Wynonna Earp Recap: Jingle Bell Haught

Screenshot (1731)

Hello, friends, and Merry Earpmas! Christmas came early to Purgatory this week, and the gang was all together — well, almost all of the gang — and they celebrated the holidays, Earp style. Coming into this episode, I was sure I would Hard Candy Christmas for this week’s song vibe, but despite the fact that I think that song pretty accurately describes the Earps, much to my surprise it did not fit this episode. So grab your bottle opener and holiday (or Holliday) sweater, trash the cranberries, and make sure you’ve washed off the giblets up to your elbows. Let’s go!

Previously on Wynonna Earp, everyone’s romantic entanglements are super tangled, Nedley’s tired, and Bobo tells Wynonna that Waverly is an angel. So just regular Purgatory business.

A oneside-clad Wynonna finds her mother putting up the Christmas tree, and this look of just pure joy lights up her face. This is a Christmas that Wynonna had only dreamed of — her and Waverly and their mother, decorating the house and letting the warmth of Christmas just surround them like infinity bonus blankets. Upstairs, Nicole is in the most ridiculous elf costume that ever elf’ed, and Waverly thinks she’s adorable.

Screenshot (1509)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell Haught

Doc, axe in hand, drags in freshly cut tree into the Homestead, and Mama feels the same way about his wood as Wynonna feels about the fancy angel on top of the tree — hard no. Wynonna tries to swap it out with the Waverly-made menstruangel, but Mama just wants to have a nice Christmas with her girls, and apparently that doesn’t include tree-toppers made out of tampons.

Screenshot (1518)

Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

Mama encourages Wynonna to go after Doc, and she refuses, but immediately regrets not leaving after the dulcet tones of WayHaught jingling each other’s bells suddenly fill the house.

Kids gather ‘round Santa Nedley and tell him what they want for Christmas, and one of them — Tim — runs off shouting for Santa. Except it’s not Santa who’s crept in on the Christmas tree lot like he’s The First — it’s a festively attired Bulshar, who takes young Tim while Nedley stands by, stunned.

Screenshot (1532)

Snowing and blowing up Bulshars of fun

Nicole leaves to report for elf duty, and Wynonna and Waverly, over mugs of rum with maybe a splash of nog added for color, chat about the new Mama on the scene. They thought she was “crazy,” but it turns out she just had a demon Velcro’d to her. But now? Well, the sudden change to the wise mother from a Hallmark Christmas movie has them all on edge. Because what at the Earp homestead is more unsettling than normalcy? So to make things a little weirder again, Wynonna tells Waverly that Bobo’s rendering of the Earp family tree shows her father is an angel. Mama doesn’t want to talk about it, though — she just wants a quiet, traditional Christmas where she can share the turkey she slaughtered with her own hands with her daughters. But Wynonna and Waves won’t let it go, so Mama tells them The Most Beloved Birth Story to be Told on Christmas Day, I can only assume.

Screenshot (1557)

Now the jingle hop has begun

Michelle fell in love with Julian, who was everything that Father and Husband of the Year Ward Earp was not. Waverly was born out of the love that Michelle and Julian had, and even though he disappeared, she didn’t regret anything. Michelle is very uncomfortable at the questioning about where Julian is now. It seems like she knows something she doesn’t want to admit, but her girls don’t notice her evasive answers. You know the kind — they’re technically true, but you draw conclusions from the answers that aren’t specifically stated, leading you to think what you wanted to all along. Wynonna mentions Bobo, and Michelle’s interest is piqued — Bobo Del Ray, you say? Apparently he was the midwife when Waverly was born. Or he was just there. Whatever. I have my head canon; you have yours.

Doc drags his almost-needleless tree into the lab, but stacheless Jeremy’s allergies disagree. Poor Doc. He just wants to be useful, and no one wants to welcome his tree inside. Doc suggests a little holiday (but not Holliday) snuggle to put the rum in Jeremy’s nog, but Jeremy isn’t having it. It’s not like he has every dude in Purgatory beating down his door, mustache or not, and the one guy he was interested in has gone radio silent. Jeremy’s sad about Robin flying away before they even got a chance to build their nest. Doc tells him to be direct and ask for what he wants. Jeremy reaches out to his little bird, whose phone is ringing in a giant barrel of mobile devices. Apparently Bulshar collects people and technology.

Screenshot (1576)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell Doc


Screenshot (1577)

Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time

Robin’s busy, though, in a torture room of psychotic beekeepers and can’t come to the phone right now. Bulshar asks Tim his last name and says he made the “naughty” list, throwing him into a cell with our boy wonder.

Wynonna approaches a defeated Nedley at the tree lot, who just stares straight ahead, unable to function. Nicole leads her away, telling her that Charlie will fill her in. Charlie seems to have found a jacket somewhere, and is impressed that Wynonna has “a team.” If a tree falls in the woods and the Earp heir isn’t around, does anyone even quip about it? No worries here, though, because it almost hits Wynonna, but Charlie saves her, much to her surprise. He examines the tree and says it isn’t from around here, but to be honest, I’m not sure he is, either.

Screenshot (1595)Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square in the frosty air

Doc is playing Draw Something, maybe, on an iPad — and not very well, judging from his annoyance — while Wynonna shows up at the lab with Charlie and a cup full of blood. (From the crime scene. Not a Diva Cup incident.) Wynonna calls Waves to cross-reference Tim’s name, and she doesn’t even need books to do it — his family is one of the old prospector families of Purgatory. Wynonna asks how Mama is and Waverly assures her she’s just being one with her turkey, which is great, except that Waverly is totally lying and she’s at the well, actually.

Screenshot (1606)

What a bright time, it’s the right time to rock the night away

Doc, Wynonna, and Jeremy fill Charlie in on Bulshar, sort of, but I think Charlie just walks away from the conversation knowing two things — A, Bulshar’s not great; B, Jeremy hasn’t seen his junk. Jeremy realizes that Robin was probably kidnapped to Bulshar, too, and he’s stoked!

Screenshot (1619)

Jingle bell time is a swell time to go gliding in a one-horse sleigh

Wynonna and Doc head to the Gardner house to grill(e) Kate about Bulshar, and Kate is ready with info and snark as she lounges in the best shoes that we’ve seen on this show to date.

Screenshot (1636)

Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet, jingle around the clock

And the rest of her outfit is on point and perfect for a casual hang, too.

Screenshot (1625)

Mix and a-mingle in the jingling beat

Kate tells them the vampires were to split up the old families and give them to Bulshar unharmed, and Wynonna isn’t thrilled with the lack of information. Doc defends his wife, saying she was tricked into becoming a vampire, and Kate comes clean — she’d always been a vampire. He just never picked up on literally ALL OF THE SIGNALS. Poor, sweet, innocent, opium-headed Doc. None of it rang a bell.

Screenshot (1640)

That’s the jingle bell Doc

And now we know why the picture of Big Nose Kate didn’t match the Kate we now see and love on our screen — she couldn’t be photographed.

Kate then manages to tap into the one thing Doc has needed to hear all season — unlike Wynonna, Kate needs him.

At the well, Waverly interrogates a still-strait-jacketed Bobo, laying in a pool of disgusting “water” whose origins I can’t think about or I’ll boot. Bobo tells her about the day she was born, but gives a bunch of half-explanations that are probably only half-truths, anyway. A dashing-coated Bobo shows up to the greenhouse, where Michelle has given birth (because apparently the Gibson women can’t deliver their babies in a normal, sterile setting), and when he hears Waverly’s name, he immediately knows he has to protect her, so he takes her to Father of the Year Ward Earp. Bobo threatens to kill him if he doesn’t protect Waverly, since Ward doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Screenshot (1655)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell frock

Waverly wants to know where Julian is, and when Bobo says he’ll tell her when he’s out of the well, she slams the lid shut because no, no, Bobo.

At the station, Doc pleads with Wynonna to be honest about how she feels about him, and Wynonna tells him maybe he should go back to his wife. She refuses to be the other woman, and Doc gets angry, because she’s never been that. He’s caught between two women that he loves — caught between his old life with Kate and Wyatt and opium and his new life of Wynonna and Waverly and Alice. Wynonna kisses him under the mistletoe but, used to leaving before everyone can leave her, can’t tell Doc that she loves him and needs him. Oh, Wynonna. You deserve him, and I do not mean that in a spiteful way. You deserve to be happy, and Doc would do anything to give that happiness to you, but you’re too damaged to see it.

Screenshot (1664)

Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time

In the Twitter-famous Nedley’s Office, he talks about how he just…froze when Tim went missing. Nicole begs him to help the search, and he just feels like it’s useless. There’s no money and no leads and no time and he’s just…done, because even if they find the missing people, they’d just bring them home to Purgatory, where demons and Revenants and vampires run rampant. What kind of life is that?

Screenshot (1667)

Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square in the frosty air

At Bulshar’s Bee Time Laboratory of Trees, he continues to strap people down and feed them bezoars, then has them shotgun the weirdest-looking kale smoothie I’ve ever seen. That’s probably fine, though. I bet it’s like all superfoods.

Screenshot (1668)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell schlock

Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time

Snowing and blowing up Bulshars of fun

Now the jingle hop has begun

Doc explains to Jeremy that the vampires can’t kill the first families, so there’s a good chance that Tim and Robin may be alive, much to Jeremy’s delight and surprise.

Screenshot (1669)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell shock

Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time

Jeremy examines the flower Nicole found in the forest and explains they are often planted near noxious-smelling factories. They narrow down the possible locations to three, and Doc, Nicole, and Wynonna split up to check them all out, since Wynonna obviously doesn’t want to be around Doc. Awkward.

Screenshot (1670)

Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square

In the frosty air

Charlie Fireservices tracks down Wynonna, who points her gun at him to do the demon test. He passes, so I’m definitely sure that he’s completely, 100 per cent human and there’s no chance that he’s anything supernatural at all. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Charlie slips his big hose down the hole, and they head inside and rescue all of the prisoners, and everyone’s reunited for the holidays. All it takes is one kickass montage to the tune of some zippy Christmas music.

Screenshot (1684)

What a bright time, it’s the right time

To rock the night away

Screenshot (1697)

Jingle bell time is a swell time

To go gliding in a one-horse slay

Oh, except Robin has some smoothie-bong residue on his face, but I’m sure that’s fine and nothing bad will happen with that.

Screenshot (1710)

Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet

Jingle around the clock

Nicole is at the station as the missing people file in. You can tell the sense of pride she feels, since she spearheaded the rescue. Nedley was right all along. She’s a good cop.

Screenshot (1707)

Mix and a-mingle in the jingling feet

Jeremy and Robin are reunited. Robin misses the stache, and Jeremy said he thought he didn’t like it. So Robin decides to be direct and go for what he wants, which is our little Jeremy. Anything is possible on Christmas, isn’t it? They plan to spend Boxing Day together, since Jeremy will be with family on Christmas. In Purgatory, the only place he has ever felt like he could be himself. And he’s slowly falling for someone who likes him for his quirks, not despite them. This is fine. I’m fine. Something tells me Jeremy is going to move beyond fractions in the bedroom.

Screenshot (1716)

That’s the jingle bell

That’s the jingle bell

That’s the jingle bell cock

Nicole tells Nedley that everyone is safe, and Nedley gives all of the credit to her. He says he was bad at his job, and it can’t happen again. He tosses her the Santa hat and tells her that he’s done with being sheriff. It’s Nicole’s turn now.

Screenshot (1718)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell talk

The Earps, Jeremy, Nicole, and Doc gather for Christmas dinner. Things are still awkward between Doc and Wynonna, as he is passive-aggressively sad that she didn’t need his help and she unnecessarily aggressively talks about how Charlie saved the day. Nicole proposes a toast to fallen comrades, as the team mourns the loss of Dolls. Doc toasts to bravery, calling Wynonna out for her cowardice regarding their relationship. Waverly toasts her Sheriff Best Baby. Jeremy toasts the possibility of his new relationship, and Wynonna toasts his upper lip…and shyly admits he looks good. Doc gets a text and abruptly leaves, saying he has to go.

Screenshot (1722)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell walk

Waverly, the world’s biggest WynDoc shipper, encourages Wynonna to go after him, but Wynonna chooses to stay with the family that hasn’t left her, because she deserves to have one good day, damn it. Nicole, playing the part of the perfect girlfriend, compliments Michelle on her cooking skills, and Michelle thanks her for making Waverly so happy. She says that Waverly made the right choice by leaving Bobo in the well. Waverly chose found family over revenge and answers about her lineage, and that’s what’s important — the ones you adore who you adore right back. She’s proud of the family her two girls created, even though they did it without their mother.

Mama places the menstruangel on the top of the tree as a symbol of the perfection of an imperfect found family. She encourages Wynonna to go after Doc, who admits that even though he’s married to vampire, she doesn’t feel like she deserves him. Michelle knows the truth, though — Wynonna deserves all of the good things in life, including Doc, if that’s what she wants. Wynonna offers to force Julian’s location out of Bobo, because Mama isn’t alone anymore. She has a team. Wynonna leaves to seek out some holiday (but not Holliday) cheer and ends up with Charlie Fireservices. They agree on a no-strings-attached casual Rosita/Doc sort of thing and find some comfort in the cab of the fire truck. Wynonna deserves this bit of warmth in the cold Purgatory weather.

Mama finds Bobo in the well and brings him some yams and a rope, offering him freedom in exchange for info about her angelic baby daddy.

Nicole is almost passed out from a turkey hangover, and Waverly comes out of the closet wearing an adorable-yet-sexy Christmas outfit and proceeds to sing to her girl as a congratulations on becoming sheriff. She performs a little song-and-dance number designed to melt Nicole’s (and all of the WayHaught shippers’) heart. She’s awkward and nervous and embarrassed but pushes through, wanting to give her girlfriend this gift of herself and her talent. Nicole, eyes wide, never thought she’d be living the kind of life where she gets this sort of treatment. Merry Christmas, every one.


Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell hot

At the Gardner manse, Kate tells Doc that she fought off Bulshar’s beekeepers, and he swears that he’d do anything to help her. She needs him, and he just wants to feel needed. She says there’s one thing he could do to help her, and he agrees. Kate bites him, giving him back his immortality, but at what cost?

Screenshot (1748)


Monica’s Random Thoughts of Randomness:
  • All of the music in this scene — and all season — has been AMAZING. Bonus points to lovely human being (and DJ extraordinaire) Andrea Higgins.
  • Wynonna has a salt lamp? Really?
  • Wynonna saying “that’s not canon” is me watching Supergirl last season and reacting to the character progression.
  • I love how terrified Doc is of Michelle.
  • I have a difficult time believing that Waverly and Nicole — specifically Nicole — would be loud enough during naked holiday times at the homestead, especially with Mama home. But maybe that’s just me.
  • Mama calling Waverly a lesbian gave me pause for just a minute, because I feel like Waverly has always been presented as a bisexual or pansexual character, but I think this is just proof of a little ignorance or unawareness on her mother’s part. Sometimes parents are only able to use the terms that they have at an easy reach, and it’s just not feasible for us to correct them every time.
  • Charlie Fireservices isn’t just a regular human, I think. My crazy theory — he’s whatever Waverly is (I’m still not convinced it’s something as predictable as an angel) because he’s not dressed for the weather, either. Oh, and remember how the firemen in Season 2 weren’t exactly outside of the realm supernatural possibility? Me too.
  • Poor Doc. Jeremy’s pop-culture references come fast and furious when he’s hurt and angry, and he is just so lost.
  • Like, what if Tim hadn’t been from one of the old families? Would Bulshar have just released him back into the wild?
  • I loved Jeremy’s “huge dick” joke about Bulshar.
  • For the next flashback, can we see Doc have a three-way with Amelia Earhart and Laura Ingalls? Because I’d crowd-fund that.
  • The real villain in this episode is the canned cranberry sauce. Why would you want to eat something that holds the shape of its container indefinitely?
  • Wynonna tells Kate there’s no room on the team, then immediately allows Charlie to become team-adjacent. Jealousy or thinking with her ladybug? Maybe both.
  • We know Kate is Kate, but who is that, really? Who is the contessa? What connection does it have to Bulshar? What the hell is happening?!

I thought that towards the end of the season we’d see Doc beg Kate to turn him into a vampire — or Wynonna beg her to save his life or some such scenario, leading to angst when she either complied or refused. But this is even better. I think we’ll see a situation where Doc will have to choose between his immortality (Kate and living forever) and being mortal (Wynonna and Alice). I look forward to seeing the struggle, and I think that these storylines are going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see Tim Rozon tackle a sharper-incisored Doc.

My heart broke for Randy Nedley in this episode, and I related to him so much. It’s hard to be the one who puts in all of the effort and does all of the shit work that no one appreciates, just in general. But then to be faced with a situation you’ve been in dozens, hundreds, thousands of times and to just…freeze? Fail? You feel like you had one job, and you couldn’t even do it. He feels like Purgatory would be better of with a different leader, and he makes that sacrifice for the good of his people. Randy Nedley is a hero, and he’s never been more heroic than in this episode. I knew we would be saying goodbye to him as sheriff, but I didn’t think it would be this soon, and to be honest, it feels a little too soon for me. Nicole has great instincts and was a special liaison with BBD, but she was a rookie cop just last year. It just feels sudden.

The kiss between Jeremy and Robin felt very important to me. I love to scream about the need for representation on TV, but because I’m so self-involved, I’m usually just focused on the queer-lady rep. I could be mistaken, but this feels ground-breaking to me. I know there are other m/m couples on TV, but I feel like a lot of them aren’t presented as a healthy, loving, sweet, romantic relationship, like this one is. We got to see Jeremy and Robin’s first kiss, and it was just so adorable. I truly loved this moment.

And finally, I want to say that even though I’m sure I am in the minority on this, I did not love the WayHaught song-and-dance routine on my first watch. It felt out of place and kind of awkward and didn’t feel like it fit with the tone of the whole episode. But after several rewatches, my view has changed a bit. I imagine Waverly, who is used to being with cock swabs like Champ who expected these sorts of things from her, has done this sort of thing before. She’d dance and cheerlead for everyone on a daily or weekly basis, but he’d expect something of his own, you know? He’d probably watch her and objectify her, maybe take pictures or video that he’d probably show his buddies later. She’d be uncomfortable with it but would push past and keep doing it, just because the Waverly of Old would do what was expected of her. But she’s grown a lot since she dumped Champ the chump, hasn’t she? Our Waverly isn’t the kind of girl who does things because they’re expected of her. She does things because she wants to, and the complete trust she places in Nicole by performing to her is warranted. Bit by bit, she’s reclaiming herself and her sexuality, letting her confidence in her relationship and her trust in her girlfriend guide her. “I love you, love you, love you,” she sings, the first time we’ve heard her say these words. They’re powerful and they mean something — something more than just this scene. She comes out of the closet, intent on making her girlfriend feel loved, and if that’s not a metaphor for Waverly’s character progression, I don’t know what is.

So…it was a whole episode of Christmas gifts, wasn’t it? Wynonna got her yams mashed, Nicole became sheriff, Waverly gained some self-confidence and found out who her father was, Jeremy and Robin got an adorable first kiss, Bobo got out of the well, Michelle had a Christmas with her girls, and Doc got the gift of immortality. I can’t wait to see how all of this shakes out for the rest of the season.

Merry Earpmas to all and to all a good week.


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