Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon Lives Out His Wildest Comic Book Dreams


You’ll have to excuse him, but Tim Rozon is having a moment. The Canadian actor, who stars as Doc Holliday on Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, has gotten to live out multiple dreams in 2016. The self-professed comic book geek not only stars in the supernatural drama based on the IDW comic, but he recently co-wrote the first issue of Wynonna Earp Legends: Doc Holliday with Wynonna’s comic book creator Beau Smith.

“I’m sorry, but I think I took the world’s karma and I apologize,” Rozon jokingly told The TV Junkies as he got ready to grab a plane to Calgary to begin production on Season 2 of Wynonna. A huge comic book fan since he was a boy, Rozon jumped at the chance to write two issues of Wynonna Earp Legends with Smith, the first of which was released on November 23. In it, Wynonna Earp and Doc Holliday face off against the infamous Pinkertons and Wynonna meets what may be her scariest bad guy yet, Boone Helm.

In our chat with Rozon, he discusses the satisfaction in hearing reactions from readers of his comic and what he learned about writing from Smith. He also shared the advice he has for co-star Melanie Scrofano who is currently writing two issues of her own with Smith.

The TV Junkies: The comic you wrote with Beau is finally out. What’s it been like for you now that people are finally able to read it?

Tim Rozon: It’s so great, and I’m starting to annoy myself by how I’m always saying everything is so great, but it is! I’m sorry for that, but it’s so great and I can’t explain what that feels like. The best part is that the reviews are saying stuff that Beau and I talked about while we were writing the story. ‘I really hope the audience gets this part,’ or ‘I really hope that they get this is going to lead to this,’ and the reviews have been spot on to what we were trying to do. For me that’s been the most gratifying part of all. Any time I read a review that says Boone Helm is just not your typical bad guy and not over the top, is stuff we planned and did from day one and both agreed on.

Beau and I are on the exact same page it’s spooky. It’s spooky idea-wise! We will send each other ideas that are almost identical to what the other person is thinking. Towards the end of the second book I couldn’t wait to send him something I had written that I just knew he was going to like, and then he called me like ‘I loved the part!’

Reading reviews of a comic book you wrote is very surreal and pretty awesome. Then to have them really write in the reviews about plot points you thought about and wanted to get across–subtle little things people picked up on–that was so gratifying. It was really, really special and this whole thing–it’s annoying I keep saying it’s a dream, but I’m sorry it is–it’s a dream scenario. To then get to not only meet your heroes and write with a comic book writer that’s as nice and humble as Beau Smith for IDW, you couldn’t tell me this was ever going to happen!


TTVJ: It was nice in the comic how you guys really translated the tone and humor of Wynonna the TV show to the comic. Was that difficult to do or was there another part that was particularly hard for you to write?

TR: I’m telling you, it went about as smooth as anything ever could have went. It was an absolute joy and pleasure. I was so inspired and on inspiration overdrive the whole time. If I could’ve been the Michael Jordan of comic book writing–when he’s in the zone and just knows he’s going to throw his three pointer–that’s how I felt. I just was that concentrated and it’s all I wanted to do.

We talked about Boone and the character way before we started writing. I learned a lot about writing in the sense that a lot of the writing happens when you’re not writing. A lot of writing happens when you’re thinking about what you want to do, how you want to get the story, talking to Beau and discussing where we want things to go.

We were so in agreement because from day one I didn’t want to do a Doc book, I wanted to do a Wynonna book. It is Doc-centric, but it’s a Wynonna story in more ways than anything for me. When she gets to the second one, and realizes what Boone’s plan was, and that he may be her biggest adversary ever, it’s just awesome.

TTVJ: Speaking of, do you know when the second one is coming out?

TR: Well I’m not going to ever say anything again. I did that before and I was a week early and it didn’t go so good. [laughs]

Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)
Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)

TTVJ: Have you spoke with Melanie at all about writing now that she’s doing one with Beau?

TR: It’s funny because I’ve kind of had the same moment twice now with her. One was while we were filming early on, and the other was really early on in her writing process where she has this freak out and goes ‘I can’t do this! How the hell do you do this?’ I told her both times ‘you can do this. You’re amazing, strong and smarter than me. You can do this. I’m not worried about you at all.’

Then I told her ‘the most comforting thing you need to know at the end of the day is you’ve got Beau.’ He’s the safety net beyond safety nets. He’s not going to let you fall and he’s got you. So I told her ‘just enjoy it. You can do it and believe in yourself,’ because you know how smart she is.

I may have gotten to read some of what she’s written with Beau and I told her it’s better than my stuff. She’s so smart and she knows Wynonna. So now you have Beau Smith who created her and Melanie Scrofano who has created her on TV–so the two people who have created her in different elements–writing Wynonna. When I was reading right away I knew which lines Melanie Scrofano wrote because it was so Wynonna. Then it was the other Wynonna so I knew which ones Beau wrote and then I just couldn’t tell. So once it becomes that melange of not telling, you know it’s really good.

TTVJ: When I talked to Melanie she mentioned she may have to go dark on Twitter for awhile during filming of Season 2. Do you have any similar plans?

TR: Listen, someone has to be the lifeline to the Earpers. I’m a bit of tease too, but it’s better than nothing! But you know the Earpers are in my heart at all time and I know people want to see stuff.


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Wynonna Earp Legends: Doc Holliday Issue No. 1 is currently available. Wynonna Earp Season 2 returns to Syfy in Spring 2017.