Wynonna Earp: Shamier Anderson on What Dolls May be Hiding


If you found yourself having some major questions about Deputy Marshall Dolls (Shamier Anderson) after last week’s episode of Wynonna Earp you aren’t alone. After spending most of the episode displaying significant signs of some sort of withdrawal, many viewers were shocked to see Dolls inject himself with a drug that revealed him to be something less than human. Just what that may be and how that will coincide with his work with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and the Black Badge Division remains to be seen.

In order to get a closer look at the show’s most serious character, The TV Junkies recently spoke with Anderson about that big Dolls reveal, as well as what’s in store for him professionally with the Black Badge Division. The Toronto born actor also gave us some insight on why the male characters of Wynonna Earp can’t seem to play nice together, and how hard it is for him to keep a straight face on set.

The TV Junkies: OK after seeing how Episode 6 ended, the obvious first question is what the hell is up with Dolls?

Shamier Anderson: I’ve been getting that question every day, probably every other hour with people wanting to know what’s up with Dolls. The most I can say at this point is there’s definitely something up with Dolls and it’s a huge reason why he is the way he is. It’s a direct connection to Wynonna, and you have to stay tuned because Dolls is a very complex, layered character and it’s not by choice.

TTVJ: Dolls kept telling Wynonna that he needed evidence of the revenants. How will that come back into play this week?

SA: If you remember he was on the phone with somebody–we don’t know who–and he needs to get evidence because he needs to show his superiors, or whoever was on that phone, that revenants do exist and actually are in Purgatory. He’s been there now for quite some time so he needs proof that this is actually happening.

TTVJ: We heard a couple episodes back about Dolls’ time in Iraq. Is there anything you can say about that and if we will be learning more about it soon?

SA: You definitely learn a lot more about his past, where he comes from and his military upbringing. You’ll also be exposed to a little more of Black Badge and who Black Badge is. You may even meet some superiors from the Black Badge Division who, in later episodes, approach Dolls and try to figure out what’s going on with his mission. You’re going to start seeing a lot more exposure of who Dolls has to answer to and who his bosses are and who he has to report to. You’ll see Dolls in the trainee position.


TTVJ: So then we’ll understand more why he gets so cranky with Wynonna?

SA: Of course! It’s not just because Dolls is a hard ass! He has a job to do and has to make sure he gets the job done. Just like anybody, he’s got to answer to somebody and Wynonna’s mess ups and her not getting the job done is going to affect Dolls and maybe cost him his job. You’ll see that in later episodes.

TTVJ: There’s obviously some tension going on between Wynonna and Dolls that is more than just professional. What can you preview about their relationship over the second half of the season?

SA: They will get a lot closer. When you’re working in these close quarters with members of the opposite sex there’s definitely a bit of sexual tension, and I’m sure you guys are seeing that–especially in the last few moments of the last episode. They got a little closer and you can see the breathing patterns changing, and it’s pretty obvious at this point that there may be a small spark of something between those two. You’ll have to continue to watch and see how that evolves and grows and how much their attraction develops.

TTVJ: Doc (Tim Rozon) and Dolls very clearly do not get along, yet seem to be thrown together often. Will there continue to be growing tension between them and will we see that come to a head?

SA: Those two guys definitely don’t see eye to eye. They agree to disagree a lot, but it’s one of those things where they need each other. Doc is such an interesting character with an interesting past, but Dolls is interesting with a huge past too, and as the second half continues you’ll start to realize they need to become allies to get the job done. They need to bite the bullet in order to complete the missions and figure out what’s going on in Purgatory and to protect Wynonna. You’ll see Dolls and Doc do some badass things teaming up on screen.

TTVJ: What’s with the guys in general on Wynonna Earp not getting along? The women seem to be bonding and playing together nicely but not so much with the men.

SA: I think that’s testosterone and a lot of male ego. [laughs] These men are very competitive and everybody wants to be the big beefy strong guy. Nobody wants to back down. I can assure you though that those relationships go in a bunch of interesting directions as we go on. A lot of people are going to have to bite the bullet moving forward because things are going to start to heat up in Purgatory–not only between Dolls and Doc, but between everybody. A lot of people have secrets in this show and you’ll see these secrets get developed later on.


TTVJ: Agent Dolls is very much the straight guy among this cast of characters in Purgatory. What is that like for you to play and what are the challenges that exist?

SA: When I got this part it was something I never really played before, somebody who is very rigid, a straight-shooter and very direct. It was definitely tough because for me, I like to smile, laugh, joke around and am a light-hearted person in real life. I love to have a great time. Every day on set I tried not to smile and did not smile off camera. Even before I started filming I wasn’t smiling, I was in my trailer and not smiling–I was so concerned people were going to think I was a jerk on set.

When they say ‘action!’ you can’t just turn into this guy. It needs to develop. I took a little bit of Dolls home with me and I tried, in my everyday life, to embody that. It’s funny because people will say ‘Oh my gosh you’re so serious all the time. You’re so mean and you’re so hard.’ I thought ‘Wow! I really got the part and the job done.’ That was the point.

Anyone in the military or at the top of the class in the military–they don’t mess around. There’s a lot of high stakes and if you’re in this situation people’s lives are at stake here. As we mentioned in Episode 2, what happened in New Mexico when people mess up, it’s not a game and if something happens the entirety of Purgatory could be nuked in a second. That’s a serious matter and Dolls takes his job very serious. I wanted to make sure I embodied that and talked to some military vets about what it means to be focused. But I can definitely say you’ll see him loosen up and you’ll see a warmer side of Dolls.


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