Wynonna Earp Stars On That Huge Loss and How the Team Moves On

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*** This article contains major spoilers for the Wynonna Earp Season 3 episode “When You Call My Name” ***

Well, this one is going to hurt. A lot. In a surprising turn of events, the Wynonna Earp team is now down a member, as Agent Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) was killed saving Nicole’s (Katherine Barrell) life while fighting off one of Bulshar’s men. It’s still very unclear exactly what was going on with Dolls’, other than the fact the experiments and drugs given to him by Black Badge that made him turn into part lizard were having some terrible side effects. The only one of the Wynonna Earp team that seems to really know what’s going on is Jeremy (Varun Saranga), which means Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) will undoubtedly now be on the hunt for answers and to make someone pay for Dolls’ death.

Scrofano recently told The TV Junkies that “everybody deals with it differently.” Co star Tim Rozon agreed saying that “the team falls apart in many ways” and that the effect of Dolls’ death “will be felt across the team and throughout the season.” Rozon went on to explain that “Dolls was the glue and rock that held everyone together in many ways,” and that it’s going to cause others to “step up to the plate in other ways.”

For Wynonna, there’s a lot of questions that this loss brings up for her. Scrofano said that “he died so Nicole could be saved and left everything now up to Wynonna. He put his faith in her.” Knowing all that means that in the next few episodes Wynonna starts “thinking ‘I hope he didn’t die for nothing. I hope I can do it. Otherwise, he died for nothing.’” Scrofano went on to say that while Wynonna “doesn’t want to waste his gift,” she also “doesn’t have a choice now moving forward. It’s all on her shoulders.”

SYFY / Bell Media
SYFY / Bell Media

Dolls’ death will have a different effect on Doc because “Doc, unfortunately feels guilty because of the last exchange they had with each other,” said Rozon. It was an exchange that ended with Doc telling Dolls he was going to end up in Hell just like he did. This will sit with and weigh on Doc because for all their tension, the two men had built a solid bond. “Unfortunately for Doc, he didn’t have too many friends other than maybe Wynonna. Dolls had finally become that,” because while “they had their differences,” the two did share “a level of respect there that was unparalleled.”

While Rozon said that “at the end of the day, the Wynonna Earp team,” to him “is two sisters” and that he thinks “everything is going to be OK,” he is “really going to miss the character of Dolls.” For him, “Doc is so serious that sometimes Dolls is the one he can be not so serious with. They played off each other’s insecurities and could make jokes and now he doesn’t have that anymore. So Season 3 is just really more heavy for Doc and he doesn’t have that release.”

Regardless of what happens on screen, Rozon said that “we’re a really close cast and group of people so we wish all the best to Shamier.” Rozon was confident that Anderson, who co stars alongside Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker in the upcoming City of Lies, is “going to be a big movie star,” and that “he’s on a path to great things.”


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