Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon on Doc’s wherabouts and true feelings for Wynonna

Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions
Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions

If you’re a Wynonna Earp fan and worried about Doc Holliday’s (Tim Rozon) fate after that last episode then you’re not alone. After finally deciding to turn around that big pink car and head back to Purgatory to help Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), Doc was last seen being knocked unconscious and dragged off screen, leaving his trusty hat behind. Who took Doc and what do they want with him? More importantly, will he be reunited with his hat?

This week’s installment of Wynonna Earp, “House of Memories,” written by Alexandra Zarowny, will find Wynonna and the gang racing to outwit Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) and protect Dolls (Shamier Anderson) from a new foe. Will Doc be back around to help or will he have other “demons” to deal with after being taken? To give us some of those answers, and look ahead to the season’s final two episodes, The TV Junkies recently caught up with Rozon.

The Montreal actor shared his thoughts on Doc’s feelings for Wynonna, why Doc and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) are so close and why he has so much fun playing this role. “I’ve never been a part of something I love so much. This is just a dream of dreams for me,” he tells us. Rozon also talks about how he’s handling waiting for news about Season 2 and the cast’s upcoming appearance at San Diego Comic Con.

The TV Junkies: What happened to Doc? Please tell us that he’s doing OK!

Tim Rozon: Doc is in trouble, like always. I think the important thing to take away is that he was left with that choice from Juan Carlo (Shaun Johnston) to go down two different roads, and one would be going back to Wynonna. The important takeaway is that he made that choice. It didn’t work out too good for him, but he did make the choice to go back to Wynonna.

TTVJ: Can you give us any more information about that good samaritan Doc encountered in Episode 11?

TR: Can you tell me anything? I’ve asked Emily Andras and she won’t tell me anything. I had a small part on Heartland and met him very briefly there. When I heard he got the part I got so excited because he has an iconic mustache on that show. I thought ‘We’re literally going to have the best two mustaches ever in one scene!’ Then he showed up with no mustache. But I don’t know anything [about his character] and just know that he has the initials J.C.

TTVJ: Given Doc did make the choice to go back for Wynonna, is Waverly right? Does he truly love Wynonna?

TR: What do I personally think? Yes, I think he does have some feelings toward Wynonna Earp, but he also understands that he might not be the right guy for her. I think he does understand that. Love is a complicated thing. He definitely has strong feelings for Wynonna.

Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions
Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions

TTVJ: So even though she may not return those feelings he’s willing to turn around and help her?

TR: Everyone is always asking me if I’m #TeamDoc or #TeamDolls and you’d think the obvious answer is #TeamDoc. But as a fan watching, the chemistry between Dolls and Wynonna is amazing. So as a fan I need the payoff and want to see them get together. I’m hoping that happens because they are so opposite and so good, whereas with Doc and Wynonna it was just going to happen because the chemistry was there right away. They were like these two crazy forces of nature that were attracted to each other and had to do something with this crazy energy. With Dolls and Wynonna it’s been so nice to watch over the course of the season as this subtle appreciation and feelings develop towards one another. I’m waiting for that payoff.

I truly believe it’s not Doc or Dolls though. The combination of the two might be enough man for Wynonna Earp but I don’t think either one alone is nearly enough for her. I don’t think she needs to choose and Doc definitely won’t make her choose. In a lot of ways though she has already made her choice and it wasn’t him. Yet, he’s still going back!

TTVJ: Speaking of Waverly, some of my favorite scenes this season have come from Doc and Waverly. Why do you think they’ve been able to form such a strong bond?

TR: In a lot of ways that’s been my favorite relationship too because it’s the same as Dolls and Wynonna, and is a relationship that grew a lot. Wynonna and Doc were attracted to each other instantly, where as with Waverly the relationship really grew from her not trusting him, to being the only one who believed in him and it’s a real brother/sister thing between them. You think it’s him looking out for her but in so many ways it’s Waverly looking out for Doc.

For me Waverly is really the anchor of the entire show. She grounds everybody in so many ways. Everyone else, even Wynonna who is our hero, is so selfishly driven, while Waverly is honestly the only one that takes time to care about everyone. She’s the anchor of the show, but at the same time has the burden of carrying all these characters on her shoulders.

Waverly is one of my favorite characters and is like Doc in the sense that they are the underdogs. Everyone wants to see the underdogs do OK. The Stone Witch told Doc that he’ll always be second best and never the hero. It’s the same with Waverly. Waverly and Doc both feel that and both love Wynonna a lot, but at the same time know they’ll never be number one. They’ll always be second best to her.


TTVJ: What about Doc and Dolls’ relationship? Can these guys successfully work together to help Wynonna in these last two episodes?

TR: After the fight episode they realized that they aren’t going to like each other, but they respect each other in a way. At least Doc understands where Dolls is coming from and that he does care about Wynonna’s well-being. That was enough for Doc to at least respect Dolls and know that he has Wynonna at heart. I love their relationship together though and they are such polar opposites. It’s so fun because we’re such opposites.

TTVJ:There’s only two episodes remaining this season. What should fans expect from those?

TR: Listen, Emily [Andras, showrunner] and those writers are so smart that every storyline is going to get dealt with. No matter how minute you thought it was, by the end of it they will all get dealt with. Then a shit ton of stuff is going to happen that nobody is ready for. You can come out with theories and think you know something is going to happen, but something else will happen that will blow your mind. That’s Wynonna Earp and that’s Emily. She’s brutal in her genuineness that Emily Andras. She’s going to blow minds and people’s heads are going to explode and say “We need a Season 2!” There will be no doubt.

TTVJ: Speaking of Season 2 how are you handling the wait for that news? Are you just prepping to grow the mustache all over?

TR: You want to know what life is like waiting to find out if you get to keep doing the dream of dream roles? It’s HORRIBLE!!! All I want to do is Wynonna and all I want to do is play Doc Holliday! As actors we are the last people to know, but I do have facial hair for another part so I’m 100 percent ready to transform my beard into a mustache whenever the time arises. I’m thinking the fans are so awesome if I go to San Diego [Comic Con] as planned that I should show up with a mustache, no?

TTVJ: I know you’re very excited about San Diego Comic Con.

TR: I can’t wait! Let’s go! Are you kidding me? It’s the highlight of my life. San Diego Comic Con and I’m invited! It’s mind-blowingly crazy!

Are you nervous for Doc and his whereabouts? What do you think of his feelings for Wynonna? Sound off in the comments below!

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