Wynonna Earp: 11 Things We Learned at San Diego Comic Con 2019


It was time to celebrate for the Wynonna Earp crew at San Diego Comic Con 2019. Thanks to the fans help on the recent #Win4Wynonna, members of the cast, showrunner Emily Andras and comic book creator Beau Smith were ready to celebrate during a panel held on Saturday, July 20. Not only did they touch on feelings about the fans helping to move the show forward with production of Season 4, which will air in 2020 on SYFY and Space, but they also looked ahead towards what may happen to their characters.

If you weren’t one of the lucky fans to attend the panel on Saturday, The TV Junkies have went ahead and highlighted some of the “don’t miss” moments below. Joining Andras and Smith were cast members Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Chantel Riley and Greg Lawson.

Reaction to #Win4Wynonna

Showrunner Andras said that getting the news about moving forward with Season 4 was “even sweeter the second time around.” She then told the packed Indigo ballroom, “we just would not be here without all you guys. It was a once in a lifetime thing to see this fandom come together with so much positivity and creativity.”

A special message

There were two members of the Wynonna cast noticeably absent from this year’s SDCC festivities, Tim Rozon and Dominique Provost-Chalkley. Even though the two couldn’t physically be there, they did send in a special video for fans that SYFY played at the panel. It featured Rozon and Provost-Chalkley singing the Wynonna Earp theme song and sending their love. After it was noted that it was fitting the pair were missing since their characters, Doc and Waverly, are also missing in the Garden of Eden, Andras joked that “they are waiting. We told them we’d be right back.” However, she quickly noted that their absence was “just coincidence, but suspense is our specialty.”

Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY
Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY

The Earpiest season yet?

When Andras was asked if the story for Season 4 was going to be the same as she originally planned, before the Fight for Wynonna happened, she said “I hope so.” She then discussed how the break in production gave her time to reflect on the things about the show that really mean the most and what people especially love. She then told the crowd that she’s “hoping to just make it the Earpiest of all Earp seasons that ever Earped.”

Wynonna’s sword skills

It was brought up to star Scrofano that Peacemaker is no longer a gun but a sword and she quickly noted that she’s “scared” because she “forgot that I had a sword.” Joking aside, Scrofano isn’t so sure Wynonna will immediately be great at her new weapon. She turned to Andras and asked “remember in Season 1 when you said ‘you can be bad at having a gun’?” Andras quickly assured her though, saying “you can be bad at having a sword,” and then threw out later in the panel that “maybe Nedley is good with a sword.” How did Lawson respond to that? “Do I have to start working out? Thanks Mel,” he joked.

Lean on … Nedley

With Doc and Waverly gone, the two people Wynonna leans on the most, who will she turn to? Scrofano pointed out that she still has Nedley! “I think it’ll be interesting how she leans on him a bit.” She also said that Waverly’s absence intrigues her because “we talked earlier about how Waverly is very much ‘let’s figure this out, team!’ It’ll be interesting once Wynonna has to be the one to do that, how she steps up.” As for Nedley, Lawson said “personally, I find it really interesting that here’s this guy, who has been trying to retire, and he didn’t want to retire, goes through that struggle and finally convinces himself that everything is right now, it’s perfect and now I can retire. And then this happens. I can’t wait to see what happens to tell you the truth.”

Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY
Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY

Who is Valdez?

At the end of Season 3 the name Valdez was written at the Earp Homestead, and while no one was talking about what that means for the TV show, Smith gave insight as to who the character is in the comics. “She’s a special character,” he said. “She’s a possibly 1000 year old princess warrior from the Mayan era. She’s been with Black Badge since its creation. In the comics, the best way I can think to describe her is Xena Warrior Princess crossed with Spock. Very logical. She doesn’t suffer fools because your head could end up on the end of her war club. If she ends up coming on the show, it’s the same with Wynonna and Bobo Del Rey when I created him 20 years ago, hand it over to Emily and the cast, there’s no hesitation. Hand it over to Emily. Hand it over to the cast. She’s proven already with Wynonna, Bobo and twists and turns, she can do it.”

A WayHaught wedding at The Homestead?

When asked to describe what she sees as the perfect WayHaught wedding, Barrell said “we would definitely have a wedding on The Homestead in the springtime with some beautiful wildflowers all around. It’d be very intimate, small, personal with just our nearest and dearest.” She then joked that “Wynonna would definitely fuck something up.” Scrofano jumped in then asking Barrell “what’s the last great event that happened at The Homestead? Do you want to risk it?” Their “debate” ended with lots of laughs from the audience and Barrell smoothly answering back “yeah I do! I think it’s important to take charge of your own destiny and change things.”

Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY
Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY

Why break the curse?

While the curse that haunted Wynonna seemed like something that would last the entire run of the series, Andras shockingly broke it at the end of Season 3. Why did she do that and what’s it mean for Wynonna going forward? First off, Andras joked that doing that “seems like something a tired, crazy person would do at the end of the season,” before adding that one of her “favorite things about the show is that it’s constantly throwing challenges at everybody and upending expectations.” She also said that “the truth is I feel like the curse has brought a lot of meaning to Wynonna.” While there definitely were bad parts to it, “it’s taught her what she’s good at and self worth.” Andras still sees “lots of challenges ahead. There’s still a lot of ways to be cursed.”

Who is Wynonna without the curse?

Now that the curse is broken, what does it mean for Wynonna and who she is as a person. “Sometimes you define yourself by your problems,” said Scrofano. She said that it’s very easy to start asking questions like “now I got rid of them, what am I? How do I connect with people now because I’ve lost the thing that made people take care of me, care about me, or ask me how I’m doing. Now I don’t have that, will they still care about me?” She then turned to Andras and joked “you keep doing this to Wynonna. It’s like ‘I fixed your problems, but now it’s worse!’”

Some One Day at a Time love

When asked what TV shows their characters would love, Scrofano quickly shouted out One Day at a Time, a comedy that just went through its own fight for survival and recently ended up saved by Pop TV. Andras said that ODAAT showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett was in attendance at the Wynonna panel and noted “what a year for saving amazing shows!” Scrofano started in then with a chant of “Fan power! Fan power!”


“There’s a lot of people are feeling like they are part of a resistance right now,” said Andras. Will she use that feeling of resistance, and the feelings inspired by the show’s Fight for Wynonna going into Season 4? “I think that’s very indicative of what our show stands for, so ironically I feel like we were already going down that route. There were going to be things to resist, things to fight back against and deciding what’s worth it.” She then turned to her cast and said “I just want a poster for Season 4 with all of your beautiful faces that just says ‘Fight’.”


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Wynonna Earp Season 4 will air in 2020 on SYFY and Space.