Wynonna Earp Recap: Please Don’t Go, Girl

Hello, friends, and welcome to this recap for Wynonna Earp 4×06, “Holy War, Part 2.” If there’s one thing I love more than a Holy War, it’s when there are multiple parts to it. I am so grateful that we got some episodes of Earp in this year of our tragedy 2020, and can you even believe how absolutely flipping perfect they were? Seriously — each episode better than the one before it, every storyline breaking our heart and filling us with joy at the exact same time. It tore me apart and then put me back together, better than I was before. I don’t know if I deserve it, but I’m happy that we got it. 

This episode truly felt like a perfect ending to this first part of Season 4, and I love both the closure that we got and the impending heartache that was set up. But enough about me — let’s talk about the show for a while. So grab your wolf hat, take your pottery wheel out of storage in case you need to communicate with a ghost friend, lock up your Reaper in the basement, and grab a few cases of tissues, because you’re gonna need them. Here we go!

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna lost Peacemaker, she and Doc tracked down Rosita to a gulch of Steves, Nicole’s stomach is playing Frogger with her mouth, and the Clantons are bad news and/or just tired.  Oh, and Nicole took an icy bath of death that’s not permanent but it’s okay because we trust the writers, so no tropes here!

We start with a bit of a flashback of sorts, where we see the events that led up to Nicole Krilling it with her best Below Her Mouth impression in an icy-holy-water-filled bathtub. Nedley, wearing a wolf hat, natch, holding the supernatural book from Nicole’s dream, and wired to Nicole in the tub, is questioning all of the ridiculous hoops he has to jump through, but Jeremy points out that it’s an exorcism, not just a regular garden-variety (lowercase G) spell. He looks nervous, probably because he knows that Nicole is an unkillable gay, but he’s still got to do his best. They’re going to transfer her consciousness to one of the expectorated frogs, then lower her body temperature until she’s technically “dead.” Then once she’s been gone for an hour, they’ll slowly bring her back and make her body Haught again. She makes Jeremy promise not to finish early, so to speak. She doesn’t want to go through all of this and not have an happy ending.

Nicole thanks her squad for having her back on this one and steels herself, trying to mentally prepare to bring about her own death. You can tell she’s anxious, but she knows this is what she has to do. She and Jeremy are both so brave for putting this plan into motion and following through, and Nedley is pretty brave for his chapeau. Not everyone can pull off a wolf.

We’ve been together for a long time, baby
Do you have to leave?

Nicole submerges herself while Nedley is chanting from his spell book, but her survival instinct kicks in and Jeremy has to hold her down under the water until she flatlines, which is, of course, the exact moment that Waverly walks in. He’s asking her to trust them, but all Waverly can see is her girlfriend lying dead in the water, cubes of ice floating below her mouth. She is…not pleased.

Jeremy begs her not to interfere, and the tense moment is interrupted by a frog croaking — frog yeah, it worked! Nicole is now frog!Nicole, and her body is just a carrying case, ready to be filled back up with Haught and spicy ginger. 

Margo is in one of her junk rooms and notices that her toad in the hole jar is mostly dead, and she’s pissed. She thinks Nicole is trying to get out of her deal, so she’s taking action. Good thing she had a news article about when Waverly won “nicest person in Purgatory” just lying around and easily accessible in her hoard. She goes through the now-familiar process of summoning a Reaper and sends Billy, doing his best Crow impression, after Waverly. Margo doesn’t realize she and Reaper!Billy aren’t alone, though — Rachel saw it all. I mean, kind of, since Billy isn’t visible to her.

Back at Shorty’s, Jeremy explains that this whole plan was Nicole’s idea — the exorcism, the death, the “restraining Waverly to the bed.” Waverly’s panicking, though — she’s under the water, lifeless, and “she’s not a strong swimmer,” which…absolutely broke me, and not just because I have a hard time believing there’s no sport that Nicole doesn’t excel in. She needs something to do to keep busy, so Jeremy puts her in charge of her girlfrog. Waverly crouches down and talks to Frogcole, who croaks back in response. 

Please don’t go, girl
I just can’t live without you

At the Gulch of Steves, Rosita thinks Wynonna is there to break the curse. Wynonna’s willing to oblige and shoot her between the lapels, Doc stops her — no bloodshed today. They need to take her back to the Sisters of the Traveling Celtic Knot, but Rosita can’t move. Just as the prophecy foretold, Steve Gulch is a special place for Revenants. She’d heard about it in the gossip circles and sought it out when she was on the run from boil-faced Phil. See, Phil’s wife wasn’t so boil-faced, and when he found Rosita’s tights on his metaphorical boat, well, he wasn’t super happy about it and rounded up a group of Revenants to take her out. 

The gulch was surrounded by ammolite and acted like holy water to vampire to the Revenants, but Rosita knew she could take the pain. She thought it would keep them all away, but as they were about to attack, there was a little, tiny Bulshar earthquake, and all of the Revenants, save Rosita and Phil on the rocks, disappeared. The pain disappeared, and then so did Phil, after he got handsy with our girl, who kicked him in the throat and off the rock. But Rosita has no plans of leaving anytime soon, since she isn’t in a poofing mood, so she has no intention of following them anywhere that they may go. Doc and Wynonna see that the area is surrounded by ammolite, so they should be able to use that to get Rosita to “safety.”

Rachel is trying to get Waverly on the phone, but she’s otherwise engaged. Holt catches her sneaking around and takes her…somewhere.

Please, (so listen to me) don’t go, girl
Don’t go, girl

Nedley’s still chanting, and Jeremy’s monitoring Nicole’s vitals. She’s stable — or at least as stable as you can be when you’re dead — and Waverly’s watching the sands through the hourglass. It’s finally time, so Jeremy stops Nedley and tells him he can start the reversal incantation to un-frog Nicole. He’s a little parched, so Waverly, always ready with the smile and wave, brings him a beverage. 

Jeremy’s about to shock her, but Nedley points out that electricity and a bathtub are a poor mix, and it strikes me that maybe this part of the plan should have had a little more time spent on it.

Suddenly, the doors open, and it’s not a butch ginger cop asking for a coffee in a bar. It’s — well, to Nedley and Jeremy, it’s the wind, but Waverly found a C-rock in her pocket and can see Reaper!Billy. And in the kerfuffle, Nedley knocks over the jar with Frogcole, which I’m sure won’t be problematic at all.

Reaper!Billy is just like a girl in any rom-com and is so clumsy, so he knocks over a bucket with spare frogs in it, causing them to mingle with AmphibiCole. Waverly keeps talking to Billy, but Nedley and Jeremy can’t see him, so they think she’s either talking to them or has lost her marbles, and it looks like she’s playing hide and seek with the tables in the bar. Jeremy tries to play frog wrangler, but they’re slippery little suckers and keep hopping away before he has a chance to grab them. 

Please don’t go, girl
You would ruin my whole world

Unseen to the group, Toad in the ‘Cole gets all sparkly, then ghosty, then shoves Reaper!Billy into the basement. So, good news, the Reaper’s in the basement and Ghost!Nicole is just like regular Nicole, in that she kicks ass and runs toward the danger. Bad news, Nicole’s a ghost. #WayHaunt

Jeremy asks Waverly if she de-reaped the bar, and she thinks it’s definitely maybe possible that she did! Except she didn’t — it was Nicole. But still, problem solved! Go, team! 

Doc and Wynonna create a path of stepping stones of ammolite that the Property Brothers would be proud of. The plan is to have her hop from stone to stone until they can get her to the Sisters of the Holy Sword Guns, and Wynonna explains that Bulshar broke the curse and they aren’t sworn enemies anymore. Doc agrees to let bygones be bygones, because he knows she did what she did because she was just trying to survive, but that isn’t good enough — Rosita demands the dreaded, unbreakable pinkie swear. Wynonna agrees, adorably, and Rosita does her best Indiana Jones impression and takes that most terrifying first step. A delicious-smelling Rosita (it’s probably Karma from Lush) gleefully hugs Wynonna when she doesn’t die, and Wynonna hugs her back, despite herself. 

Tell me you’ll stay
Never, ever go away

But the journey to the Sisters of the Scorned women is definitely not one of a thousand steps, and the first one is really all it took. A Celtic Knot appears in front of them, and they apparate into the nunnery, and since he’s alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do, Doc takes a call from his new buddy Holt.

Waverly and Jeremy are staring down the frogs while spectre Nicole is complaining about her outfit. Honestly, if I died in a bathtub full of holy water and woke up in a sparkly dress, I would also ask to speak to the manager.

Waverly asks the frogs for a sign, but non-frog-but-definitely-a-ghost Nicole tells her that she’s trying. Waverly decides to try kissing the frogs, which Nicole is a thousand percent against. She thinks it’s “so gross” that her girlfriend is planting one on her amphibian counterparts, and maybe it’s because of how they got there — via vomit.

I love you
I love you
I guess I always will

Wynonna delivers Rosita to the Head Nun in Charge and demands Peacemaker in return. Rosita’s pissed — she had no idea she was just a bargaining chip to Wynonna. She thought that yummy-smelling hug meant something. Rosita asks what her fate is, and Wynonna admits she…never thought to ask. She’s just trying to survive, and her enemy-to-friend-to-coulda-been-lover-to-enemy-to-bargaining-chip asks why survival always comes at the cost of women tearing down other women. 

And this is exactly what Sister Nunsense was hoping for, because there’s one other part to their bargain that she forgot to mention. Rosita and Wynonna have to fight to the death, and the winner gets to survive. Clearly, this deal was not agreed upon with a pinkie swear. Wynonna tells Sister Fights-a-Lot that there’s no way they’re going to — oh, and Rosita jumped on her back. And not in a sexy way.

I mean, kind of. But not only.

They rumble as a perfect Andrea Higgins song choice plays, and then, like two women in any relationship, they decide to process. Wynonna can’t believe “women supporting other women” Rosita turned on her so quickly, but Rosita’s just trying to survive — now and then. Wynonna’s trying to keep her promise not to hurt Rosita, but when she’s being the Trish Stratus to Wynonna’s Lita, well, it’s kind of hard not to retaliate. Sister Creeps-a-Lot is egging them on, urging them to fight, and Wynonna (literally) says “fuck it” — she’s willing to do whatever it takes to be able to make her peace again. The music swells, and we get the best bar fight we’ve had since Jolene was in town, except it’s in a nunnery. Feels right.

Girl, you’re my best friend
Girl, you’re my love within

Back at Shorty’s, Waverly has kissed all of the frogs, and none of them are Nicole. Bright side — none of them are Champ, either. She wishes Nicole could give them a sign, but I guess the pottery wheel is with the yoga mat, and Nicole, having been a ghost for all of 20 minutes, hasn’t had a training session with Uncle Enyos on the train, so she doesn’t know how to communicate with the gang. But don’t worry, after minute 21, she’s got it down — she figures out how to manipulate the lights and sends a message in Morse code. “Not in frog” first, which leads Jeremy to guess that she’s astral projecting. After Waverly asks the flickering lights what to do, she tells them to go to the basement with Billy. Jeremy’s scared, but Waverly knows if Nicole is telling them to go, they don’t need to fear the reaper. 

Nedley’s not so sure about this plan, but Waverly is fully convinced by the flickering lights that her best baby is the one who saved them from Billy, and she’s going to go downstairs and see what’s so important. 

Ghost!Nicole is pretty thorough and has even managed to shackle Billy in the basement, and then she channels Oda Mae Brown and takes over Billy. Waverly demands answers or she’s going to get angry, and you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. I mean, probably. She’s not even sure what happens when she’s angry, which definitely doesn’t feel foreshadow-y.

I just want you to know
That I will always love you

Back at the church, the nuns are shouting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT instead of KISS KISS KISS, and Wynonna manages to put Rosita in an armlock. Turns out Sister Mary Purgatory is actually Sister Scary Purgatory — she’s a demon nun, and I don’t mean like the one who sent me to the principal’s office for coughing. WynSita manages to distract the nuns enough to run to the Room of Requirement, because if they don’t have Peacemaker, they don’t have anything. 

Billy explains that Nicole traded a life for a life with the Clantons, and then switches to Nicole. She explains that she waited 18 months, and there was no sign of her family. She was desperate and made a deal, but didn’t realize who she was dealing with. Billy explains that the deal can only be undone when both of the people are dead. With her girlfriend lying dead in a tub of holy water upstairs, Waverly knows what she has to do, even though Nicole doesn’t approve. Nedley wants to come with her — the swamp witch’s son is the sheriff, and he doesn’t want Waverly to go to jail. They want her to wait for Wynonna, but there’s no time.

Oh, baby
Tell me you’ll stay
Never ever go away

Waverly tells them to keep Nicole alive, and she’s going after Mam Clanton, and it’s probably not to share vegan pizza recipes. She leaves, and Ghost!Nicole looks on, looking colder by the minute.

I need you
I need you
I guess I always will

Wynonna locks herself and Rosita in the gun dungeon, and luckily, the lock looks a bit more sturdy than the one Nicole installed at the police station. Rosita is worried Wynona is gonna use one of the many weapons in the room to attack her, but they’re both ready to call a truce. Wynonna’s tired of being told who to kill and being the mortal enemy of the Clantons, and for the first time, we see Rosita get a little bit nervous and unsure when Wynonna mentions that name.

Girl, you’re my best friend
Girl, you’re my love within

Holt and Cleo have Rachel at the sheriff’s station, and Cleo wants to kill her (overreaction much, Ms. Magistrate?), but Holt tells her to let it go. Before she can plead her case, Doc shows up to spring Rachel from the pokey. Rachel suggests the boys have a dance-off, but Holt sends her outside so the big boys can talk. Holt is tired — same, buddy — and he doesn’t want to be in a fight because of people his ancestors had a problem with. Doc points out that his ancestors were drunken assholes, but so were they, and he was their leader. But both Doc and Holt believe people can change, and they want to. There’s a lady at the diner that he’d like to ask out to dinner, and I just hope that she’s not a cannibal. Doc’s willing to let the past be the past, because who cares, really. But the future? They can set their differences aside for a better life. For everyone. Holt will try to get Margo on board if Doc can get Wynonna to agree. They shake on it, having made their own kind of peace.

Still locked up with no Peacemaker in sight, Wynonna and Rosita hear the nuns (I assume?!) singing the Requiem — mass for the dead. Wynonna finally admits to Rosita that she’s happy she didn’t have to kill her. She doesn’t always play well with others, but she would have enjoyed playing with her. She explains that she wants Peacemaker because even though the curse is done, her work isn’t done. Evil things keep coming after her, and she needs a way to defend herself. The nuns are literally beating down the door, and Wynonna gives a rousing speech to Peacemaker — she judges her unworthy? I don’t think so. They both want to stop evil, so she needs to her gun sword to be a show-er, then grow-er into a gun, preferably. She’s a hero, god damn it, even if that means sometimes she’s a killer. It’s time Peacemaker realizes that and joins her. 

Sister Mary Demon Face and her posse of dipshits finally break the door, and if Wynonna and Rosita aren’t going to battle each other, she’s going to kill them herself. But it’s at that moment that Peacemaker decides to come home. Wynonna channels her inner Luke Skywalker and Forces the sword into her hand, and then in a flaming blaze of glory, Peacemaker reverts to her familiar (to us) form — a girl and her gun are once again reunited. 

Sister Mary Stabby turns out to be less holy woman, more Greek goddess, but like…an angry Greek goddess and one of the original women scorned. She tells WynSita that man-made weapons can’t kill her, but she doesn’t realize Peacemaker isn’t just a regular Buntline Special. She shoots Medea between her demon eyes. Damn, it’s good to be back.

The rest of the nuns step forward, spears in hand, and it makes WynSita nervous. But they fall to their knees, thanking Wynonna for freeing them and pledging to be at her service. Cool cool cool.

I just want you to know
That I will always love you

Rachel has her doubts that Holt can convince his mother to be her best Elsa self and let it go, but Doc tells her to leave the worrying to the grownups who haven’t recently gone through a break-up with a Clanton. Rachel tells him that she thinks they killed Billy, because he was nowhere to be found at the junkyard, just Margo dripping blood and trash-talking Waverly. But Doc knows what this means — Daddy Blue Eyes is gonna take Rachel home, then go take care of Waverly. 

The nuns are looking at Wynonna with a bit of hero worship, as she’s responsible for breaking Medea’s hold over them, and they want her to be their leader. But Wynonna’s happy being the imperfect person she is, and she encourages them to go out and be in the world. But they can’t go — they’re victims of Wyatt, and if they leave the sanctuary, poof. 

Wynonna offers to try to find a way to save them, but Rosita points out that there’s more than one way to be free. The nunnery is an upgrade from the rock, and plus — zero Steves, tons of Joanns. Rosita can have some fun here, and I’m pretty sure after a week with Rosita, it wouldn’t take master tracker Doc to find a dildo amongst these swords.

Oh, baby
Please don’t go, girl
I’m gonna always love you, girl

Before Wynonna leaves, Rosita has one last truth to spill. When she tried to babynap Alice, she wanted some insurance against Peacemaker, sure, but there was another reason. She had a buyer for the tiniest Earp heir-to-be — Margo Jean Clanton. 

Wynonna magically teleports from the nunnery back to Shorty’s, and what a shit sandwich she walks in on. Waverly’s been marked, Nicole’s dead, Nedley’s chanting, and Jeremy’s — Jeremy’s doing okay, actually, considering. And if marked-for-death Waverly is on her way to Magpie Ranch, well, you can bet your sword gun that Wynonna is, too.

I’m gonna love you, girl, until the end of time
Tell me, girl, you’re gonna always be mine

Waverly enters the same junk room that Margo Jean made the blood oath in, which is convenient and definitely not production- or budget-driven, I’m sure. Waverly isn’t super impressed with the junktown she walked into. After all, her family’s barn is practically an AirBNB. She (mostly) resists the urge to tidy things up, and when Margo catches her, she doesn’t look too impressed by Waverly or her shotgun. Waverly gives her one chance to fix things with Nicole, but Mam Clanton isn’t interested in fixing anything. She did get them out of the Garden, after all. Because of their blood feud, she and Doc shared a bond, and she was able to direct him to the correct door. And all in exchange for Doc himself — Doc brings Wynonna and Waverly back to Nicole, Nicole brings Doc to Margo, and with that, Margo finally gets revenge for her ancestors at the OK Corral.

Waverly tries to reason with Margo — who cares about the past when the future contains a dead former sheriff? Mam C. says that Waverly is young and she’ll find someone else, and let me tell you, Mam, that’s the wrong thing to say, and siccing a Reaper on Nicole is the wrong thing to do.

Margo, you in danger, girl.

Before she can slice her hand open (seriously, how much blood is required for a blood sacrifice? Wouldn’t a pinprick work?), Waverly literally takes matters into her own hands and gives the Clanton matriarch the classic Waverly Murder Hands of Vengeance. Like Bobo before her, Mam drops dead to the ground, bleeding out of the eyes, not dissimilar to Doc in Nicole’s wedding fire dream. 

Please don’t go, girl
You would ruin my whole world

“What did I do?” Waverly whispers to herself in shock? You did what you had to do, Waves. So everyone could survive…

Especially Nicole, who rises up, gasping, out of her icy-cold bath. Nedley gives himself all the credit, of course, and Nicole apologizes to Jeremy, who doesn’t care about anything other than his favorite ginger gay remaining, once again, unkillable. Nedley grabs her a bonus blanket, and she still feels terrible for making the deal for Doc. But Jeremy knows what’s up — the reason things went sideways is because they didn’t have each other. 

Tell me you’ll stay
Never, ever go away

Holt pulls up at the junkyard, and Waverly does what she does best in outdoor areas with weird men — skulk.

I love you
I love you
I guess I always will

Wynonna pulls up as Holt goes inside, and Waverly is so relieved to see her sister. She feels terrible for busting out those Murder Hands, but Wynonna tells her that whatever she did worked — Nicole is not in danger, girl. Plus, Peacemaker is back. Yay!

Girl, you’re my best friend
Girl, you’re my love within

They get two whole seconds of happiness, too, before Holt comes out screaming, wanting to know why someone murdered his mother. Waverly didn’t mean to, but, weirdly, that’s apparently not a good enough apology for him. Holt’s pissed — he was willing to negotiate for peace, but killing his mother kind of put the kibosh on that. And he and his mother are so focused on what happened at he OK Corral, and as someone who still is angry about stuff that happened in high school, I kind of get it, but when there’s so much murder involved, I just feel like maybe it’s time to let it go, especially since Wynonna’s right. Margo had it coming. She only had herself to blame.

They’re interrupted by a gunshot, and it’s Doc Holliday firing into the air, seemingly forgetting the great bullet shortage of season three. His dreams of peace seem to be slipping away, but he’s not willing to fully let it go. He lowers Wynonna’s gun himself, but Holt tells them he’s the Clanton heir now and there can be no peace. Doc tells him there has to be another way, and they can work things out for everyone, like they talked about. The Earp sisters want to put a pin in that for later, but not now, because Doc’s in the zone. Holt tearfully tells them how their mother turned Billy into a Reaper, and Doc lowers his gun as well, telling him that his family has suffered enough. Doc invites him for a drink, and Holt agrees, a the first boards in a bridge to peace very tenuously placed.

And then Wynonna Earp, the Earp heir, shoots Sheriff Holt Claiborne in the back.

I guess he’s not gonna be asking out that lady from the diner after all.

Doc is stunned, and Wynonna just thanks him for the distraction, then leaves.

I just want you to know
That I will always love you

At the Homestead, Doc is outside smoking, and when Wynonna comes outside, he asks how Nicole is. “Not so Haught” is her punny answer, and he’s happy she’s okay, but he wants to talk about what happened at Magpie Ranch. He can’t believe she shot an unarmed man in the back. He thought she had more honor than that, but she knows that the Clantons would never have stopped coming for the Earps.

And after a lifetime of being attacked — by every supernatural and regular being under the sun — after protecting herself time and time again, and after killing whatever she needed to kill to protect herself, does he really think she cares about honor? He points out that her doing those things are the consequences of Wyatt Earp’s actions, but she thinks he’s mad because what Wyatt said about him hit a little too close to home. He’s hurt that she thinks that’s really him, but that’s why she cares about him — he’s not perfect. He’s broken, like she is. The difference is, he wants to try and put himself back together. 

Oh, baby

Wynonna tells him “it must be nice to have a choice,” but that’s the thing he learned from Wynonna — there’s always a choice. Why doesn’t she remember that anymore? He tells her that the reason Wyatt’s biggest enemy never turned Revenant is because Peacemaker didn’t kill them; his drunken best friend did. “Doc, I never run, and I never will.” You know, unlike Doc. 

Seems like Doc thinks Wynonna is more like Wyatt than he thought.

But Wynonna has one more truth to drop — she tells him it was the Clantons who were behind Alice’s attempted baby-napping. It’s a good reminder for Doc that the Earp line didn’t end with Wynonna, and there are more important things to protect than just each other. 

Please don’t go, girl

The door opens, and Waverly asks them both if they’re coming in. Wynonna marches past her, but Doc says he doesn’t much feel like company right now. But if there’s one thing Doc can’t say no to, it’s whiskey. And if there’s another thing he can’t say no to, it’s Waverly Earp, smiling at him from her front porch.

Please don’t go, girl

The whole gang is there, and Nedley’s cheersing to their “first and hopefully last exorcism.” I…wouldn’t count on that. Jeremy and Waverly introduce new rules to the group — never leave the frog, and never kill yourself even just a little bit to fix a mistake. He offers Nicole a shot, but since NIcole’s still recovering from being mostly dead, Jeremy does her shot for her. After walking through the metaphorical fire, Doc and Wynonna are doing their best Tara and Willow impression with all their sitting around and glaring, and when Waverly asks if they’re okay, Wynonna tells her they’re…the same. She’s trying to be the bravest little toaster here and smile even though her heart is breaking, with…mixed results.

Two-shot-drunk Jeremy asks Nicole and Waverly if they’re getting married, and Rachel admonishes him for calling out the engagement elephant in the room.

Please don’t go, girl

He starts to list the other things that have been going on — being stuck in the Garden, defeating the Eve, protecting the Homestead — and realizes that, yeah, maybe there have been other things that took priority.

Please don’t go, girl

But not anymore.

They may not have talked about it, but they’ve both definitely been thinking about it. Under yet another perfect Andrea Higgins song choice, in front of their family and friends family, Nicole starts to propose, but Waverly stops her and gets down on one knee. After a look and shared smile with her sister — for love, for strength, for reassurance — eyes brimming with tears, in front of a roaring fire, Waverly Earp asks Nicole Haught to marry her.

Please don’t go, girl

And with a smile as wide as the beautiful skies of Calgary, Nicole — who just earlier today was dead, if you think about it, and thought things were probably going to get worse from there — smiles at her own personal bonus blanket and says yes.

Please don’t go, girl

Nedley is the Earper fandom — “FINALLY!” — and Jeremy is ecstatic and wants to be in the wedding party. Rachel and her dance of joy are a stark contrast to Wynonna trying to smile through the pain. Doc quietly leaves as tears stream down Wynonna’s face, hopefully misconstrued by everyone as tears of happiness. 

Waverly and Nicole share one more “I love you,” and the episode ends on the first half of Season 4. 

Please don’t go, girl

What a perfect mid-season finale, and another perfect episode from writer Brendon Yorke. I think it’s really easy, in a predominantly female fandom that tries to make sure women’s voices are heard above all, especially queer ones, to kind of let the men responsible for this show go under our radar, but Brendan shouldn’t be one of them. He consistently writes some of the best, funniest, most emotional episodes that can make you laugh, cry, scream, go into shocked silence, and then climb onto the back of your couch, sometimes in a matter of seconds. I appreciate his part in creating Wynonna’s voice and bringing her into our lives; the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

I really liked the Rosita storyline. We have Wynonna in the last episode saying how she’d like to kill her, to her in this episode helping to save her. And I loved how she ended up saving even more victims of Wyatt Earp by helping the women in the nunnery. Rosita has a really great point that women do have a tendency to tear each other down, when what we all really need is to build each other up. And by the end, that’s what they’ve done — Wynonna helped Rosita get to “safety,” and then Rosita helped Wynonna make the sanctuary actually be a safe place. I like that they’ve forgiven each other, though Rosita definitely has more to forgive here, and I would also like to someday see her clear things up with and get an apology from Waverly, because she deserved better from all of the Earp girls. Except Willa.

I think my favorite thing about the storyline is that it really left things wide-open for a return of Rosita and Tamara, and who knows what other scorned women we may see in the halls of the Sisterhood of the Holy Waterboarders?

Wynonna’s speech to Peacemaker was epic. She’s finally realizing that she’s the hero she’s always been meant to be, and with the requiem playing in the background? Perfection. And all the while in front of a woman she had declared her mortal enemy just one episode ago, but had grown enough to come to a truce. Goosebumps. Emmy for Scrofano!

Wynonna is so disappointed in her ancestor, Wyatt, for all of the people he shot and all of the collateral damage he caused, but she doesn’t hesitate to shoot Holt in the back. I’m not saying I don’t get why she did it — I do. There was no guarantee that Holt would have actually ended the feud, and she didn’t have just herself and Waverly to think about. I think if she hadn’t found out that Margo was behind the Alice-napping, she may have been more willing to try and make their peace without any leaded interruptions. 

The contrast behind her and Waverly’s reaction to their kills were very interesting to me. Waverly is immediately apologetic and panicky, because she didn’t mean to kill anyone. She just wanted to save Nicole. She even apologizes to Holt and wonders to herself what she did. But Margo Clanton had no interest in forgetting the past or moving on to a brighter future. All she wanted to do was make the Earps and Doc pay for what they did all those years ago; plus, it was the only way to ensure that Nicole would live.

Wynonna’s shooting Holt in the back as he was walking away, though — it just hits differently. Like I said, I get why she did it, and she had no idea of Holt’s being tired and just wanting to be…normal, for lack of a better word. To rid himself of the weight of his ancestors’ crimes and obligations. But she’s been solving her problems by killing them for so many years, I think that’s the only way she thought she could get rid of them for good. And who am I to say she’s right or wrong? But to shoot him in the back as he’s walking away? I’m not saying I don’t get it; I do. But it just strikes me as not a great move there. I just hope that it worked and the Earps are free from the Clantons’ curse, but the fact that Cleo is still alive, and probably now really, really mad about what happened to her mother and brother? I’m not super hopeful. Also, Billy tells Nicole they’re “many,” and her question is my question — how many?

It’s some of that morally grey area that we all live in, and that we love watching Wynonna and her family exist in. There is going to be fall-out for this that I can’t even imagine, and I’m ready for the angst to consume me. I think part of it is that, after three and a half years, I’ve grown to love all of them so much, and I hate to see any of them make a choice that I know is going to hurt.

I truly loved the WayHaught proposal scene. I loved that Nicole went to propose, and Waverly stopped her, wanting to do it herself. And the tiny moment of Doc putting his hat over his heart? I love how much he adores them back. With Nicole as the more butch of the two — a butch ginger cop, some say — assumed gender roles would dictate that she’s the one who pops the question, but Waverly wasn’t having it. She’s a girl who does the things that scare her, and her partner has given her the courage to do them. Queer couples are so infrequently treated to a perfect engagement scene like this, but Emily Andras and the rest of the writers room gave the fandom what we have been wishing for for years, and what we’ve deserved through a lifetime of television.

And one of my favorite things about this episode? All of the things it set up. Will there be any fall-out from Nicole’s deal with Margo for Doc? How will Cleo respond? Is Billy still a Reaper? Do Reapers like Kombucha? Have they tried applying coconut oil to him?

How will Doc deal with the fall-out from Wynnona’s decision to shoot Holt? Will it nudge his needle even more to Amon’s side of the scales? 

And, most importantly, what does all of this mean for Wynonna? She was just learning that her team made her stronger, and getting Peacemaker back has really seemed to focus her on the problems at hand. Will this change her relationship with any of her family? With Black Badge? Will Waverly still look at her the same? Will Nicole? 

Will we get a new big bad for the back half of Season 4? Will we ever see Eve again? Will we see any other favorite faces return?

Will Wynonna ever get to be reunited with Alice? 

Favorite lines:

  • “Final test before you temporarily drown.” “Super temporarily.”
  • If you guys are gonna keep this up, would you drown me instead?
  • Leave everything to magic and nothing to chance.
  • “Two will become one.” “My favorite Spice Girls song.”
  • How nefarious. I, for one, would love to hear more.
  • Alright, Sister Granny Panties, here she be.
  • Why does it always involve women betraying women?
  • Just as I’d hoped. There is something between you — Something delicious.
  • I got him dead to rights! Maybe.
  • She is a frog! And dead! And also a reaper! Stay with the plot, Nedley!
  • If you had your own little toy, maybe you wouldn’t be so uptight.
  • “Is that a Hemsworth in biking shorts?” “A Xena reboot!”
  • Nicole, you saved my life. Now it’s my turn.
  • Ooh, a dance-off. Let’s do this.
  • We don’t have to hug!

Monica’s Random Points of Randomness:

  • I really loved that solid 10 seconds of frog puns at the beginning, especially “grab that hex and ribbit it right out.”
  • “No matter what happens, don’t let me come up until it’s done.” Nicole and Jeremy have had their issues, but I love that he’s her go-to here. You can’t weaken the unkillable gay bond, but not break it.
  • “I’m gonna interfere with your frickin’ face!” Waverly Earp, often the smartest one in the room, still talks like this sometimes, and I love it.
  • Waverly’s delivery of “you put my girlfriend into a frog” is perfect.
  • I bet that that article about Waverly winning “nicest person” was really good. The writer, Christin Hanly, sounds like she’d be great.
  • Is Uncle Ike still around? Does he get to retire since Billy took over the reaping business?
  • Phil got what he deserved.
  • Imagine Nicole Haught, paying Waverly’s cell-phone bill every month, not wanting to give up hope.
  • Listen, I know Dom is great at the horror-movie scream, but it would be great if her character didn’t keep getting put in situations that required her to do it.
  • There really aren’t enough Flavor of Love references on TV today.
  • I mean, I know the answer, but why are religious figures so obsessed with salvation? And especially this one — she wasn’t exactly living at the foot of the cross, as my mother would say.
  • Bloodthirsty nuns for the win, am I right?
  • Not in FROB!
  • Happened to me after my third heart attack. Found my remote on top of the fridge.
  • Wynonna says she’s “sick and tired of being told who to kill,” but then lets history tell her to shoot Holt in the back. There are just some things you can’t escape.
  • So many Shakespeare references this season. IS THIS A CLUE?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

2020 has been a real musterbluck of a year, and I for one am grateful for the six perfect episodes of Wynonna Earp that we have gotten so far. For me, watching this show and writing these recaps has been one of my bright points, and I’m grateful to all of you for being on this journey with me. So may your beer be cold, your whiskey be plentiful and undrugged, your kombucha as tart as you need it to be, and may you have as many bonus blankets as you need to get you through to 4×07. I’ll see you in 2021.