Wynonna Earp Recap: Alone

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Hello, friends, and welcome to my recap of Wynonna Earp Episode 404, “Afraid.” And it sure —


Ahem. As I was saying, it sure was pretty terrifying and a little bit gross, but it still had some great moments and just felt like it had a really strong undercurrent of gay throughout it, maybe even more than usual, which I was a fan of. So grab your tooth pliers, check your pockets for cursed rocks, and make sure your tablecloth and notebooks have been sanitized, because here we go!

Previously on Wynonna Earp, there’s a new Sheriff Dick Pickle in town; Doc, Wynonna, and Waverly missed 18 months’ worth of Property Brothers; Doc got friendly with a demon in his Glory Hole; there’s a new magistrate in town and she’s pretty stabby; smokeshow Chrissy Nedley, 18 months sober from using chloroform, told Jeremy his family was back; and Nicole is…not doing great, guys, but I’m sure it’s fine. Oh, and Wynonna got kidnapped by a bunch of military dudes in black. 

A pajama-clad, handcuffed Wynonna is ushered into a government-looking building of some sort, where she meets Deputy Assistant Director Naomi Hightcha, formerly of the Department of Fisheries and now a plaid-pajama loving higher-up in the newly reinstated Black Badge. She’s like if Tara Maclay were inside the body of Agent Lucado. She unlocks Wynonna’s cuffs — kinky — and says they’re happy to have her back, but Wynonna isn’t ready to be back…though her feelings do change when Naomi calls her a “minor” agent by the name of “Arp.”

Ah, yes. Good, old Welcome Arp. 

I hear the ticking of the clock
I hear the ticking of the clock

A buff Jeremy busts into the interrogation room, and Wynonna hugs him like he’s the last doughnut in a town where Krispy Kreme just went out of business. He’s playing it cool with his old pal Agent Arp, though, and downplays their relationship and her supernatural history. 

In some sort of…run-down mine? Abandoned warehouse? Shorty’s basement — a figure cuts their hand and smears the blood on a photo of Wynonna laying on stack of rocks.  I don’t know much about the supernatural, but I feel like this maybe isn’t trying to summon some bunnies. Also…where did this creature get that 8×10 glossy? Wynonna looks like she’s standing in front of a grade-school wall and is wearing a stripedy crop top (or a really long sports bra) and looks like she’s giving the Bridget hand motion. I just imagine some supernatural being using their free Snapfish credits on this particular shot because it’s the only one they could find quickly, then realizing they accidentally got poster size.

The blood offering appears to have worked, because we see a terrifying-looking chained-up creature whose likes include pterodactyl screeching, head tattoos, and wearing old curtains as clothes, who manages to break free from the chains.

I'm lying here the room's pitch dark
I’m lying here the room’s pitch dark

Waverly and Nicole are currently the only attendees to Waves’ PowerPoint party FOR FREEDOM, complete with notebooks, and Nicole is trying to cheer Waverly up about it. She apologizes that no one has come to Waverly’s TED talk, but Waves points out that they now have the house to themselves, and they definitely make the most of their alone time. The adorable duo run through all of the questions they have — and we have — and it devolves into taco-for-dinner talk…and then almost another type of taco talk, until Valdez, literally channeling Wynonna in her jacket, walks in on them. Thankfully for my brain, it’s insinuated that she’s actually not around much, which makes me happy for her…and the stairs. They try to bring her up to speed, but Valdez is on her way out, not before she promises to keep her eye out for a gun-sword.

Naomi explains how having agents in Purgatory would be a chance to witness “unprecedented” demon activity and their interaction with humans, and just…did everyone burn the notes from before? Actually, maybe they did, or maybe Dolls’ communication was characteristically sparse…or Jeremy has intentionally sabotaged it. Regardless, she’s totally out of her element here, probably counting the days until they can find a replacement and she can go back to her old job. Maybe she’d feel more comfortable if she knew Wynonna killed a demon named Fish once? 

Naomi is really more into a catch-and-release demon game plan, as long as they’re released inside the Ghost River Triangle. From what she’s saying, it’s being run by a bunch of people who have no idea what they’re doing. An entire government agency with a bunch of idiots in charge? Yep, definitely unrealistic. And you can tell it’s really starting to get to her — she had a guy get sick from some under-cooked fish once before this, but now? 12 deaths so far…and I don’t think she can handle many more. 

She tries to entice Wynonna with Fleabag-like jumpsuits, but apparently they didn’t get Amazon Prime in the Garden. She’s unfamiliar with the genius that is Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and that seems to be the biggest red flag to Ms. Fisheries.

Jeremy offers to take Wynonna on a tour of the facility, and Naomi agrees, but wants to get Wynonna to sign back up with Black Badge and is a little hesitant to let her go. Agent Arp finds a rock with a weird symbol in her plaid PJ pants, which she assumes it’s BBD issued, so she gives it back to the nameless muscle that’s been shadowing her since she got there. 

Doc is enjoying a visit to The Glory Hole and is particularly enamored with the lady behind the bar, Ravinia. Amon brings him an envelope full of cash and a drink to toast their new partnership and offers to set him up with the bartender, although he’s unsure if Wynonna is his or he is Wynonna’s. I found it amusing that Doc used his “Wynonna is nobody’s but her own” line, but didn’t address whether or not he was hers. 

I wonder where you are tonight
I wonder where you are tonight

At Amon’s request, Ravinia brings Doc a serving of really thick cherry Kool-aid, probably, to ease his hunger. I hope this wasn’t laced with something and Doc develops a dependency of some kind, like he did when he tasted Julian’s blood. Amon assures Doc that he’s safe in The Glory Hole to be his demonic self, and Doc appreciates that, but he probably didn’t appreciate the threat Amon leveled at him next. Doc assures him that he’ll bring the cargo back safely, and Amon says to say hello to Wynonna. 

Wynonna’s guard is eyeballing the security rock she threw at him, and he’s quickly decapitated by something that sounds suspiciously like the screeching veiny-headed monster we saw before. I can only assume that the giant scissors were just out of frame.

Rachel is meeting up with a friend at an abandoned diner — like, “left their food mid-eating” abandoned — and they exchange fun things they’ve managed to scavenge — a “Bunny Loblaw for PTA mug” for him, and a multi-tool for her. She’s less than excited about her mug, and he offers her a warm jacket instead, because he thought it would look nice on her. Aww. What a cheesy gesture.

Plus, she’s wearing Wynonna’s jacket, so a new one wouldn’t be unwelcome.

He leans in to kiss her, and she jumps up and offers him a hubcap. Honestly, that’s also what I would do if boys tried to kiss me. 

In Jeremy’s tour, he pulls Wynonna into the only “dark” place in the building that’s hidden by cameras. Not for a hookup, but for more of a conversation — the new BBD isn’t evil, just…incompetent. It’s like an entire supernatural government department run by Wesley Wyndham-Prices, with Jeremy and Wynonna as the secret Willow and Buffy.

No answer on the telephone
No answer on the telephone

He explains that the new-and-improved Black Badge needs Wynonna and Peacemaker, but before she can explain she’s not really effecting the making of any peace these days, they’re interrupted by Naomi. Wynonna agrees to rejoin Black Badge, and Naomi holds up her fist, asking for a fish bump, and Wynonna fists her with Jeremy.

Uh, wait. That didn’t come out right.

Rachel and Billy have left the diner and are walking…somewhere, and she invites herself over for some rodent, since they usually eat vegan. She says she lived for years in a place where “[her] toilet was also [her] kitchen,” which doesn’t sound right to me, because wasn’t she holed up at the abandoned BBD facility for six months? What are you hiding, Rachel?

Billy tries to brush off her invite, citing a hoarder of a mother, and Rachel is sad. She feels like he’s hiding her for some reason, but he’s not biting. She’s not getting a formal invite. They part ways, and she passes by a rock sculpture similar to the one that held that really great glamour shot of Wynonna. The creepy music swells, too, so that’s how you know shit’s about to get serious.

Well, I guess Nicole was distracting enough for Waverly to abandon her PowerPoint and her notebooks, because they just worked off some more energy in the kitchen. She brings up Peacemaker being missing, and Nicole just says that’s one more thing she failed at finding over the last year and a half. Waverly’s not having it — her baby is the best baby, and she’ll even put together another PowerPoint to prove it, but Nicole flatly states that she doesn’t know why she would need to do that. Waverly tries to change the subject to her proposal, and it seems like Nicole isn’t ready to talk about that, because she leans in to kiss her, and Waverly allows herself to be distracted. But good news, Nicole, you’re about to get interrupted organically. Rachel walks in on them — again — and is all, “wasn’t that your (kitchen) floor?” Maybe the real interruptions were the jackets we wore along the way.

And the night goes by so very slow
And the night goes by so very slow

Rachel suggests they try a junkyard to find the missing sword gun, and Nicole looks a little more panicked than usual, but agrees to give it a shot. Rachel tells them they need pants before she walks away, and all Nicole and Waverly can do is laugh.

Jeremy introduces Wynonna to Black Badge’s weapons closet, and she’s stoked. He knows they can’t compare to Peacemaker, and he’s right, especially considering Peacemaker is currently a missing sword and not a gun strapped to Wynonna’s hip. Jeremy introduces her to his prized creation, a giant gun named Antoni, and she immediately starts shipping herself with it. Peacemaker who?

Despite the fact that she has had no sleep, Wynonna jumpsuits up and is ready for her first mission, which is protecting a Purgatory-bound supply truck from getting robbed. She thinks she’ll be hunting the demons that are taking their cargo, but Jeremy had a more passive role in mind. She doesn’t understand why he wants the best demon hunter alive driving the truck and not, you know, hunting demons, but Jeremy is trying to make it so their covers aren’t blown. For a shady government agency in charge of supernatural things, they do not seem to care for supernatural things, so Jeremy’s just trying to keep them safe. 

Oh, I hope that it won't end, though
Oh, I hope that it won’t end, though

Waverly, Nicole, and Rachel enter Magpie Ranch, the junkyard run by Rachel’s “boy friend’s” family, and I was pretty happy to see Waverly’s Jeep again. Nicole says she hadn’t looked for Peacemaker there, and Waverly is hopefully it’ll be amongst the junk. Rachel ditches the couple immediately, and Nicole and Waverly cautiously look around. A familiar snarling veiny-headed creature peeks out of one of the buildings, but luckily for her, Waverly doesn’t see him. I say “luckily for her” because I myself jumped immediately when he poked his head out, which was super great to do when I was home by myself. Totally relaxing night.

Waverly doesn’t seem to see the pasty demon who makes Lena Luthor look like a bronzed goddess, and she and Nicole are interrupted by character actress Margo, the apparent administrator of this facility. She’s shouting at them to get away and escorts them to the pieces of junk that are actually for sale…and presumably not guarded by a chained-up demon.

Wynonna meets her driver, who looks suspiciously like the Revenant who told Bobo that Lou was back in town, but I digress. She wants to be driving, but he’s playing the part of Jesus today and taking the wheel because he wants to get in and out of the shithole known as Purgatory as quickly as possible. Typical.

Jeremy talks Wynonna down and convinces her to go along for the ride, and he highlights some of the special features of her new big gun. There’s a red button that does something dangerously magical that she keeps threatening to press, because Wynonna isn’t living if she’s not torturing Jeremy. She finds another creepy rock in her pocket, and when Jeremy says it isn’t BBD, Wynonna takes it for Waverly to look into, and they tell each other “I love you,” causing my heart to grow three sizes that day.


Nicole and Waverly are looking around a room under the watchful eye of Margo, and they ask about “vintage silverware,” and hopefully Waverly is looking for Peacemaker, not eyeing up blueprints for a new spoon tower. Nicole tells her they’re looking for a sword because she’s going as She-Ra for Halloween, and I guess now we know what she did for those 18 months. Wynonna interrupts via cellphone, and while Waverly is outside talking, Nicole and Margo catch up, because it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other. And it seems as though they didn’t daub each other’s cards at drag queen bingo, because Margo talks about how since Waverly is home, it’s time for Nicole to pay her debt, and she does it all in a vaguely threatening voice that…is actually pretty fucking creepy. White women can be terrifying.

Wynonna texts Waverly a picture of her stalker rock, and Waves is stoked to be in research mode. Waverly say she’ll look into it more when she gets home, but we see as she heads back inside that the mystical rune is related somehow to the shady character she’s headed back inside to see.

Wynonna’s admiring the beautiful Purgatory scenery, right before the truck drives over a homemade spike strip. She wants to check things out, but driver Simon is all, “Never get off the supply truck!” They hear someone opening up the back of the truck — and I’m sorry, guys, but if you liked it then you should’ve put a lock on it — and Simon is ready to make a break for it. The Purgatory townies aren’t worth him getting up close and personal with a demon, and he makes a run for it. Wynonna takes Antoni and creeps around the back of the truck, only to find the scoundrel trying to lift her liquor is her baby daddy.

Rachel finds Billy, and he looks terrified that she’s her, and she’s hurt. She thinks it’s because he’s embarrassed of his family, but it’s obvious that there’s more going on than his mom just not approving of a girl he likes. She’s trying to tell him that she likes likes him, and you can tell that he feels the same way, but he doesn’t want anyone at his house to know. He’s scared of something, and not just his feelings. Rachel interrupts sword gun time and asks if they can leave, and Nicole sees how upset she is and agrees. 

Doc’s mad that Wynonna didn’t tell him she saw Jeremy, and she explains that it happened like two minutes ago, and he can’t believe even harder that she’s working for the enemy. Well, she can’t believe he’s the “muscle” for a smarmy demon, so I guess they’re even. Wynonna feels like her hands are tied here — her best option is to work for Black Badge, even if they are…Black Badge. A frustrated Doc says that he expects her to act like his best friend’s great-great-grandaughter, event though she lost his gun, and he immediately regrets it. Maybe there’s a creepy doll painting in the truck, too?

Doc insists he’s stealing the whiskey from the truck, and Wynonna handcuffs herself to the box…which was a really poor plan, in hindsight. But they share some flirty flirting against her box — the one she’s chained to, gentle pervs — and he goes to get some tools from Charlene.

'Til now I always got by on my own
‘Til now I always got by on my own

Billy walks in and his…mother? Guardian? Watcher? Maternal figure, anyway — gives him hell for bringing the wrath of Earps down upon them, and there will be a price to pay, and it probably isn’t a Bunny Loblaw mug. “Don’t make me reap that girl,” she tells him, and the music that plays underneath this sentence tells me that “reap” isn’t a synonym for “bake cookies with.”

I never really cared until I met you
I never really cared until I met you

Wynonna finds another rock as she’s cuffed and waiting for Doc — not like that — and now is starting to get worried. She asks the rock if they can just go their separate ways, but since it has suddenly turned to night, I feel that the rock may have different ideas. 

Wynonna hears someone approaching, then sees feet shuffle across the top of the supply truck. Our hero is terrified and shouts for her gunslinger, as the radio switches on and plays some olden-timey music. The reaper peeks his head in the truck, and a shaky-voiced Wynonna says, “I know you…and you know me.”

Wynonna continues to scream for Doc, and as she’s trying to reach her Jeremy Special, the reaper breaks her cuffs. Unfortunately, he’s feeling pretty destructy, because next he breaks her gun. At least she never pressed that red button by accident? She manages to escape out the front door of the truck, and Screechy follows. She runs into the snowy woods and finds herself surrounded by rock towers, hopefully sans glamour shots.

And now it chills me to the bone
And now it chills me to the bone

Billy finds Rachel in the barn, admiring herself in Wynonna’s jacket, grabs her hand…and tells her they can’t hang out anymore. Old Billy Mixed Signals panics when she pulls a demon rock out of the pocket of Wynonna’s jacket, and he thinks it’s meant for his little cheese. 

Waverly is researching near a cozy fire and locates the mysterious symbol — it’s a cattle brand for the Clanton family of cattle rustlers, the family on the other side of the shootout at the OK Corral. Waverly hears a scream and runs out with Nicole to find Rachel and Billy in the barn, who’s telling them that the Reaper is there. 

Things go from fucked to fuckeder for Wynonna, as she tries to run and seems to be trapped inside the circle of stone cairns. Wynonna is trapped and terrified, and this is some straight-up horror-movie shit…probably, because I get too scared to watch those. She says that “it led [her] right to the killing floor,” and I an only assume she’s talking about the 2007 horror movie by that name starring everyone’s favorite army guy, Marc Blucas. I just really like Buffy references this week, okay?

How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?

The reaper approaches Wynonna as she crab walks backwards, but good news — Doc’s found the dildo that’s Wynonna, and she’s so relieved to see him. He gets past the barrier and she begs him to shoot, but he doesn’t see an enemy of any sort. Wynonna says she doesn’t have her gun, but as Doc said, she has him and his guns anytime she needs them, so they each take one, she tells them where to aim, and they shoot — together — and the Reaper falls to the ground.

How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?

But they’re never dead the first time you shoot them, are they? 

Doc kicks over one of the cairns, and that’s enough to break the barrier, and he and Wynonna run. Anywhere that isn’t here, probably.

Nicole threatens Billy to stay away from Rachel, but Rachel defends him — there’s something wrong and he isn’t being himself. He explains it’s his family, and Waverly says it’s because he’s a Clanton, a look of disgust ghosting across her face, even though she isn’t technically an Earp. Billy says his family is cursed, but he’s not going to hurt her. And true to his word, he doesn’t. In a move that is definitely not sanctioned by Purgatory’s oldest dentist, he reaches in and pulls out what looks like a tooth with the biggest damn root I’ve ever seen.

You don't know how long I have wanted To touch your lips and hold you tight, oh
You don’t know how long I have wanted
To touch your lips and hold you tight, oh

Everyone is horrified. Them. Me. You.

Since Billy paired the self-dentistry with some chanting, he agrees to swap his soul for Rachel’s — nope, nope, it’s for Wynonna’s, because that’s who the demon rocks kept turning up for. But at least Wynonna and Doc are out of the woods, reaper-wise. So to speak.

Billy had one get-out-of demon-trouble-free card, and he used it on Rachel. She’s safe from “the black sheep in a family he doesn’t want to be a part of,” and that consists of his brother, Holt; sister, Cleo; and Margo, who will never stop coming for the Earps.

The whole family is gathered at home, and even though they have more questions than ever, at least they have some answers. There are a lot of totems schmotems that were revealed to us this episode, so I very much appreciated the Waverly-led recap. The Reaper is being controlled by “Wyatt Earp’s greatest enemies,” the Clantons, a family which the magistrate and sheriff we met last week are a part of. They sent the Reaper after Wynonna only, which is why she alone could see the demon who was filled with hatred for her, and I don’t mean pre-defuzzing smokeshow Chrissy Nedley. And the only reason Wynonna was saved is because of Billy’s hoodoo in which he thought he was saving Rachel, not Wynonna. 

And that’s what you missed on Wynonna Earp.

You don't know how long I have waited And I was going to tell you tonight
You don’t know how long I have waited
And I was going to tell you tonight

Rachel is ready to save Billy now, ask questions later, but Nicole is more pragmatic. She doesn’t want to go in Stetsons blazing, because they work as a team. Rachel wants to work alone and storms off, and Wynonna, the actual Mommy in the group, tells them to let her go. She gets Rachel. She’s been Rachel. She just needs to blow off some steam. Hopefully she isn’t gathering a bag of knives.

But the secret is still my own And my love for you is still unknown Alone
But the secret is still my own
And my love for you is still unknown

Wynonna, in a huge step from Season 1 Wynonna, says that, yes, they work as a team, but their team isn’t all together, and that’s something that’s holding them back. Give her her Nerdly.

'Til now I always got by on my own
‘Til now I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you

Oh, great, back to the chained-up Rea– OH, SHIT, IT’S BILLY. Billy is chained up in the barn, and Margo seems to be the one who put him there. He begs her to “let the old ways die,” but she refuses. “If we do not honor our past, we lose our future.” Even though she thinks death would be a mercy for Rachel, she won’t kill her. “You are,” she says, and whistles for the Reaper, who must have seen Disobedience multiple times, SPITS IN BILLY’S MOUTH. This and the dentistry are tied for grossest moment for me in this episode. 

And now it chills me to the bone
And now it chills me to the bone

Margo goes inside for family dinner with Holt and Cleo, and they try and talk her out of punishing Billy. They hold hands for the Clanton family prayer, which is more like a demon summoning, and Mam sees an injury on Cleo’s hand and realizes that’s how the Reaper knew to go after Wynonna. She tortures Cleo for setting their ancestors after the Earp heir, and Cleo insists it was the right time because Wynonna is weak. I feel like she would have been weaker like right after her baby was born or when everyone left Purgatory but Nedley, but agree to disagree, Miss Cleo. 

Mam can’t believe that Cleo tried to go against her, the true Clanton heir. So…it seems like Margo and Wynonna are really just approaching this heir thing differently, aren’t they? 

A switch flips in Margo’s head, and she sits down, playing the part of the benevolent matriarch. The three of them join hands and, in unison, say a “prayer” that puts all of the ones I learned in school to shame, and trust me when I tell you that’s saying something. Roman Catholic prayers are no joke. 

Wynonna interruptus-es a meeting with Jeremy and Wendy Wyndam-Pryce, corrects her pronunciation of her name — she’s Wynonna fucking Earp, after all — and explains that she’s a really good demon hunter, not some low-level government nudge. You could even say she’s the Carol of the Black Badge Division. She tells them that she’s terrified of her new enemy, and she doesn’t have Peacemaker. All she has is her group, and her group is short one nerd. She tells Naomi she’s taking Jeremy back to Purgatory, they’re reopening the office there, and they’re going to hunt some demons.

But Naomi says it’s not that simple. She has people to answer to, and she’s terrified of disappointing them. She leaves the decision to Jeremy, and he makes the right one. Wynonna can succeed, but only if he’s there to help. Thankfully, the gang’s all back together. 

How do I get you alone? How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?



Nicole Haught — WHAT ARE YOU DOING — enters the junkyard, and Margo asks if she’s come with her payment. Nicole says no, she’s giving “it” back, because she didn’t use it. But deals with demons — or heirs that have demons as henchpeople — don’t work that way. Seems as though Nicole made a deal to help get Waverly and Doc out of the Garden, but it didn’t end up working. Doesn’t matter, Haught Pants. You still have to pay. Have you never seen Supernatural? Actually, don’t watch that show. It’s terrible to women, especially queer ones.

How do I get you alone? (and explain how this will not end well?)
How do I get you alone?
(and explain how this will not end well?)

Nicole hands back a jar of…something — hair? Long covenant teeth? Twigs? Kombucha sediment? — but Margo opens it, and the contents turn to demon bees or some such thing.

How do I get you alone? (and figure out what the hell this is?)
How do I get you alone?
(and figure out what the hell this is?)

With a gentle puff of air in her direction, the demon bees go straight in Nicole’s mouth.


Alone Alone

I really liked the first scene with Jeremy, Wynonna, and Naomi. Naomi’s character was obviously written for laughs, and it worked — this poor, mild-mannered government stiff — shades of what Lucado could have been, if not for Kandahar — trying her best to be a shill for the BBD. Wynonna and Jeremy trying to pretend she’s just the heir of really good hair was cute, understated, well-acted, and well-written, and it just made me happy to see our favorite dork back on screen, next to our favorite dork on top.

I really liked the scene with WayHaught in the kitchen at the beginning, especially because we see Nicole pick Waverly up for the second time. So often, women on television are highlighted because of characteristics that are traditionally feminine — fashion sense, nurturing, etc. But this show makes sure to highlight Nicole’s outer strength — she takes care of her girlfriend/fiancee and her best friend, she runs towards the danger and places herself between it and the person she’s protecting, and, yes, she can womanhandle her lady when she wants to. It’s not seen as a negative, or as a “masculine” behavior of hers. It’s just part of who she is, as a person, and it’s nice to see. 

And then after that, in the afterglow, we see Waverly praising Nicole for a different kind of kitchen skills than we usually see. Sure, Wynonna joked about it in the past, but it was a way to tease her, not a way to build her up like Waverly’s doing. But then in the next breath, we see her being vulnerable and admitting in ways she’s failed, with Waverly immediately there to boost her up, but then Nicole acting like she doesn’t know why she’d need the support. I just really like what they’re doing with Nicole this season and appreciate the growth we’ve had as she’s slowly discovered who she is, along with the writers. Waverly and Nicole are a couple who support each other the best way they’re capable of doing, and are an equal partnership in every sense of the word. When one of them is broken, the other steps in to help fix it…and doesn’t see their partner as weak for needing help. 

I kind of like how the Reaper is the monster of the week, but Margo/Mam is the one who’s truly terrifying here, and possibly being set up to be the Big Bad, at least for a few episodes. And I just think it’s really cool how women have such powerful roles in this series, and in this case, a woman of a certain age. It’s maybe not a multi-layered role so far — we just met her, and it seems like she’s running on a diet of flat-out rage — but it’s a well-played and -written role, and Paula Boudreau does really great things with it. I’m excited to see what else is coming our way. 

And what a roller-coaster of emotions about Holt and Cleo, huh? Last week, I was ready to hang Sheriff Dick Pickle in the middle of the square and punish Cleo for clearly just wanting some petty revenge, but there’s a lot more going on than that. We’ve seen three seasons’ worth of how familial obligations and how you’re raised will fuck you up, but this takes things about a thousand steps further with the ramifications of abuse. I guess next to Mam, Ward Earp really does look like Father of the Year. 

Also, the real twist of Season 4? The fact that the writers have me being sympathetic to a straight white male character. I mean, I presume he’s straight. Maybe he and Jeremy were pickling each other’s…pickles while Robin was filming elsewhere. Er, I mean “safe somewhere else.” 

I have spent a lot of time talking about everything Nicole has gone through in the last 18 months, but let’s take a moment to think about Rachel. She’s had a rough life, obviously. She’s been living in an abandoned science lab for…months? Years? And we’re really unsure about her life before that. She just found out her mother died, and then went home with a ginger cop with a broken leg and broken heart that she just met. They spent the last year and a half taking care of each other, and she’s been trying to find her place in Nicole’s world. She found a guy she liked and was probably just starting to feel like she could relax, and all of a sudden, two of three Earp sisters barge back into her life. Once again, it’s like she’s back to square one, and she feels like she’s just drifting, or maybe is just a temporary blip in their lives. She had started to make her mark on the Homestead, after all those months of protecting, and now she feels like a stranger again. 

I also enjoyed that there was just the subtlest undercurrent of gay throughout the entire episode. There’s the obvious stuff, sure, like hot notebook sex and literally all of Nicole’s outfits, but the way Nicole and Waverly are written in this episode in particular, plus the “love wins” and “hot gay aunts,” not to mention the Carol references — I just appreciated all of it. Well done, Twitterless Matt Doyle. You wrote a truly terrifying episode that also managed to have a rainbow bursting out from underneath it. It really does get better.

Favorite lines:

  • You brought da noise. I guess it makes sense that you’re bringing in “defunct.”
  • You don’t ask Cate Blanchett to be a background extra. You make her Carol. 
  • Classic teen. She doesn’t want to be seen at the junkyard with her sexy gay aunts.
  • Love wins, after all.

Random thoughts of randomness:

  • On that slow pan of the chain at the beginning, I was very concerned that Waverly would be at the other end.
  • I was surprised to see that Amon actually owns shirts! 
  • I hope we aren’t setting up a “Doc as a monster versus the Earps” type of situation.  
  • That music that played right after Rachel rejected Billy sounded an awful lot like the opening bars of the Season-1 “I know, baby” barn scene. My head popped up immediately, looking for Nicole and Waverly, with maybe a swan interrupting from the background.
  • The deer running behind Rachel and Billy was such a lovely, spontaneous Calgary moment.
  • I love that Nicole has seemingly been cooking vegan, even though she obviously thinks that vegan food is inferior, all in an effort to keep things right for Waverly.
  • Did Black Badge have that jumpsuit ready to go for Wynonna, or do they have an embroiderer on site? Actually, Naomi seems like she could stitch that up real quick. 
  • Wynonna is so focused on the demon hating her, and Doc seems so…confused. Like, since when does Wynonna care about anyone hating her?
  • The Clantons are talking about vengeance so much, I keep expecting your friend and mine, Anya Jenkins, to pop up. 
  • Jeremy loves Robin enough to want him to stay away, and that simultaneously breaks and fills my heart.

I can’t wait to see how Nicole gets out of this one, which character I’m going to suddenly flip-flop on my feelings for, and how Noelle Carbone is going to seriously mess with my emotions. See you next week!


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