Wynonna Earp SDCC 2018 Interviews: WayHaught, Wynonna’s Soulmate and More Insights from the Cast

Sarah Boyce
Sarah Boyce

San Diego Comic Con is an exciting time, especially for the cast and crew of Wynonna Earp. For the third year in a row, SDCC became the venue where fans first learned Wynonna Earp had been renewed for a new season. The cast and crew was also excited to spend so much time with Earpers and to tease some of the twists and turns coming in Season 3.

“It’s nice to be here in Season 3 and there is a comfort that comes with the fact that we know so many people support our show in such a genuine way,” Dominque Provost-Chalkley said.

What’s next for WayHaught? Will we ever learn who Waverly’s father is? Who is Wynonna’s soulmate? What will we learn about Nicole this season? The cast teased the answers to some of the show’s most burning questions.

Check out the video interviews below for all the scoop on what’s next for Wynonna, Waverly and friends in Season 3:

Melanie Scrofano Interview Highlights:

  • Scrofano says it’s interesting that Wynonna has just become a mother who has given up a daughter facing her own mother who walked away from her.
  • “There’s an interesting, messed up dynamic there to explore.”
    Scrofano learned self-reliance last year while shooting the show pregnant.
  • She’s excited about exploring the concept of being a daughter after becoming a mother.
  • Scrofano talks about working with Megan Follows and how she was tireless about asking questions and getting to the bottom of her character.
  • “If you’re gonna be Wynonna’s mom you have to be a little crazy!”
  • It sounds like we’ll see a more physical Wynonna this season since she’s been training and is more dedicated than ever.
  • Who is Wynonna’s soulmate Doc or Dolls? (Or Nedley?) “I hate to choose but I think Dolls. He’s her guiding star and he’s what she wants to be good enough for. Doc is pretty messed up, so it’s like they’re sort of equals in that way.”

Dominique Provost-Chalkley Interview Highlights:

  • She’s so proud of this little show that they never thought would go to Season 3.
  • We meet Waverly at such an impressionable age in her early twenties and she’s discovering so much about herself. She has the biggest arcs in every season because she’s growing so much.
  • Waverly is more confident this season, Provost-Chalkley says she’s gaining confidence in every season.
  • Do we find out about Waverly’s dad this season? “We get to the bottom of a lot of stuff.”
  • She says she’s really grateful to find out more about Waverly’s backstory. She finally gets some answers
  • Provost-Chalkley talks about her Start the Wave campaign to replace plastic water bottles on set. They eliminated over 12 thousand water bottles this season!
  • Waverly had a special relationship with her mom when she was younger so she’s been dreaming of the day that she reunites with her mom for a long time and has high expectations. And that reunion is not what she expects.

Kat Barrell Interview Highlights:

  • Barrell talks about the red hair being very Nicole and how it helps her get into character.
  • She relates to the desire Nicole has to take care of everyone before herself and she also relates to the fact that this trait can be overwhelming.
  • In Seasons 1 and 2 Barrell was mostly guessing at Nicole’s backstory and it’s so nice for her to know more about Nicole now.
  • After Episode 3, Barrell went back and rewrote the entire backstory she had come up with for who Nicole was and what her history was. Her initial guesses were pretty off.
  • “It was a lot darker than I ever would have thought because she’s such a bright, solid person so I never thought she came from such chaos.”
  • What’s next for WayHaught? “We see a couple that has really been tested, especially in season two we went through a lot of bumps and we’ve come out so much stronger.”
  • Barrell says that between Seasons 2 and 3 Nicole and Dolls have developed a strong bond.
  • Barrell loves the relationship between Wynonna and Nicole. There’s such a trust between them even though they’re very different people.

Shamier Anderson Interview Highlights:

  • Anderson would like to see more of Dolls’ family, his background and where he comes from. However he does have his own personal backstory for Dolls.
  • He discusses where Dolls is going with Emily Andras often.
  • What was his most challenging scene to play? He says the most difficult was Wynonna’s pregnancy last season. Dolls opened up and was vulnerable and then got shut down.
  • Who does he think Wynonna’s soulmate is? “Obviously it’s Dolls!”
  • Anderson says he has some fun scenes coming up with Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holliday.
  • He says that episode two is awesome and he can’t wait for fans to see it.

Varun Saranga Interview Highlights:

  • Varun talks about growing a mustache like Tim Rozon.
  • In Season 3 Jeremy feels more like part of the family.
  • “I think Emily really loves writing positive representation and she really steers that with Jeremy this year, so I don’t think I’m dying.”
  • Varun says that no one cares about the mustache at all. Doc and Jeremy’s relationship becomes an older brother/younger brother relationship this season and Doc gives Jeremy advice.
  • Season 3 has been really great exploring Jeremy’s queer identity and made Varun realize how important it was to have those characters on television.
  • Jeremy is always on the side of good and follows his morals. He doesn’t compromise that for anyone. Those morals get tested a lot this season. He wants everyone to stay good, but it’s the show’s darkest season.

Chantel Riley Interview Highlights:

  • Riley said the cast warned her about how amazing Earpers are and they’ve been sweet since day one of her casting announcement.
  • Her character is up to a whole lot this season. Riley isn’t sure if the fans are going to hate her character or like her.
  • Riley says playing a vampire is a lot of fun and she got to rock gold grills and cool fangs. “And I had sexy fog follow me wherever I went.”
  • She says the cast is amazing and there are no egos.
  • What’s Emily Andra’s worst quality as a boss? “She’s perfect!”
  • Riley says she’s really excited for fans to see either Episode 2 and 3. “Yikes! That’s all I’m gonna say!”
  • She says that Shamier and Tim both warned her about the fandom but she was still surprised by all the love.
  • “The most challenging part was diving into the whole vampirism and the tarot side of it as well.” She talks about how she did a lot of research into tarot reading.

Beau Smith Interview Highlights:

  • How was it watching an episode of Wynonna Earp with a bunch of Earpers? “This was TV viagra for me! It was amazing.”
  • Will we get Dolls backstory in the comics? Smith talks about how in the comics he has an unlimited budget.
  • Smith talks about working with Tim Rozon on the new graphic novel Bad Day at Black Rock, and how they want to explore Dolls, Waverly, Haught, Valdez and Smitty in these new stories.
  • They have the time and the space to focus on the characters. Emily has given her blessing for him to do what he wants with the comics.
  • “She’s so gracious and I’m so respectful of what she does,” Smith says of Emily Andras. “And I fear her because she’s physically stronger than I am.”
  • We’ll also see more of the relationship between Waverly and Wynonna as sisters and the dark side in the brother relationship between Bobo and his brother Mars in Black Rock. Tim Rozon has also created a scary villain who will show up.
  • Smith hopes that if he keeps including Valdez, Emily Andras will finally have to include her in the TV show.
  • They’ve been approached about Wynonna Earp board games as well. “As long as the board game is also a drinking game!”


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Photo credits: Sarah Boyce

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