to look like coming up?

TR: Doc doesn’t do anything for anybody other than himself. If you think that’s good or bad, then that’s good or bad. If you like or don’t like that, then there’s not much I can do, but that’s where he’s coming from. He does what he does for himself. He doesn’t do things for Wynonna. He doesn’t do things for Bobo and he sure as hell won’t do things for Agent Dolls. I’m not going to give away spoilers, but what I’m saying is that just because you think I’m doing something for someone–Doc looks out for numero uno.

TTVJ: It was surprising to see how harsh Doc treated Waverly in Episode 3, especially when he’s trying to get close to her sister. What was behind that harsh stance with her?

TR: I honestly believe that he wants to protect Waverly and he didn’t want her getting into that world. His way to protect her is to frighten her or be a dick. But Waverly can handle herself. Doc’s got a ways to come because the times have changed and he’s got to catch up a long way. I don’t believe he comes from a malicious place. His best friend, and only friend, was Wyatt Earp. We find out a little bit about their history in Episode 4, but to say he doesn’t have a soft spots for Earps would be a lie.

TTVJ: The Stone Witch is Doc’s nemesis and responsible for whatever has happened to him. What can you tell us about Doc’s upcoming battles with her?

TR: My character is hell-bent driven on that relationship with the Stone Witch. All choices are towards the Stone Witch and everything that Doc does is for the Stone Witch. I’m so afraid of giving anything way. I’m driven by the Stone Witch and I have a soft spot for Earps. [laughs] That’s all I will say, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be a dick. At the same time, Doc doesn’t know better, he really doesn’t.

TTVJ: You guys are now a few weeks into the season, and I’m just curious what the reaction has been like, now that people have seen a few episodes and are able to see what the show is really about?

TR: From what I have gotten, the fans have been amazing. Every person I have talked to has loved it and I have yet to hear anything negative. Maybe everybody just doesn’t want to say anything to me, but from what I hear it’s been amazing.

I remember Emily saying ‘I want to know so bad what you think about the show?’ I’m the last guy you need to ask because I’ve been reading the scripts and this is my genre. I love comic books and I love westerns. I love the scripts. I’m going to love this show! I’m the guy that’s going to love it the most, and you need someone the opposite of me because I going to love it.

I don’t know what to say other than I’m a fan of the show. It’s such a blessing to be part of a show you love doing. In a way I won a lottery–I won a life lottery. Right now is such good times for me and I’m aware of that, I’m aware of how lucky I am to be a part of something so amazing and special. I just hope we get to do it again. That’s all I hope for!

TTVJ: Other than your role as Doc on Wynonna Earp, we were big fans of Mutt on Schitt’s Creek. Despite the end of his relationship with Alexis (Annie Murphy), can you tell us if there will be any Mutt sightings in Season 3?

TR: I’m not allowed to divulge such information. I am growing a beard right now. [laughs] The last three years has just been about facial hair for me. All I’ve been doing is growing beards or mustaches, and I tell everybody if you see me with a beard or mustache it means I’m happy because I’m working. I’m pretty hipster all the sudden. I’m not in real life, but I am look-wise. I’ve either got the beard with long hair or the mustache with long hair. I walk around life pretty much a hipster.


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