Wynonna Earp’s Tamara Duarte on Rosita’s Complicated Position and Being the New Kid

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy

It’s hard being the new kid, and that’s certainly something Rosita (Tamara Duarte) is learning in Season 2 of Wynonna Earp. Thankfully, unlike her character, Duarte has been welcomed with open arms by not only the Wynonna cast and crew, but also fans of the show, aka the Earpers. However, up until last week’s episode, not much was known about Rosita, other than the fact that she’s got a mysterious past with Doc (Tim Rozon), and is wicked smart in whipping up drugs for Dolls (Shamier Anderson).

All that started to change, though, when Rosita tried to throw a baby shower for Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), despite the tough circumstances that exist between the two women. Wynonna never made it, but the shower did serve to bring Rosita closer to both Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell). Now that we know a little more about Rosita, The TV Junkies thought it’d be the perfect time to talk to Duarte. She lets us in on Rosita’s true motivations and her relationship with Doc. Duarte’s other credits include Longmire, Degrassi and the movie My Ex Ex with Wynonna co-star Katherine Barrell. She’ll also appearing in the upcoming CBC series Caught.


The TV Junkies: You and Varun [Saranga] both joined the cast this season, and we’ve seen a lot of Jeremy, but we still don’t know much about Rosita. Has it been hard lying in wait, knowing your time is coming, but having to be like ‘hold on guys, wait for it’?

Tamara Duarte: It’s more difficult for the fans because I’m a super patient person. It has been difficult in regards to interviews because I can’t really say much. You haven’t really seen much of her, and you won’t see much of her until Episodes 9, 10, 11 and 12. It’s been a little challenging to have any conversation about her and where she’s going.

TTVJ: One of the things I loved with the Rosita story is that we meet this girl, and most of us were probably like Wynonna and totally judged her on looks alone, but as it turns out she’s this really brilliant scientist. Did that surprise you as well? I’m guessing it was something you loved about the character.

TD: I think Emily is so great at creating these three-dimensional characters that aren’t one thing. I think that’s why the show does so well is because it’s real and people connect with it. I felt like it was very much like Legally Blonde. I don’t think Rosita cares what other people think. Just like in Legally Blonde, it’s not something she cares if other people are aware or not, but she just stands strong and firm in who she is and her abilities.

It’s really interesting and I loved playing both sides of it. Right now you see her determination and book smarts, but you’ll end up seeing the consummate survivor and how she reads people really well. There’s all these things wrapped up into one. She may be flirty, but she’s not going to be anyone’s fool. You’ve seen her book smarts, but now you’re going to see her street smarts.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Up until now we’ve mainly seen Rosita interacting with Doc, but in Episode 208 we see Rosita throw a baby shower for Wynonna. Even though Wynonna didn’t make it to the party, what does that do for their relationship and how will those two women navigate that tricky relationship?

TD: It’s a very real thing. I’m a stepmother in real life, and it’s a blessing to be able to work through a lot of personal things within the show. So you have two women navigating through that, with one man, and we all know where Doc’s heart lies. It’s going to be interesting to see how Emily deals with these two women and their dynamic.

They are kind of similar which is interesting, and while Rosita may not care what people think as far as her appearance or smarts, she does care in a sense of wanting to be accepted into this new family and wanting to be liked. I think you’re going to see a lot of that and just wanting to be liked by everyone. That’s why the baby shower is a big thing, but also heartbreaking for her. She’s trying to make the best of it and knows there’s a child involved. It’s all about this child and everyone’s motivations shift when there’s a child involved.

TTVJ: The shower was interesting too because up until then Doc has said his relationship with Rosita was super casual, no strings attached, but here she is throwing a shower for his potential baby’s momma. That seems to be a little more than casual.

TD: There’s a deep friendship and they definitely have history, whatever that history is. [laughs] It starts to come up and will be interesting to see how that bubbles up. He plays it off the cuff, but for Rosita, I don’t think it is. She’s doing a lot of this for Doc.

TTVJ: One thing that’s really fun is that you knew Kat Barrell before you joined Wynonna Earp. What was that like getting to reunite again here?

TD: We are reunited working-wise, but we always stayed friends. It’s such a blessing to be able to work with friends. When we found out we got Season 3 we were all crying, hugging and we just looked at each other like ‘I’m experiencing this with my friend.’ It’s not always like that with actors, in that sometimes it’s like summer camp where you spend a lot of time together, but then don’t see them again. Kat and I have been fortunate to be in each other’s lives the last four or five years, and see each other grow as artists. I’m so proud of what she’s doing as director and it’s nice to have someone that’s a woman, a friend and we lift each other up. She’s the raddest chick I know.

TTVJ: I mean, she’s alright. [laughs]

TD: She’s alright, she’s alright. She’s super funny, man! She’s so great at it and just really funny.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

TTVJ: You were introduced by Emily [Andras] at ClexaCon, but you didn’t really get to interact with the fans. You’re now fresh off of Comic-Con where you just hung out with a ton of Earpers. What was that experience like?

TD: I came home from Comic-Con, woke up the next morning and thought ‘did that just happen?’ It was surreal and the fans are fiercely loyal. That’s a huge part of Season 3 and I’m forever indebted to them. I’m so grateful I was taken on by the cast and now taken on by the Earpers. I love them so much already, and there’s so many great people I met and got to put faces to Twitter names. I do read the comments and tweets, so it’s pretty awesome to get to be a part of that experience.

TTVJ: I have to imagine Tim Rozon was hyping it pretty hard. Did it even live up to the expectations he set for it?

TD: Yes! Tim is so passionate about the project and the fans that it brings you up a level to understand what it is. He makes you appreciate it and understand it even more. He’s such a great person to be around. But yes, beyond my expectations! He hyped it and then it was like ten-fold. Someone telling you it, and then you experiencing it, are two totally different things. It was definitely beyond my expectations.

TTVJ: Besides Wynonna Earp is there anywhere else we can look for you and support you?

TD: I did a couple more episodes of Longmire as that’s coming to a close. I also worked on a show called Caught coming to CBC. That’s a six-part miniseries of one of the biggest drug busts in Canada. When I say that everyone looks at me like ‘drugs in Canada?’ But yes, we are not just all friendly people and free healthcare. We have problems too! It was really interesting to learn more about that story.


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