Wynonna Earp’s Finale Showcases the True Power of the Earp Sisters

SYFY / Bell Media
SYFY / Bell Media

Well, they did it. In true Wynonna Earp fashion, just when you think our heroes are down for the count and there’s no way they are going to be able to come back, Wynonna, Waverly and the whole team just kept fighting. In doing so, they defeated Bulshar and stopped the devil from taking power in an action-packed finale of back-to-back episodes. In true Emily Andras fashion, the second hour of the finale which she wrote, “War Paint,” closed the door and answered some of the series’ biggest mysteries, while also opening the world up to so many intriguing new ones. Wynonna Earp has no doubt gone and set the stage for quite an interesting Season 4.

There’s no other relationship on the show more important to me than the Earp sisters. What Waverly and Wynonna have is truly special and it’s the core love story of the entire series. That’s the way it’s always been and it was so great to see that at the end of the day, through everything happening in this finale, that it all came down to them. These two sisters, together. Wynonna and Waverly reminding each other how powerful they truly are, banding together, supporting each other and fighting back. It’s been one hell of a week here in the real world right now, especially for women, so seeing these two stand together to take down the evil, old white guy trying to spread evil felt especially gratifying and reiterated more than ever that this is how the war is won.

Wynonna and Waverly thought they each singularly had to fight this battle. Wynonna was the heir, the one who had been cursed. Meanwhile, Kevin arrived and told Waverly that she was the Chosen One, the one who needed to sacrifice herself to save the world. However, when all was said and done, it was these two women working together that took down Bulshar. It was a victory that felt extremely satisfying as a viewer who has watched everything these two have been through and everything they’ve given up.

Waverly: “Two sisters.”
Wynonna: “You and me, kid.”
Waverly: “Am I your backup?”
Wynonna: “I think we both know I’m yours, angel.”

Wynonna has always felt alone in the battle in some ways because of The Earp Curse. When she became the heir she all of the sudden had this huge responsibility and weight on her shoulders, but as her team got built up around her she realized she wasn’t alone, especially not when she had Waverly. The bond these two share is central to the series and the fact that they’d do anything, including sacrificing themselves, to save each other shows time again how much they mean to one another.

Bulshar made a grave mistake. He thought he could prey on Wynonna’s self doubts about not being worthy, not feeling like a true hero, but he didn’t realize that it didn’t matter what he thought. Wynonna’s favorite person in the world is Waverly and as long as she believed in her then that’s all that did and has mattered. When Waverly began ascending the stairs, reminding Wynonna that she is a true heroine, and then bestowing the chosen honor onto her, that was the final push that Wynonna needed to really take on Bulshar.


I’m still not quite sure about the rules of the stairs, who can go up and them and why, but I know what was in my heart in that moment. In that moment, the love and bond between those sisters had never been more powerful, as they gave each other the strength to move forward and to fight. But victory never seems to last long on Wynonna Earp because Waverly was soon being taken away by the Garden, and just like that, Wynonna has lost everything all over again.

It was an absolutely heartbreaking sequence all played perfectly by Melanie Scrofano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley. The screams of terror, tears and desperation in both of their voices was haunting. These two actresses have always brought such heart, strength, warmth and love to this relationship. It’s exactly what has helped make it so effective and so strong to witness as a viewer and this finale was no different. To have your character go from the high and power of being the Chosen One, the hero, the one who can wield the sword and then to quickly lose everything is not an easy task, but Scrofano and Provost-Chalkley sure make it seem that way. They allowed for these characters, this relationship and this show to tear our hearts right out when Waverly disappears.

SYFY / Bell Media
SYFY / Bell Media

Emily Andras and her team of writers know this too. Not only does losing Waverly absolutely devastate Wynonna in the biggest way possible, but it rips our hearts out in the audience as well. The Earp sisters and their relationship are the beating heart of this show. At the end of the day, take everything else away and if you have those two, sitting around the fire at the Homestead, then things are going to feel right in the world. By separating them and leaving that relationship in jeopardy, Andras is going right for the jugular in terms of all our feelings. It’s heartbreaking and tear worthy, but above all, it makes us feel and that’s exactly why we came to this party.

But where does it leave Wynonna? She’s lost the most important people in her world. She could roll over, pack it in and give up. That’d be easy. But when have we ever known Wynonna to make it easy on herself? Thankfully, by episode’s end there’s already a fire back in her eye as she says “let’s get them back” to Nedley. Nedley speaks for every Earper around who will be ready and already counting down the days to Season 4 where we hopefully figure out how that’s possible, when he says “Oh fuck yea!” Go bring home our baby girl, Wynonna. She believes in you. We all do.


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Wynonna Earp will return for Season 4 in 2019 on SYFY and Space Channel.