Wynonna Earp Recap: True Colors

Hello, friends, and welcome back! It’s Pisces season on the calendar but Halloween in Purgatory. The Earp sisters tried to reclaim the holiday that Ward ruined for them many years ago, and they were maybe successful? Honestly, it depends on your definition of whatever the opposite of “ruined” is. I definitely had a good time, and that’s all that matters, right? But enough about me — let’s talk about Earp for a minute, so grab your pumpkin like the basic bitches we are, make sure you haven’t put on the wrong shirt, and stay away from that hallucinogenic mind-altering fog…or at least be safe while you use it, because here we go!

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Waverly’s a half-angel, she and Nicole got engaged, Doc and Wynonna are on a break, Robin is safe but Jeremy’s being squirrelly about his location, and Wynonna let Amon visit her own personal glory hole.

A naked-except-for-her-boots Wynonna wakes up in The Glory Hole surrounded by skulls and demons setting up for a casino night of some sort. She wraps herself in the warmth of the vagina curtain as Amon finds her and kicks her out for a walk of shame. He assures her it’s okay if she was thinking of a certain mustachioed former dentist the entire time because he was, too, so no hard feelings, and she decides to remind Amon that her demon-killing gun is happy to kill him at any time. Wynonna leaves and Amon dramatically uncovers a wheel like they had at my church festival when I was a kid, because Jesus may hate the gays, but he loves a game of chance. 

You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged

Two Black Badge agents walk through a pumpkin field, and let me tell you, nothing good is going to happen here. Absolutely nothing. Two casual, random people having a conversation as they pass a scarecrow with a pumpkin face? They’re going down. I’m not a big fan of the timber.

As they pass said scarecrow, it suddenly wakes up on its stand, flexing its fingers (that also have the same metal finger cages as the Widows had), and bolo-tied and cackling Rotten Jack hunts the agents down and pitchforks them. Fork, no.

Waverly is decorating the Homestead for Halloween and explains what the holiday was like for the little Earp girls. They’d hide in their room while Father of the Year Ward Earp got drunk and armed and shouted about demons. Good times.

Oh, I realize
It’s hard to take courage

Waverly, like me, needs some Earp Sister time, because she wants Wynonna to know that just because she’s getting married doesn’t mean she’s being abandoned. Today works for Nicole, because Rachel’s insisting on going shopping in The Big City for a wedding dress, but Waves offers a counteroffer — the Stetson paired with a familiar classic trouser. Before she can name a third thing, her phone chimes and it’s Wynonna asking her to pick her up at BBD and to bring pants.

In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all

Jeremy finds a vagina-curtain-and-boa’d Wynonna in BBD and lectures her about her dry demonic spell. It’s been three weeks since she’s delivered any nasties to the government, and they’re starting to ask questions. 

A ladybugged-out Waverly (TBD if she’s the flaming kind or not) finds the two of them, and Jeremy fills them in on Wynonna’s mission — Rotten Jack, who kills all day and also kills all night. Wynonna knows Peacemaker will take care of him, but BBD wants this pumpkin alive. Waverly says no — they have sister Halloween plans — but Jeremy doesn’t care. They have three hours to procure an extractor, obtain Rotten Jack, and deliver him back.

The darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

They try to push back, but Jeremy managements out of there; he has other things to do, and he has grunts to do his grunt work. Wynonna’s suspicious of Waverly’s end game here for sister night, but Waves insists she just wants some quality time and passes over the costume she packed. And just like that, a ladybug and a Britney, bitch, head out to catch some demon ass.

Show me a smile, then
Don’t be unhappy

A Freddy Mercury’d Doc is at The Glory Hole gambling with some demons. Amon is getting some glamour shots taken (he does look very dapper, and I’m not just saying that because I have the same jacket) in front of his wheel of death. He ambles over to Doc and explains the game of the day — Amon’s patrons place bets on whose pumpkin spice Rotten Jack will latte next. But Doc isn’t enough of a gambler that he’s willing to try his luck on this.

Amon presses him about the lack of alcohol Doc’s been bringing him, and when Doc brushes him off, the demon raises the stakes — he flings Wynonna’s intimates at him and asks that they be returned to their owner. He’s trying to get a rise out of Doc (and with those pants, I’m sure we would have seen if it had happened), but he just laughs. When Amon tries to put him in his place, Doc quits and walks away. I wonder if he’s eligible for unemployment.

Can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing

Suddenly, Amon Sajak’s wheel stops — the next victim is The Mother.

The Mother in question answers the door with a Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-Off FOR FREEDOM! Shirt and thinks she’s getting to know a new neighbor, but instead she gets introduced to the pitchfork. 

Wynonna and Waverly are searching for an extractor, whatever that is, and are wandering around a junk-filled field when they stumble upon Casey, Wynonna’s old chili buddy. Lots of tension between these two Earp sisters, as Waverly wants Wy to be happy and the heir just wants to be miserable. There’s such a thing as toxic positivity, Waves.

This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear

Jeremy’s new boss, Albert, doesn’t understand why he’s not in the field mashing a pumpkin, but Jeremy reminds him his group meets on Tuesdays. Albert tries to push him to leave, but Jeremy stands his ground. One hour, every Tuesday. That’s all he asks for. Albert feels bad and asks about his “situation,” but there’s no update.

In his group, Jeremy is making a coffee when a tall, handsome man with some facial scars asks him to pass the veggie sticks.  Jeremy gets super nervous and ends up passing him his own coffee, and they talk about the other people in group, which seems to be for survivors of trauma. Jeremy’s friend asks about Purgatory, which makes Jeremy happy that he remembered, and says that he’s been working in Accounting. The stranger talks about missing his dad’s funeral, and Jeremy apologizes for this and a lot of other things…and calls him Robin. 

Wynonna tells Casey that they’re looking for an extractor, but he just keeps looking around, super paranoid, and asks if they’ve been followed. He’s worried about people giving him a hard time, like Black Badge, which elicits a look between the sisters. Wynonna tries to hurry him along, promising she’ll pay him for the extractor, and he explains he doesn’t have the extractor — he is the extractor. Time’s a-wasting, so Wynonna hurries things along by telling him they’re BBD and he needs to take out Rotten Jack. 

Casey panics and runs after blinding them with a can of light, which I assume is a sun grenade from Alex Danvers. He grabs a gas mask and heads into the field, running through a fog that seems to disorient the sisters, to the point where they don’t know each other…or themselves. GREAT.

Casey plays some Halloween tunes to get them out of the fog, and Waverly punches him in the nose after he takes off his gas mask. I’m not even sure if she knows why she did it, so clearly, a big piece of the Waverly we know is still there.

They ask what the jack-o-lantern they are doing there, and Casey insists they’re just having a bro hang. They’re super high and that’s why they got disoriented in the field. No secret undercover missions here!

He tells them to go home and find snacks (keep Waves away from the spiders!), and he’s able to tell them where home is on the map that Waves conveniently has in her pocket. They take off to find the car (and home), but they leave one thing behind — Wynonna’s bestie, Peacemaker. 

Just call me up
‘Cause I will always be there

They somehow manage to get to the Homestead and work out that, whoever they are, they must be sisters. Waverly finds Nicole’s old sheriff’s shirt and puts it on and Wynonna does the same with the Shorty’s uniform shirt, and the sound you hear is the entire fandom exploding. Wy finds some mail and works out what their names are, but of course they get it wrong, thinking that Waverly is Wynonna the cop and Wynonna is Waverly the Shorty’s waitress. Waves admits it was a rush punching Casey and worries what that says about her. It’s okay, baby girl — we’re all actually a little worried, too, and I don’t hate that you are.

And I see your true colors
Shining through

They make their way to Shorty’s where Doc is lying in wait (and Waverly has fully transformed into Sheriff Angel Pants). After a minute of a Purgatory version of “Who’s on First,” the two demons from Amon’s bar show up to take the whiskey Doc’s supposed to be procuring. Wynonna thinks they’re just norms in costume, until she tugs a tail and he demon-eyes her. Doc tells Wynonna to use her gun, and Waverly asks which gun, and then they try to attack with dueling mini paper umbrellas. Doc punches the demon so hard that he gets stuck in the ceiling (I hope the plant is okay!), and is all fang-y when he turns back to the Earp sisters, who are terrified of him and run out the back. He runs after them, microphone in hand, but he can’t find them because they’re hiding in a dumpster. Wynonna insists the fangs are a hallucination, but then their BBD watches give them the classic tiny-skull alarm, and Rotten Jack prances away from his latest kill.

I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you

Amon’s about to take a baseball bat to Dallas, the former ceiling demon, when he grunts out that the sisters were at the bar and weren’t themselves…and didn’t have Peacemaker. Amon realizes that they must have been near the border, and to say that he’s delighted is an understatement. He goes after them and convinces them that they’re old friends, using Wynonna’s rhinestone-doughnutted intimates as proof. They leave with him and his promised Halloween party, and Rotten Jack peers from around the dumpster, sniffing after them.

Jeremy and Robin are chatting, and Robin just seems very off and muted. Jeremy’s doing his best to make casual conversation but also not let too much of his feelings out. He gets a call from Doc, who sounds the Earp sisters alarm (but not after he boosts some liquor). They’re as helpless as a Calamity Jane up a tree, and Jeremy is concerned but also seems to know what happened. He sends Doc on an emergency errand and sets up a signal, and leaves Robin just as he gets another skull text and an alarm sounds at BBD, marking a code orange. No, this isn’t a surprise chocolate orange for every agent. This is a lockdown.

So don’t be afraid to let them show

Jeremy tries to get Wesley Wyndham-Price — er, Albert — to cancel the lockdown from his phone, but he refuses, because procedure, procedure, procedure, and he’s panicking, panicking, panicking because last year was a total shit show. Jeremy points out that they didn’t have Wynonna last year, but his boss doesn’t think that’s enough, so the lockdown stays. Jeremy pretends to take the news just fine, but he’s actually mixing up Bert a nut-milk latte, since he’s intolerant of everything but good, old cow’s milk. Hand over the phone so Jeremy can cancel the lockdown, or his epi-pen takes a bath in the finest oat milk the Ghost River Triangle has to offer. Albert acquiesces, of course, and Jeremy hands off the epi-pen to Robin, apologizing for dragging Accounting into their problems. Jeremy leaves and Robin gets stars in his eyes talking about how sweet he is, before stabbing Al in the thigh with his meds.

Amon ushers the Earp sisters into his bar and says that Mercedes has plenty of costumes they can borrow. Good news — Wynonna remembers Mercedes! Bad news for Amon — Wynonna’s memory is coming back. 

Your true colors
True colors are beautiful

Doc is at Casey’s place trying to track down the Earp sisters and get Casey to help them with the extractor, but all he finds is the stoned half-demon writing an apology about the fog. Casey says he’s just a screw-up, but Doc reminds him that he can be a fuck-up and a hero at the same time. He’s been through enough pain for a thousand lifetimes and is afraid of what else is to come, but love has made it easier to bear. He needs Casey’s help to keep his greatest love of all, which is obviously both of the Earp sisters, not one in particular. 

Your true colors
True colors are beautiful

Doc will protect Casey if Casey helps Doc protect the Earps. Casey agrees, obviously, because who can say no to Doc Holliday? He hands over Peacemaker to Doc — you know, that gun that belongs to the woman Doc definitely isn’t in love with.

Amon’s back to broadcasting from The Glory Hole and brings out the costumed Earp sisters to perform. An angel Waves thinks they’re the guests of honor, and they are, in a way — if guests of honor are auctioned off to the highest bidders to kill. A superhero-costume-wearing Wynonna is shocked to hear she’s a demon hunter and that her possible boyfriend is kind of a dickhead.

Ooh, can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
Ooh oh oh oh

Looks like the Glory Hole is about to turn into the Gory Hole.

Waverly and Wynonna are obviously shocked to hear that the family business is demon hunting — and the fact that there are demons is likely a shock, too — but pleased to hear the bidding going up. A girl likes to feel like she’s worth something, you know? Waverly tries to bid, but Amon tells her no, even though Wynonna is her most important thing. 

Suddenly, a gruff-voiced, lobster-claw-handed masked demon bids $50,000, and he’s the winner. Wynonna tells Waverly if there’s one thing she’s sure of, it’s that Waverly is the best sister she’s ever had, and even I, a known Willa apologist, can agree with that statement. There’s something pure and special about their love for one another; something that their other sister could never touch.

This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear

Doc and Casey arrive as the Hole’s about to get bloody, and just as Doc’s about to shoot anyone he feels like, the masked bidder coughs and frantically rubs his crotch before injecting the sisters with…something, probably the good stuff. Wait a minute; I’d know that crotch rubbing anywhere.  It’s Jeremy!

Just call me up
‘Cause I will always be there

Now that Wynonna knows who she is, she starts to kick some demon ass just as the wheel of murder lands on the angel. Uh-oh.

Amon is thrilled, because he’ll rake in some big lobster claws on his bet. His demon friend Kippy is less thrilled, since he was one Rotten Jack’s casualties on his way to Waverly.

Jack is pissed that Amon was capitalizing on his work, but before ol’ pumpkin head can decide if he’s mad or not, Amon’s out the door, leaving the demon randos, Doc, Casey, Jeremy, and the Earp sisters to stand gourd against Jack.

And I see your true colors
Shining through

Doc passes Peacemaker over to his former paramour and tries to convince Casey to make like a dentist and get extracting. Jeremy reminds Wynonna that they need to take Jack alive, not make him into pie, so Waverly gets to distracting so Wynonna can hit him in the back of the head with Peacemaker. Waverly goes go grab the glow stick inside Jack’s head, but Casey stops her. It’s a dirty job, but he’s got to do it. He reaches in and extracts the lit candle from the cracked pumpkin head, and Waverly blows it out.

I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you

Wynonna shows up at BBD headquarters with a bag of pumpkin guts, and she points out that while Albert wanted him alive, this way, fewer people died, so to her, it’s a win/win. Taking advantage of a rare meeting with management, she asks about the psychedelic fog and wonders if it’s BBD created, but Albert admits there’s no way they could create something that works that well.

Jeremy does a walk-and-talk with Wynonna, explaining that they’ve been studying the fog but have no idea what its deal is, but I feel fairly certain that it’s not a surprise Rihanna concert. They think it’s coming from the Garden, and what he shot her with at the Hole can reverse effects to limited fog exposure. He reintroduces Wynonna to Robin, who she remembers…differently. He apologizes for not staying and talking; he’s on his way home for date night with his boyfriend.

A heartbroken Jeremy explains that during the evacuation of the town, he and Robin were taken by soldiers. Jeremy was tied up, so he asked Robin to escape the truck and find his friends in the Garden and help them. He wandered around in the fog for weeks, and when he was finally rescued, he had ripped his own face off. Jeremy’s been trying to slip a tiny bit of reversal serum in Robin’s coffee every Tuesday, trying to get his memory back. 

Jeremy just wants Robin to be happy, even if it’s with someone else or with someone else’s face. Wynonna, someone who knows quite a bit about shouldering burdens by herself, says she can’t believe he’s been wrestling with this all alone. She promises him that he’ll fix it and his friends will do anything in their power to help him, but she doesn’t get it. The un-sexy non-pink fog is spreading, and they haven’t been able to do anything about it. This may not be a story with any manner of happy ending.

So don’t be afraid
To let them show your true colors

Back together at the Homestead, toasting marshmallows around a tiny fire, Waverly remembers how kid her wanted a scarecrow costume so Wynonna stole the materials from Ward to make her baby sister’s wish come true, and as punishment, Father of the Year locked Wynonna in the cellar for three days. Wynonna still thinks it was worth it, though, because Waverly got some candy out of it.

Waverly can’t believe she’s getting married, and to Nicole, of all people, and even Wynonna admits that she got herself a good one. Waverly tells her that even though Nicole is her person, Wynonna’s her sister and her hero — always has been, always will be — and Wy admits that it’s made her struggles a little easier knowing that they were all for Waverly.

Nicole saunters out, back from her shopping adventure, dressed “for Halloween” in her old uniform, khakis and Stetson proudly on display.

True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Waverly’s speechless, and she follows Nicole inside for a little person-on-person quality time, but not before telling Wynonna to just call Doc.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, like a rainbow

Doc is busy, though. He has shed his Freddy Mercury persona and instead taken on Bobo Del Rey’s. He’s dragging a chained-up Amon to a group of torch-wielding demons, and he explains that they were almost smashed at the hands of Rotten Jack because Amon rigged the game so he could get rich. Doc tells HDIC Dallas that he can do with Amon whatever he pleases, and as he walks away, the demons lay into Amon.

Mmm, mmm

Yet another episode that feels like it exists just to make us happy and break our hearts. Kudos to Caitlyn D. Fryers for writing some of the most entertaining Earp sisters scenes to date, and of course to Mel and Dom for absolutely committing to the physical comedy of it all. The Shorty’s scene with Doc and the Earp sisters was expertly written and made me laugh out loud so many times that I once again scared my cat. No body-swap episode, but Wynonna thought she was Waverly and vice versa, Amon was acting like Ethan Rayne, Doc seemed like Bobo at the end, and Nicole just popped out and then back in and killed us all with a classic trouser.

This was another episode where one of the stars of the show was the costume department. Wynonna’s ‘80s-reminiscent generic superhero was inspired, as was putting the sisters in the Shorty’s shirt and Nicole’s uniform, respectively. And we can’t forget Doc and his sturdy-looking microphone — absolute perfection.  Amon’s blazer was lit emoticon, and Jeremy looked so handsome in his BB uniform that I wanted to squeeze his cheeks. Nicole’s casual outfit at the beginning of the episode before she went on her quest was just the right amount of gay we all needed. Just…bravo, all around.

I like that the Earp sisters managed to reclaim the holiday, and not despite being kidnapped and ransomed, but in part because of it. These two have never had a normal life, and fighting evil has always been a part of it, even when they lived under Ward’s drunken roof. The difference is, they managed to defeat the evil — or at least a little bit of it — and come out relatively unscathed at the end. And most importantly — they still have each other, and the rest of their family. Wynonna rolls her eyes at Nicole and Waverly running inside to trick each other’s treat, but you can tell this is all she’s ever wanted for Waves — a stable partner who loves her unconditionally and will always take care of her. Wynonna can be content knowing that her baby sister finally has the Daddy she’s always deserved.

Monica’s Random Thoughts of Randomness:
  • As Amon spun his Wheel! Of! Death!, he reminded me so much of Ethan Rayne that I expected him to talk about worshipping chaos and put on a shiny silk shirt.
  • I like that they got a woman (Kelsey Andries) to play Rotten Jack. I think it made the demon much more physically fluid and enjoyable to watch.
  • Rotten Jack’s giggle sounds a little bit like the Pillsbury Doughboy, and I don’t hate it.
  • When the next victim was announced as The Mother, I will admit that I worried at first that suddenly Megan Follows was about to get guac’ed.
  • Nice call-back to Wynonna’s love of Dame Judi Dench.
  • Melanie Scrofano and her face are, obviously, perfect, but has there ever been a better bit of physical comedy than her sucking the whiskey out of the Shorty’s shirt?
  • It does track that Amon is still Wynonna’s type, even though she’s mind-altered. 
  • Melanie’s reaction when Amon said he was trying to be a gentleman was priceless.
  • “Can Wynonna stop upper management?” Who is this upper management you speak of? Because we all know BBD isn’t just government. I’m hoping for a Powers That Be-type being that we see later this season or next. 
  • Varun’s line delivery of “oh, yeah” after talking about The Kool-Aid Man was hilarious. 
  • I really appreciated Wynonna’s ‘80s superhero costume
Monica’s Favorite Lines:
  • Put your hands on your…pumpkin! (it’s the pause for me)
  • Fuck this, man, I hate Halloween!
  • “Are you late for school?” “Whore school?”
  • Go home. Find snacks. Do not watch the movie “Cats.” They say it’s hilarious, but you’ll never look at Dame Judi Dench the same way ever again.
  • A little loose, but these buttons are definitely familiar.
  • Look, don’t step on my nuts, man. I’m off-duty.
  • Just an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a mustache.
  • I like red hair. It reminds me of love…and handcuffs.
  • “You know what the opposite of fear is?” “Raef?”
  • I may not know who I am, but I know I’m not alone.
  • Suddenly I’m in the middle of a porno.
  • Woman, you better make her happy for the rest of her damn life.
  • I mean, yeah, she’s cute, but an angel?

Another week, another great episode. I can’t wait for next week to see if the writers — oops — did it again.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on SYFY and CTV Sci-Fi.