Wynonna Earp Recap: Stay (I Miss You)

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Hello, friends, and welcome to my recap of the Wynonna Earp episode “Cold Weather,” the episode where our already fragile feelings are doused with gasoline and lit on fire, but that’s tempered with a healthy dose of amusing one-liners. Because humor is the best way to deal with anything, you know?

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Mama Earp is Wynonna’s Jiminy Cricket, Bulshar proves hard to kill, and Deputy Marshall Dolls died saving the team from Bulshar’s henchman. There was other stuff, too, but seriously, those are the most important parts.

Dolls. Died. Saving. His. Friends.

And now they have to deal with it.

OK, deep breaths.

Let’s do this.

We open on a buffalo-plaid-clad Wynonna in a snowy clearing, drunkenly crying and waving around Peacemaker, shouting for Bulshar. She’s clearly run out of fucks to give. Waverly and Nicole are nearby, worried, but Nicole encourages Waverly to let Wynonna be.

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And you say I only hear what I want to

My heart breaks here for Wynonna. Melanie Scrofano makes us feel all of the things with just a few words.

Screenshot (598)

I don’t listen hard, I don’t pay attention

Don’t worry. She has some WayHaught backup.

Screenshot (605)

To the distance that you’re running or to anyone, anywhere

But of course because Wynonna IS HAVING A DAY, a Revenant finds her. She’s too drunk to take care of him alone, but it’s OK — backup has arrived in the form of gun-toting WayHaught, and baby sis shoots him “right in the dick.” Classic Waverly. And then Waverly says no one is going anywhere alone for a while, not until they bury Dolls. Sure, it’s to keep his experimental dragon body safe from marauders, but…I think Waverly realizes that none of them should be alone anyway. This is a time for family.

Screenshot (617)

I don’t understand if you really care

“I don’t know how I’m gonna put Dolls in the ground,” Wynonna says, echoing every single one of us who has ever had to bury someone who died suddenly.

And then we’re treated to a slow-paced version of “Tell That Devil” that I would like played at my funeral, please. It’s slow and haunting and sad and also angry, somehow, and it’s just…perfect.

And welcome to the credits, Katherine Barrell.

Please excuse me while I sob uncontrollably.


At Shorty’s, Doc is entertaining The Vampire Who We Know Is Named Kate, and she reads her Tarot Cards and tells him that Wynonna was also in love with Dolls, something that Doc had to have known, really. But even if he isn’t surprised, it doesn’t mean he wants to hear about it. She wants to be a part of his life again, but he’s not having it, because they were not good together. Though…based on the sizzling chemistry, I’m guessing that wasn’t in every room of the house.

Screenshot (630)

I’m only hearing negative, no no no, bad
Nicole and Waverly drew the short straw and are meeting with the death salesman to pick out a coffin for Dolls. He makes the awkward assumption that they both have husbands, and Nicole sets him straight (so to speak) while Waverly looks on nervously. Seriously, this guy must be from out of town. I thought everyone in town shipped WayHaught. Anyway, then we find out that Nicole doesn’t want to be buried; instead, she wants to be eaten by birds of prey and then…dispersed throughout the land. A green and noble ending for our favorite Haught cop, for sure. We find out Father of the Year Ward Earp only purchased enough burial plots for himself, Michelle, Wynonna, and Willa, which is just one more beyond-the-grave kick in the box from Dad.
Wynonna passes by, “nopes” the death salesman, and heads out for some drunken target shooting, hitting all of the targets. My, my. How far our heir has come.
Screenshot (647)
So I, I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up. And this woman was singing my song
Doc joins her, for mutual sadness.
Screenshot (654)
Lovers in love and the other’s run away
They embrace, but it’s not about sex, like it often is when they come together. No. It’s about friendship and support. Love, but not the naked kind. And he listens to her vent and he gives advice and tells olden-timey stories, like only Doc can. And he tells her they need to bury Dolls before they do anything else, and she knows he’s right. It’s good. Comforting. Sweet. Like a bonus blanket in the cold Alberta sunshine.
 Screenshot (660)
Lover is crying ’cause the other won’t stay
The Bluntline bus pulls up and a stranger with a Sheriff’s star on his hand gets out, and that probably isn’t a good sign.
Waverly is arguing with Nicole and Doc about having a wake…and loses. She insists on making more sandwiches than normal people can eat, because Waverly’s job at a wake is making food. At least she doesn’t have to work for this one. But I do get where she’s coming from. The boredom and silence when someone dies — that’s what gets you. If you can find something to keep you occupied, you do it. Make a ton of sandwiches, go target shooting, wax your car — you do what you can to keep your mind and hands busy.
And then Waverly does a bit of an Anya (“is it wrong to be hungry when Dolls will never eat again?”) and then gets a giggling fit, something that just feels so…real to me. Waverly is freaking out, Doc and Wynonna are silently burying themselves in bottles of whiskey, and Nicole is just trying to get everyone to calm down. Everyone is just so…on edge, and Wynonna’s gets even sharper when Nicole tells him Jeremy is doing an autopsy on Dolls.
Someone has broken in to Shorty’s basement and stolen banana liqueur…oh, and the BBD lizard serum. Upstairs, Doc runs into a stranger who claims to know Dolls, but Doc is suspicious, to say the least.
At Dolls’ hotel room, Nicole tells Waverly of how she was a survivor of an attack when she was a kid, and Waverly listens as Nicole explains she realized it was from the cult of Bulshar. Nicole cries, telling Waverly she blames herself for Dolls dying, and Waverly comforts her. They find an envelope for Wynonna.
Screenshot (705)
And some of us hover when we weep or the other who was dying since the day they were born, well
Wynonna is ready to punch Jeremy in the junk, but — surprise! — Jeremy’s not doing an autopsy. He admits that he knows that Dolls died because of the BBD drugs…and that Dolls knew he was going to die. Jeremy had an impossible decision to make — to be loyal to one of his friends was to betray another. He made his choice, and Wynonna was on the losing end this time. After he (correctly) points out that she’s blaming him because it’s easier than blaming Dolls, a betrayed Wynonna sends him packing. So Jeremy had to say goodbye to one member of his family, and now she’s cutting him off from the rest. Grief makes you do the wacky.
Screenshot (720)
Well, this is not that, I think that I’m throwing, but I’m thrown
Wynonna meets Quinn, Doc’s new best friend, who he’s tied up with…fairy lights? Quinn tells them that there was no saving Dolls, not without BBD serum…
Screenshot (737)
And I thought I’d live forever, but now I’m not so sure
…which it turns out the Revenants from before have boosted from Shorty’s. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
WayHaught is still processing the fact that Dolls left Wynonna a letter AND that Nicole is a survivor of an attack of the cult of Bulshar. Waverly is rattled, because she thought that Nicole was normal, you know? But now — was she drawn back to Purgatory? Is it destiny? Does anyone have free will? Nicole’s not so bothered, though, because if her destiny is to fall in love with Waverly Earp, well, she’s all in.
Screenshot (757)
You try to tell me that I’m clever 
They see a shadow, and a hot goth vampire takes off with Waverly’s giant purse, with Dolls’ note inside. But at least she looks amazing while doing it.
Screenshot (782)
But that won’t take me anyhow or anywhere with you
Wynonna enters the morgue, and…Nedley. FUCKING NEDLEY. Keeping an eye on Dolls. NEDLEY, YOU BEAUTIFUL SHERIFF. He insists that she leave and go to Dolls’ wake. He’ll keep an eye on things.
Screenshot (800)
And you said that I was naive, and I thought that I was strong
At the wake, everyone but Jeremy nibbles on some tiny sandwiches as they toast their fallen brother. Mentor. Almost-but-not-quite lover. Boss. Friend. Doc reveals to Waverly that he went to Hell in the AU (and he didn’t even burst into song!), but Waverly doesn’t have time for that.  They need to find Katalin, and quick, so they escape through the basement.

Nicole finds Jeremy in the basement and asks why he’s down there alone.

Screenshot (808)

I thought, “Hey, I can leave, I can leave,” oh, but now I know that I was wrong

He doesn’t rat Wynonna out, though, and just changes the subject. He realizes that the BBD drugs have been stolen, and they rush upstairs just in time to find lizard-jacked Revenants waiting for them, which is probably not a sign of great things to come.

Nicole of course runs towards the danger, but so does everyone else. Jeremy smashes a plate over someone’s head, and I bet he didn’t even check it for lead first! Wynonna dials up Doc on the rotary phone, who passes his mobile off to Waverly, who tells Wynonna they’re “running an errand.” Quinn overhears that Jeremy is able to manufacture lizard drugs, and his interest is piqued.  Wynonna doesn’t let an opportunity pass to get in a dig at Jeremy and accuse him of being responsible for Dolls’ death.

Screenshot (823)

‘Cause I missed you

Doc admits to Waverly that Katalin is his wife, causing Waverly to wonder who in Purgatory doesn’t have a secret wife hanging around. But I bet Doc and Kate didn’t hook up at a Britney concert. She hears them sneaking around and tells them to just come in, then draws “Temperance” from her tarot deck. You know, THE ANGEL CARD. Not the Bones card, heh. But it’s upside down, so does that mean Waverly is the opposite of an angel? So like a…not angel? I can’t even say the D word, guys. Not about Waverly Earp.

Screenshot (841)

Yeah, I missed you
Waves gets so angry that she tries (and fails) to flip the table, which I call shenanigans on. Have you seen that Tiny Amazon’s arms? She threatens to stake Kate, prompting the swift return of her bag. She doesn’t time for any of Kate’s BS. If everyone has a destiny and they’re where they’re supposed to be, well, they need to figure out how to be with each other. So to speak. Kate says Waverly is feisty, just like Wyatt, prompting Doc to say she’s not even an Earp.
Screenshot (879)
You said, “You caught me cause you want me and one day I’ll let you go”
At Shorty’s, Nicole tries some tough love on Wynonna, explaining that no matter her feelings for Dolls, they all lost him and she needs to stop acting like such a dickhead. She grabs her hand, mirroring the same action with Waverly when Curtis died, and explains that she doesn’t have to be sorry…but she does have to get Jeremy back. If I were the academic sort comparing this to The Body, I would say that this is Nicole’s Tara moment. You can tell this isn’t her first death rodeo, you know? She’s empathetic and in touch with her feelings (and everyone else’s), but she loves Wynonna enough to only give her so much rope.
Screenshot (906)
You try to give away a keeper
At BBD: Purgatory, Quinn is torturing Jeremy for info about the lizard drugs. He’s guilty, you see, because he feels responsible. He’s still alive, and the rest of his squad is dead. Well, luckily for him, guilt is something that our heroine knows a little about. Fish. Levi. Shorty. Eliza. Willa. Ward. Dolls. All deaths she feels responsible for, and she finally admits that they are her “trail of ghosts.” She calmly gets Quinn to lower his weapon, explaining Dolls wouldn’t want this. Hopefully she can hear those words directed at herself, too.
Screenshot (963)
Or keep me ’cause you know you’re just so scared to lose
Quinn lets Jeremy go, and Wynonna asks him to hit up BBD and get them out of their blood contracts. Quinn is up for the job. He better be, because she doesn’t want to see him back in Purgatory unless he completes this mission. Wynonna gives him Dolls’ dog tags so he can be at peace with his friends.
At the morgue, Jeremy explains to Wynonna he was a low man on the totem pole. He had no idea what BBD was doing to Dolls’ lizard crew. Their number-one priority is now making sure Dolls’ body doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, so they do what was really their only option all along. In a fitting tribute to their fire-breathing friend, he’s cremated and buried, with the team each placing a keepsake next to the box so he isn’t alone in the ground. Nicole salutes him as a final show of respect, Jeremy sadly gives up his X mug, and Doc leaves him some of Shorty’s bourbon as a cigarello hangs from his mouth and he makes a half-hearted sign of the cross.
Screenshot (1000)
And you say, “Stay”
Wynonna leaves her necklace on his gravestone, unwilling to leave him without a part of her.
Screenshot (1005)
You say I only hear what I want to
Waverly and Wynonna are bundled up in all of the bonus blankets around a fire at the homestead. It’s nice that they can sit out here and have sister time not only when a homicidal shadow demon Revenant is after them. Waverly hesitantly tells Wynonna that there’s no room for her in the Earp family plot, and Wynonna assures her baby sister that they don’t need Ward Earp’s stupid plot. 80 more good years, and they’ll both be laid to rest at the homestead…but no Nicole. Wynonna tells Waves that she’s her favorite person, and they’ll have their happily-ever-after when the curse is broken. Yes, Wynonna can see a future without the curse, and I’m sure that Alice is in it.
Waverly passes over Dolls’ envelope, and it’s a picture of the group — a message to just keep fighting. Voice breaking, she says Nicole can be laid to rest at the homestead, and Waves tells her Nicole has more of a “feed and dump” end planned.
Doc heads back to the Gardner house, where Kate is squatting, and she admits why she became a vampire — she heard from Wyatt that Doc was immortal, and she wanted to find him so they could be together. Doc broke both her and Wyatt’s heart by coming back to life and leaving them. They cling to each other in front of the fire, finally reunited at last.
This episode was…a lot for me. It is very hard for me to watch the aftermath of a father figure dying. Now, I know Dolls wasn’t entirely a father figure, but he was definitely the grown-up of the group. His glee over the VampKit showed him at his most Giles like, even though he managed never to let a blow to the head knock him out. I know what it’s like to be stunned, helpless, by a sudden death like that. And it gutted me to see my Purgatory family go through that.
It all felt very familiar, you know? The annoyance of the death salesman, trying to push an overpriced wooden box on you. The worry of choosing the right one, because you want it to reflect how you felt about the deceased. You know, a lot of love, but not too much. Don’t want anyone to think you’re overcompensating.

And through it all, humor. To deal, to cope. To feel alive. On our way to the cemetery to bury my dad, which was out a long, winding road (“Do these people even have running water?” is a question that was asked), a garbage truck had gone off the road, and the funeral procession was stopped for a good 10 minutes. There I am, driving my father’s car, my mom in the front seat and her friend in the back, just giggling uncontrollably at just the sheer bad luck of what was happening.

This episode also really made me appreciate how much Jeremy’s character has grown since his introduction. Gone is the stuttering man child who is flustered by a poorly accented Waverly Earp in his lab. He’s replaced with a human being who has become confident in himself — in his abilities, in his quirks, in his critiques of is friends. It’s given him the confidence to stand up to them when he needs to — a confidence that finally causes Wynonna to snap.

One of the things I loved about this episode was how everyone gave Wynonna the space she needed. Doc, Nedley, Nicole — all of them. Every single one. Giving her room to breathe, when she so obviously was struggling to. That’s family. That’s love.

Monica’s Random Thoughts of Randomness:
  • Wynonna’s “I was hoping no one else would have to die today” just…gutted me.
  • I enjoyed the humor break of Nicole’s “Sky funeral.”
  • Also, Waverly’s “if I die” — a clue, perhaps? ARE THEY BREADCRUMBS OR, LIKE COMMUNISM, RED HERRINGS?
  • “I figure he chose his family, and we’re it.” It’s the Earper fandom motto.
  • So the Bluntline bus has a dove on it, and doves are a symbol of peace. I…think that’s most definitely a red herring.
  • I really like that Wynonna looks to Nicole for what to do.
  • My wife is gonna watch this ep and lose it over all the WE-inspired hats she can crochet.
  • We get some more insight into Nicole’s parents here in that they were always traveling.
  • Old Riley Finn Ramon Quinn there acts like he’s some innocent super soldier, but there has not to be more going on there. I’m excited to see what.
  • Waverly asking Nicole what to do with the envelope for Wynonna? Um, maybe Nicole isn’t the best one to ask about delivering personal mail…
  • I loved Waverly’s jealousy at Nicole calling Kate (Katalin?) hot. TWICE!
  • Nice dig on Champ, Nic.
  • “Shakespeare?” “Kendrick Lamarr.”
  • The look on Jeremy’s face when Wynonna said she trusted him will keep me warm on cold winter nights.
  • Is it possible that I ship Doc with all of the women on this show except for Nicole and Waverly?

Well, friends, another episode in the books. It so very delicately balanced humor, sadness, joy, despair, and all of the other emotions. Another well-crafted episode from Emily Andras and company.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Share your thoughts below!

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