Wynonna Earp Finale Recap: Just Call Me Angel

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Hello, friends, and welcome to the my recap of the two-hour season finale of Wynonna Earp, Season Bulshar! It’s the last time we’ll be hanging out together for a while, so let’s get cozy and enjoy it, eh? Grab a vanilla-dipped doughnut, make sure you have your favorite animal-print shirt, and maybe also grab an annotated copy of The Holy Bible, because you’re gonna need it. Let’s get through this together, shall we, friends?

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Waverly’s the champion daughter of an angel, Charlie is boring but also dead at the hands of Doc (who seems a little more off than usual), there’s a blood eclipse, Mercedes got kidnapped, and being an Earp is basically the worst.

Waverly and Nicole are in the morgue, I assume, with Charlie’s dead body. Nicole doesn’t want to tell Wynonna, but Waverly knows they have to be honest and tell her the truth — that Doc chomped down on her side piece and made a meat stick out of him. Just regular Purgatory stuff. Sheriff Haught is summoned by Sheriff Nedley to help with the town evacuation, because we all know what happens when Purgatory is full of crazy hicks off their rockers. NOTHING GOOD, THAT’S WHAT.

Nicole can tell something is on Waverly’s mind, and that thing is the stairway to Heaven. But Nicole takes her at her word and kisses her goodbye, while Waverly stays in the room with Charlie’s dead body, because that’s a normal thing people do. She touches him with her ring hand, and he wakes up. Whoa.

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There’ll be no strings to bind your hands

At the Homestead, Wynonna curses the blood eclipse and sadly tells the picture of Dolls that she failed and he bet on the wrong horse…and then a horse walks through her yard. Not a euphemism, but maybe a sign? Maybe it represented Dolls, or the Lover of All Horses, Willa? The sirens go off go off in town, where Nicole and SuddenDeputy!Robin are policing the streets to make sure everyone has left. Wynonna pulls up and Nicole sends Robin on a pointless task so she can have some WynHaught time, which I assume he knows. Wy asks Nicole if she’s seen her best baby, but she hasn’t. She leaves, muttering about how she doesn’t think Waverly “would do it,” leaving a confused Nicole behind. Wynonna finds Waves by the staircase — I mean, technically, since she still can’t see it — and Waverly tries to explain that this is her purpose in life — to save humanity. So of course Wynonna knocks her out and locks her in the storage chest in the truck to keep her from sacrificing herself.

Screenshot (2794)

Not if my love can’t bind your heart

Two strangers walk into Shorty’s under the guise of looking for their dog Penny, but instead they find a hungry Doc.

Wynonna tries to convince Sheriff Haught to take Unconscious!Waverly out of the Ghost River Triangle, but Nicole is the sheriff of a town that’s being attacked. She can’t just leave to take Waverly to IKEA to pick out a new cover for their POÄNG. Plus, Nicole can’t tell her gal pal no, so she’s not the best for keeping her out of trouble. But shoeless Charlie chooses that minute to wander by, and he agrees to take Waverly to safety. Problem is, Waverly feels compelled to climb the invisible stairs, so she tells Charlie she has to tie her up to stop her.

Doc has summoned Kate to Shorty’s basement, where he’s glamoured Penny’s owners. He invites Kate to feast with him, and she seems reluctant at first but agrees. A girl’s gotta eat. But whatever they eat, it’s not enough for Doc.

A group of Revenants , including his former bartender Hui, find Bobo locked in his terrarium. Bobo asks them to let him go, but they still haven’t forgiven Bobo for screwing them over. He tries to bribe them with knowledge and tells them Wynonna doesn’t have her gun, but it doesn’t work, and they leave him behind, banging on the glass.

Screenshot (2808)

And there’s no need to take a stand

Wynonna’s packing all the essentials to fight a big bad — including a golf club, a lacrosse stick, whiskey, a cooler, and a wrench — when the Revenants find her. Without her gun, she can’t stop her own kidnapping. She’s their fealty for Bulshar. They pretty her up, so at least she gets something out of the deal with some sweet ringlets from Jarvis.

Wynonna tries to reason with the Revenants — Bulshar’s treating them like slaves, and if they teamed up, maybe they could beat him together.

Screenshot (2814)

For it was I who chose to start

Charlie and Waverly find themselves at the Gibson Greenhouse, though neither of them really know how they ended up there. Charlie stares at the stone statue, amazed, but he doesn’t say why. Just plays it off as a greenhouse fetish or whatever, like you do. They try to make small talk, and she rambles about her love for Nicole, while Charlie tries to deflect talking about where he’s from. When Waverly presses, we find out that the thing is, he doesn’t know. All he remembers is walking into Purgatory with no memory of anything beforehand. All he remembered is that he wanted to help people. And when Waverly touches his hand with her ring, well, she sees said memory for herself. Curious.

Screenshot (2815)

I see no need to take me home

Doc has made his way to the fire station and asks the chief where Charlie is. Faced with a gun-wielding Doc and Kate, the chief gives up Charlie’s location, and Doc shoots him and Kate, then just…leaves. Kate realizes something is wrong with him, and Doc blames her, but she knows this isn’t just regular vampire side effects.

Screenshot (2816)

I’m old enough to face the dawn

At Bulshar’s Last supper, the Revenants present their fealty of Wynonna. Bulshar gives the demons a slow clap, but Wynonna is transfixed by the site before her — it’s Mercedes, sitting at  the right hand of the Bulshar. She’s apparently his “wife” now, but like not in all of the rooms of the house, if you get what I’m saying. She’s done with fighting. She’s just gotten her perfect, perfect face back, and she wants to keep it. She’ll be a coward if it means she gets to stay alive and encourages her friend to do the same, but Wynonna can’t play ball with the nut sack who cursed her family. She’s gonna keep fighting and refuses to give up, but Mercedes tries to reason with her. The fight is already over. She may as well come out alive at the end of it — for Waverly. For Alice.

Screenshot (2848)

Just call me angel of the morning

Flowers are suddenly growing in the greenhouse, the fog has brought them there, and Charlie is losing his mind a little bit. All of it is suddenly just a bit too weird for him. He knows the greenhouse, and he knows the ring. But before they can make a run for it, a vehicle approaches, and Charlie says they need to hide. It’s Doc.

Screenshot (2852)


Nicole tries to raise the chief — on the radio; she’s not Waverly — and Kate crawls over to it and says she and the chief need help.

Bulshar addresses his minions and says he’s looking for a lieutenant to replace the one that died at the hands of Dolls. Two Revenants nominate themselves before Wynonna volunteers as tribute. She may be defeated, she may be fealty, but she was a formidable opponent. He says he can’t trust her, but all she wants is to keep her family safe. She’d do anything to save Waverly from her fate. She grovels and tries to grab his arm, but he recoils in terror and angrily demands she be put in a cell. Throughout it all, though, Mercedes seems affected by Wynonna’s willingness to do anything for her family.

Screenshot (2849)

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

Charlie grabs Waverly’s hand as they hide and is met with another memory. It’s Charlie with a pregnant Michelle. Charlie is Julian, and Julian is Charlie. He seems to be having trouble wrapping his head around all of that, which is okay because Doc is there now and he’s got a thirst for some angel blood. Waverly is afraid that Doc will kill her angel dad, so she confronts Doc herself. Inhaling deeply, Doc realizes that Waverly smells just like Charlie; just like an angel. Waverly tries to talk some sense into Doc, but it isn’t working. Wynonna may love him, but he insists he feels nothing now but hunger.

Screenshot (2853)

Just call me angel of the morning

Mercedes is talking to a locked-up Wynonna, and she and Mercedes try to puzzle out what’s going on with old Bullie. Mercedes wants Wynonna to win, and she says that her advantage is that she can’t touch Bulshar or something bad will happen. Jarvis comes over and joins the cell-and-bitch, saying that the Revenants are cursed because the Earps are…and then unlocks her cage. She goes all Wynonna on her fancy dress, and then she, Jarvis, and Mercedes take the fight to Bulshar.

Nicole is patching Kate up while Kate draws Tarot cards, and the outlook isn’t good. But she pretends the answer is “try again later,” and keeps drawing and drawing. She wants to go after Doc and Nicole doesn’t understand why she doesn’t give up on him, but Kate feels responsible — she made him, and he’s very clearly had some bad blood. “Like he fed on something inhuman?” Nicole asks, as she realizes Charlie isn’t quite what they all thought.

Waverly realizes Charlian’s blood has given Doc the vampire wheezies, and she tries to reason with the man she believes is still inside, but he attacks her. Charlian takes his ring back and throws Doc into the stone statue, breaking it. Waverly turns around, and it’s Charlian in full angel.

Screenshot (2861)


He wandered outside the boundary for years until he saw a light that was “his daughter crosseth over,” which had to have been when she crossed the border of the Ghost River Triangle with Alice. (Bonus points to my friend Heidi for puzzling that one out!) He says they have to leave and she shouldn’t waste time with Doc, but Waverly can’t just leave the man she’s loved as family for so long. She hovers over him, wiping her tear that falls onto his face, and tells him she’s sorry. Doc wakes up in the greenhouse and finds a sword wrapped in cloth in the rubble of the stone statue.

Screenshot (2862)

Then slowly turn away from me

Suddenly, the Tarot predicts something other than death — hope.

Wynonna tussles with the Revenants at the Last Supper, somehow managing to convince some of them to join her. If they defeat Bulshar, they could break the curse, and the people who were once her mortal enemies are now fighting beside her. Bulshar disappears behind a cloud of beekeepers, and Wynonna gives a rousing speech to rally the Revenants together. Together, they can break the curse. This scrappy group of misfits march through the streets of Purgatory, determined to do just that.

Screenshot (2863)

Maybe the sun’s light will be dim

Robin and Bobo are puzzling through some crosswords, and their casual, relaxed friendship makes me happy. But Jeremy feels hopeless. Bobo tells him not to give up, so Jeremy decides to run home for supplies. Bobo wants to go on a field trip, but Jeremy refuses to take their resident lizard to his home. Bulshar takes advantage of Bobo’s solitude, though, and offers him the most recent job listing in Purgatory — his lieutenant. Desperate to get out of his terrarium, Bobo accepts.

Wynonna’s at the Homestead, and she’s invited the Revenants to come bourbon with her as a sign of good faith. Being the heir is the only thing she’s ever been good at, but she’s ready to give it all up to break the damn curse.

Bulshar’s at the staircase, holding Peacemaker, and, in what looks like a cloud of Calamity Jane, it turns into a sword. He places the sword into the staircase and sends one of his minions into the door that’s appeared. We hear a slice, and, reminiscent of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, his head topples down the steps. Bulshar said he was rejected because he wasn’t mortal or righteous, and he needs to become one of those things to enter the Garden. He tells Bobo to fetch Earp blood so he can ascend. Okay, The Mayor. Shut up and ascend already.

Screenshot (2866)

And it won’t matter anyhow

Waverly comes running up to the Homestead, and Wynonna is too happy to see her there to be mad that she’s returned. Waves is a bit confused, though, by the sudden appearance of Revenant Keith, and Wynonna explains that they’re all in this together now. Waverly doesn’t freak out at all, but she thinks her “your ex-boyfriend is Mama’s baby daddy” reveal is a bit of a bigger deal, and she’s right. Wynonna kind of starts to freak out a bit. Oh, also Doc killed Charlie, who Waverly resurrected, and then Doc tried to kill him again. And it’s all honestly just so much for Wynonna that she kind of starts to giggle. All of that combined with the fact that she gave her weapon to the big bad and her mortal enemies are in the kitchen? They’re just all seriously fucked. Like, if you can’t laugh your way through an apocalypse, why even bother?

Screenshot (2876)

If morning’s echo says we’ve sinned

Jeremy’s coming up empty and had no idea on how to (Bulshar’s) arm himself for the fight. Robin supportive-boyfriends him so he can think more clearly, and Jeremy wonders if he can science up some sort of anti-Bulshar-potion.

Screenshot (2874)

It was what I wanted now

Thanks to Nicole’s nursemaiding, Kate is feeling much better, thank you. Nicole gives her a bit of a hard time about her “bad boy” fixation, and Kate (correctly) points out that Nicole is just as pussy-whipped as Kate is mustache-whipped. She can’t find her best baby, and she’s worried. Kate does a reading and tells Nicole that Waves is with Wynonna and not with Charlie…but of Charlie. And then they’re set upon by beekeepers. Good thing these two are some of the baddest bitches in Purgatory, except Nicole gets caught by one of the beekeepers who brought a sword to a gunfight.

Screenshot (2909)

And if we’re victims of the night

Mercedes enters her house to find a pile of bodies, a sassy Kate, and a bleeding Nicole. And Selfless!Nicole, of course, has Mercedes stay behind and take care of Kate while she stumbles to the road and tries to make her way to the Homestead. It’s eventually too much for her, and she falls by the side of the road. She’s found by…someone and promptly passes out.

The beekeepers enter the lab, but they don’t attack JereTree. Our boys are confused and a bit scared, but it’s okay, because a savior has arrived. A savior by the name of Randy Nedley, who quickly dispatches them after a one-armed shotgun pump, Linda Hamilton-style.

Screenshot (2935)

I won’t be blinded by the light

Wynonna confronts Charlian about the whole “you’re my sister’s dad and also an angel” thing, and he tells her his story. He was a protector who watched humanity get tempted and fall because of Bulshar. Charlian doesn’t actually know what the Garden is like — he was an outtie, not an innie. When Bulshar returned to the Ghost River Triangle, Juan Carlo took the flaming sword used to guard the entrance and gave it to their human champion, Wyatt Earp. But he didn’t quite finish the job, possibly due to him wanting to see his boyfriend best friend before he died of the tuberculosis. They’re interrupted by said best friend carrying a bleeding Nicole, and they all head to the barn, which is obviously the most sterile place to take a bleeding ginger cop.

Screenshot (2937)

Just call me angel of the morning

Waverly’s alone in the house, so she thinks, and is trying to get ahold of Nicole when she’s started by Bobo, who’s just creepily hanging out in her bedroom in his military gear. She asks if he’s there to help them, but he’s with Bulshar now. He asks for one final favor from his angel — when the time comes, he wants her to end it.

Screenshot (2938)


Charlie examines a dying Nicole, and he says he can heal her. He places his hands over her wound, and her skin becomes whole again. It takes a lot out of him, though, and it seems like the price that had to be paid for her life was the weakening of his. “Did we get him?” she groggily asks. Charlie leaves to check on Waverly, and Doc hands him the sword he found in the greenhouse. Charlie points out Doc wouldn’t have been able to handle that sword if he was truly a demon.

Screenshot (2939)

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

At the sheriff’s department, the boys are gloating about their beekeeper slaying, but Jeremy is ready to throw in the headphones. Nedley gives a rousing speech about Lou Bega and Mambo No. 5, and Jeremy’s inspired — all they need is a little Monica, and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. That’s been the answer staring them in the face all along. They need a little of Bulshar and a little of Robin’s blood and maybe — just maybe — this Mambo No. 6 is all they need.

Charlian heads upstairs to find his daughter on her bed with a boy, which I guess is a rite of passage that a lot of fathers (not mine) have had to go through. When he realizes Bobo gave himself up to Bulshar, he says he can’t help him, but Bobo is unaffected. It was always Waverly who was going to be his savior. Julian gives his ring back to Waverly, saying she’ll need it more than him, because Bulshar has brought the fight to them.

Screenshot (2943)

Just call me angel of the morning

The Scoobies and the Revenants are under siege from Bulshar and his minions. Grenades and a machine gun rain destruction over the Homestead as everyone tries to fire back and stay alive. Or, you know, as alive as they were when it started. The Revenants cover her as Wynonna makes it into the house and gets a gun from her baby sister.

Screenshot (2944)


Doc, who seems to be back to the old Doc that we knew and loved, runs to protect Nicole, who’s alone in the barn. She helps defend against the beekeepers in the barn, but Bobo manages to sneak into the Homestead and grab Wynonna. Waverly and her shotgun pick off the rest of the beekeepers and heads out to the chopping block, where Bulshar cuts Wynonna’s hand to collect her blood. She’s about to get her head chainsawed off, but Charlian stabs the beekeeper tasked with killing her. Bobo grabs the sword (you know, with his mind), Bulshar forces him to his knees, and Bobo stabs Charlian, who’s not wearing his ring anymore and is weakened from saving Nicole.

Screenshot (2952)

Then slowly turn away

So Doc takes out the rest of the beekeepers, Waverly returns the favor to Bobo. She kills him…and sets him free. Just like he wanted.

Screenshot (2951)

I won’t beg you to stay with me

At the staircase, Bulshar is about to make some s’mores, probably, and is burning a pile of skulls, on which he throws his Tarot cards and the handkerchief with Wynonna’s blood. Wynonna and the Revenants show up to bust some bees, but she’s too late. He’s ended the curse, and the Revenants have disappeared…and then so does he. Wynonna’s just a girl with good hair now. She’s not the heir of anything.

Screenshot (2956)

Through the tears of the day, of the years

At the Homestead, Jeremy and Robin find Waverly hunched over her father’s body. She’s tried to revive him, but it didn’t work this time. Jeremy has something that’s gonna let them fight Bulshar.

Wynonna finds Doc in the barn, who tells her he’s sorry about Charlian. She tells him that Bulshar broke the Earp curse, and their daughter is free. He used her blood to break the curse, and now he can enter the Garden. Doc pledges to fight Bulshar alongside Wynonna, but she feels like she can’t trust him. She handcuffs him to a ladder and surrounds him with a rope soaked in holy water.

Waverly finds Nicole on the front porch eating some baby carrots. They’re both just so exhausted. Almost dying and raising people from the dead and finding out your dad is an angel and then losing him and killing your childhood imaginary friend — it’s all just made them so bone-tired. But Waverly needs Nicole to know something — she loves her girlfriend, so much. She slips Bulshar’s ring off of her finger and puts it on Nicole’s and says those words we haven’t heard in three seasons — “I really, really love you.” Nicole hates that damn ring (really, Waverly, you didn’t have another one available?) and is just sort of in shock. But before she can answer, Wynonna interrupts them and calls the team inside.

Screenshot (2957)

Baby, baby, baby

Jeremy shows the team the crypsis he whipped up that will allow them to pass by Bulshar’s minions undetected. So now they know how to get to Bulshar but still no idea of how to defeat him. Wynonna brings over a plate of shots and says that he did give her one gift — showing her what she was most afraid of, and that’s losing her faimly. So one by one, Jeremy, Robin, and Nicole hit the floor from their drugged liquor. She can’t bear to have them see her fail.

Screenshot (2958)

Just call me angel of the morning

Waverly chases Wynonna down at the stairs and yells at her for drugging everyone. Waverly knows all of Wynonna’s tricks, so she didn’t do the shot, but joke’s on her — she didn’t drug Waverly’s. There are supposed to be two guardians — an HBIC and her backup. And Wynonna knows she herself is the backup this time. They dab themselves with CrypsisOne and make their way past the beekeepers undetected.

Screenshot (2959)


They find Bulshar, who is apparently mortal now and also has come down with a bad case of snakeskin head. Wynonna tries to fight him, and he keeps maneuvering past her and disappearing. Waverly pulls the Peacemaker sword out of the staircase, and Bulshar says “only a hero can wield the flaming sword.” So Angel Pants tosses Bacon Donut the sword and names her a hero…though we all knew that she was already. Wynonna catches the sword, which has started to flame, and can finally — finally — see the stairs.

Screenshot (2961)

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

Bulshar and Wynonna have a sword fight, and Waverly goes to help…but is trapped on the staircase.

He tries to convince her to join him so they can enter the Garden together, and when she refuses, he says she’ll die. She stabs him with the flaming sword, but he manages to bite her neck before he disintegrates into a flaming pile of garbage.

Screenshot (2963)

Just call me angel of the morning

Waverly pounds on the wall of the Garden as Wynonna has fallen to the ground, muttering that they’ll all be fine. She’s dying. Slowly. Doc runs toward her and falls to the ground, mouth attached to her neck as Waverly screams for him to stop. But joke’s on us — he’s not feasting on her. He’s saving her. He spits the snake venom to the side as Wynonna slowly gathers her strength.

Screenshot (2971)


The door at the top of the staircase slowly opens and some tree roots make their way down the stairs to Waverly. Waverly calls Wynonna her hero as the roots take her inside the door. Waverly’s so tired of fighting, but I don’t think there would be any stopping them anyway. Waverly’s last thoughts are of Nicole and her sister — tell Nicole she loves her, and Wynonna will rescue her, right? Because she doesn’t want to be left alone with…whatever that is. Wynonna tries to go up the now-visible staircase, but the barrier won’t let her in.

Screenshot (2972)

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling

A harsh noise fills the air (her angel scream, perhaps?), and Doc and Wynonna lay there, stunned. As the slow version of the theme song plays, Doc stands up, drops his gunbelt, and slowly walks to the stairs. He’ll be Waverly’s weapon. Wynonna says he can’t because he’s not mortal, but he just looks at her. He manages to break through the barrier, but Wynonna can’t enter because Waverly named her the guardian, and guardians can’t enter the Garden, you see. Wynonna picks up Doc’s gunbelt and softly says goodbye.

Screenshot (2975)

Just call me angel of the morning

Wynonna enters the Homestead, but the remaining Unkillable Gays are nowhere to be found. She’s greeted with an empty house and a name scratched into the wall — Valdez.

Screenshot (2977)


There’s no one in town, so Wynonna wanders into Shorty’s. She hears bottles clinking and draws Doc’s gun on…an olive-wielding Vacation Randy Nedley. They appear to be the only ones left in town, including my girl Chrissy Nedley. She tells him something in the Garden was coming for Doc and Waverly, and Nedley wonders if they’re even still alive by now. But even more dead family is something that Wynonna can’t wrap her head around just yet. “Just tell me what we do,” he says, and Wynonna tells him that they’re going to get them back. “Fuck, yeah,” Nedley agrees.

Screenshot (2982)

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, darling

Fuck yeah, indeed.

Monica’s random points of randomness:
  • The look on Waverly’s face when Wynonna says she can’t see the stairs really stuck out to me. Like it really pushed Waverly over the edge thinking that she was special, that she had a place in all of this…and it almost looked like she pitied her older sister.
  • Never trust an undead vampire dentist in an animal-print blouse. That shirt is very Juice Newton.
  • Wynonna’s face at the thought of holding down Jack Dawson’s face to survive the Titanic was priceless.
  • I really wanted there to only be 12 apostles Revenants plus Mary Magdalene Mercedes, but alas. Maybe they’ll tackle the sequel to this season’s book in Season 4.
  • “Stitch and bitch club” where they “mostly embroider”? Sounds familiar and like one of handful of fan shoutouts that filled me with joy. Thank you, writers. A little bit of you is all we need.
  • I very much liked the detail of the snakeskin tie that Bulshar wore.
  • I love that Jarvis hated Malcolm, too.
  • “The best parts of Waverly came from her mother.” I hope this is something we learn more about in Season 4.
  • Wynonna just has passing-out drugs laying around the kitchen?

I really think it’s too bad these two episodes weren’t given to us as separate hours of television. I think it would have been really nice to be able to sit with the reveal that Charlie is Julian (and Julian is Charlie), Doc’s found a magic sword, and Bobo is about to commit a Bobo no-no for a week before jumping into the craziness of the finale.

I do not think any one character on this show is perfect. I think that’s the appeal of the characters to me — that they’re so real. But Nicole Haught, though flawed, is just…a good person. She asks about Robin’s dad. She volunteers to go fact-finding with Doc when no one else will talk to him. She developed a relationship with Charlie. She bandages up Kate and helps her heal. She loves her girlfriend. She eats baby carrots when she’s hungry. She’s a good person, though still a flawed one who makes mistakes, and I enjoyed learning more about her this season.

Kate is such a fascinating character. She kills people and drinks their blood, sure — but she is dismissive of Doc’s glamouring (and we haven’t seen her glamour anyone), and she genuinely seems to want to help the gang. It’s almost like she only became a vampire so she’d be alive long enough to find Doc, and she doesn’t care much for the extra content. I really, really hope we see her again in Season 4, or maybe in a spinoff with Mercedes — VampGardner, an HGTV show where she and Mercedes redesign people’s greenhouses at night.

Why is Waverly trapped? Is it because she threw Wynonna the sword, effectively locking the door behind her? Is it because she is without protection of the sword or the ring? Is it because once you step foot on the staircase, you’re trapped, no matter what? I’m sure we’ll find out eventually, but until then it’s one of the things I’m going to love to speculate about.

I know that mythology isn’t everyone’s jam — and certainly not all mythology is mine — but I cannot say how much I enjoyed this season’s walk on the biblical side. I find the creation story fascinating, and I’ve always thought this show had hints of the bible everywhere you looked. It was super fun for me to keep guessing as to what all of it meant, who was who, and all that jazz, and though I was only right (so far) about like 3% of it, I still had an amazing time. That being said…I hope that Kevin and her one-off comment about Eve isn’t just a red herring and we’ll go back to that in Season 4, and I definitely think an argument can be made that Wynonna and all of her suffering make her a modern-day supernatural lady Job.

I very much liked the shot as Wynonna was dying outside of the Garden, and I thought it very reminiscent to the beginning of the series as she lay on the ground and felt the power of being the Heir take her over. It almost seems like they’re rebooting the mythology and the fight for Season 4, so this was a nice throwback to that for me, showing that we’re sort of starting all over.

Screenshot (2976)

We had a season that, more than any other season, represented what the women of today felt like they were fighting against (and fighting for). Two sisters, who no one expected to win, who everyone constantly underestimated, took on an old white guy who thought that he should be in charge JUST BECAUSE HE SAID SO. He thought that if he shouted things loud enough and long enough — “That’s my ring!” “You’re worthless!” “You’ll never win!” “I want to be married to Mercedes!” — that they’d just happen. But he didn’t count on the Earp sisters figuring out a way to beat him. The worked together, trusting the strength of each other and relying on the help of their friends, to send that motherfucker back to the pit he crawled out of, which is something I daydream about doing daily.

I know Emily Andras said before the season started that it was the gayest season ever, and she definitely delivered. We have Doc Holliday, whom the Fire Witch said was Wyatt Earp’s boyfriend (and he didn’t deny), and ostensibly the reason Wyatt Earp didn’t defeat Bulshar the first time around…and just being besties with someone doesn’t seem like enough to distract you from defeating the ultimate evil. And we had gay Jarvis in the finale, a surprisingly layered Revenant we didn’t get to know for long before he disappeared because of the curse. And I’m sorry, but there were definite vibes in every single scene with Mercedes and Wynonna in the finale. And, of course, we have four current canon main queer characters, each paired off in a happy relationship. Jeremy and Robin, a groundbreaking male/male couple with one of the men being a POC, were charmingly sweet in their awkward first stages. And Waverly and Nicole, comfortably settled into being in love but still making heart eyes (and…sounds) at each other whenever their multiple life-and-death situations allowed.

Like…so gay.

I do want to take minute and thank everyone for allowing me to entertain you (hopefully) this season, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I’ve learned a lot from this whole experience, and who knows — perhaps I’ll see you back here again next year to shout about how the Earp sisters are very important to me. But until then, stay Earpy and don’t get Peacemakered!


Wynonna Earp returns for Season 4 in 2019 to SYFY and Space Channel.