Wynonna Earp: Our Hopes for Season 4

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

The wait is almost over! It’s been a long, LONG wait for Season 4 of Wynonna Earp, but a wait that we here at The TV Junkies have no doubt will have been worth it. Our entire team is ready to hop on that bus back to Purgatory as soon as we can! Thankfully, the supernatural drama series returns with its first six episodes of Season 4 on Sunday, July 26 at 10/9c on both SYFY and CTV Sci-Fi. 

With the Earp Curse now broken, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) must now not only figure out what that means for her, but she must also work on rescuing everyone that she loves. First up, get Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Doc (Tim Rozon) back from the Garden. After that, Wynonna must work with Nicole (Katherine Barrell), Nedley (Greg Lawson), and others to save Purgatory from what may be the most Earp-hating enemy yet. 

Before we can worry too much about just how Wynonna is going to do all of that, we thought it’d be a lot of fun for our team here at The TV Junkies — Bridget, Monica, and Nic — to share some thoughts about what we’re hoping to see from Season 4. So we got together to discuss and share those thoughts on what has us most excited, who we want to see back on the show, and the questions we most need answered!


Which Season 3 cliffhanger are you most looking forward to learning more about?

Bridget: While I definitely want to find out exactly what the Garden is and what happened to Waverly and Doc when they went in, I think what I’m most curious about is who Wynonna is without the Earp curse. The show has always boiled down to Wynonna and Melanie Scrofano for me, and so I’m really looking forward to her figuring out who she is and what her purpose is now that the curse is broken. She no longer has this thing that makes her “special”, but I’m hoping she finds out what all Wynonna Earp fans already know, that she is special all on her own. She doesn’t need a curse or gun to make that true.

Nic: The curse is broken…now what? This feels like a really obvious answer, but it opens up SO many questions about what that actually means. Wynonna made the heart wrenching decision to send Alice away so that she would never have to deal with the curse, but now that it’s broken, can she come back? What does that look like? Did the breaking of the curse unleash a NEW evil that our mains have yet to contend with? Is that how or why Valdez shows up? For three seasons, the curse has affected each and every character in some way and now that it’s gone, I cannot wait to see how each character reacts.

Monica: I think I’m most looking forward to finding out what the heck happened to everyone! Some in The Garden, Wynonna and Nedley in Shorty’s, and then everyone else…where? Maybe in the stripper bus, on their way to The Big City? I will say, too, there are cliffhangers from all of the seasons I can’t wait to be answered. For example, what did Bobo mean when he said he and Waverly were kin? And from Season 1, who else came to Willa in the treehouse, making promises in the dark? And, Peacemaker, what’s with the multicolored light show?

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

What part of the Season 4 trailer has you most excited and eager to learn more?

Nic: Y’all, why is Waverly holding a giant spoon? I need to know. You think Emily is mad that they spent all of this time putting together a trailer for our thirsty asses and we’re out here like “IS THAT A FUCKING SPOON?!” HAHAH But honestly, I’m so excited to meet Martina Ortiz Luis’ Rachel (who I’m just assuming is Valdez and going forward, all comments will reflect that) and learn how she meets up with our mains. How did she get Wynhaught to trust her so quickly that she’s already seamlessly integrated into the team? Is she actually a teenager or is she a “thousand-year-old princess warrior from the Mayan era”? One of the most entertaining parts of this show for me is watching someone else attempt to out-quip Wynonna, and it seems like she may have met her match?

Monica: Obviously, first off is the giant moccasin. No competition. I think a close second, though, is to find out what sort of adventure Wynonna and Nedley are about to go on. An honorable mention would be, why does it look like there’s a rocking chair at the homestead?

Bridget: I thought it was very rude of the Wynonna Earp powers that be to bookend the trailer with each Earp sister screaming for one another. That sister relationship is the true love story of the series and I cannot wait to see how they handle initially being a part this year. Why was Waverly in chains and screaming so terribly for Wynonna? And was Wynonna yelling for or at something happening to Waverly? I know one thing is certainly true, both screams hurt me a lot. I just keep hoping they’ll be alright.

What are your thoughts on Valdez? 

Monica: I…honestly have no idea. I bet she likes cheese. There are some things that I can’t even begin to speculate about and I just want to sit back and let the brilliance of the writers take over. This is one of those things.

Bridget: I’ll be honest, I’m not bringing a ton of comic book knowledge to the table when it comes to Valdez. So I’m really just interested in learning what Emily Andras and her team of Wynonna writers bring to this character. My gut leans towards her being very different from what we’ve seen in the comics anyways and that Andras and Co. will put their own, definitive spin on the character. Is Valdez even one character? We’ve seen Andras tease and dance around that question many times that I’m eager to learn all I can about Valdez. 

Nic: Okay so what I should have done was not use up all of my Valdez commentary on the above question, but HERE WE ARE! Admittedly, I’m very behind in my reading of the comics but based on Beau Smith’s comments at last year’s SDCC and the non-spoilery research I’ve done, I think she is going to give Wynonna a run for her money and I cannot wait to see it. My headcanon is that the etching on the wall at the Homestead from the trailer is “Rachel is Valdez” (though, CHEEZ VALDEZ would arguably be more entertaining), but does that mean Wynhaught teamed up with Rachel before knowing her true identity and whoever snitch scrawled on the wall is trying to warn them? My absolute dream scenario is that she leans hard into that Xena vibe that Beau describes her as.

Assuming we get Waverly back from The Garden at some point, what are your hopes for WayHaught in Season 4?

Nic: “Assuming we get Waverly back” made me react physically, so thanks for that. It should be safe to assume we get her back relatively quickly considering what we saw in the trailer, right? RIGHT?! RIGHT?! Who knows with this show honestly, though! What if it’s all an alternate reality and none of it is real and they’re actually in Purgatory (no, not that one, the OTHER one)?! I’m sorry, I’m stalling because I feel like this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I think we’re in store for some WayHaught angst in the first half of Season 4. 

The last time we saw WayHaught, Nicole was drugged by Wynonna and Waverly was being dragged into The Garden. Which, by their standards is just another Tuesday, I know. But who knows what kind of trials and tribulations Waverly is going to face in The Garden and how they will affect her once she (presumably) gets out? I can’t imagine that everything is hunky dory from the jump, but that’s real, right? Doesn’t every relationship go through that uncertain period of “my girlfriend just returned from another dimension so I should probably let her process that before bringing up that one of the last conversations we had was a marriage proposal and even though that’s not exactly the most important thing happening right now we should probably address it”? 

All of that to say–would a WayHaught Wedding be lovely? Of course. Is that at the forefront of my mind going into this season? Sorry, but nope. I would much rather see Nicole and Waverly work through what it means for Waverly to be the key to This and why Nicole always smells like vanilla-dipped donuts. 

Monica: I think it will be interesting to see how they deal with Waverly being back from The Garden and Nicole being back from…wherever she is. That has to be tough on a couple, and so I’m sure we’re going to see some strife and maybe even a breakup, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that WayHaught is meant to be together. Besides, how great would it be to see them fall in love all over again? And I hope we see more Big Gay Dinners with Jetri.

Bridget: It was so important at the end of Season 3 not that we got the WayHaught “proposal” of sorts, but that Waverly admitted out loud how much she loves Nicole and that Nicole really matters to her. I hope that they will continue that growth and keep building their relationship as Season 4 goes on to a place where an actual proposal may take place. Oh, and I can’t be the only one hoping for one hell of a reunion when the gang finally rescues Waverly from the Garden.

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

Which non-romantic pairing do you most want explored in Season 4?

Monica: I love all of the unconventional pairings on this show, honestly — Doc and Nicole, Wynonna and Jeremy, Bobo and Nedley, Waverly and Kate, and, well, Wynonna and everyone. Also, I bet Robin and Willa would have a great time talking about treehouses, coconut oil, and jazz.

Bridget: I really love how Doc went into the Garden after Waverly when Wynonna couldn’t. Wherever those two may be, at least they have each other! I’m very excited to get more scenes between Tim Rozon and Dominique Provost-Chalkley, as they’ve always been so great together in the past. Doc’s shoot first approach will also be a fun contradiction to Waverly’s logical way of approaching problems. I still fully believe the Garden isn’t a great place for Waverly to be, but I feel a bit more hopeful knowing Doc is in there with her.

Nic: Give me the Kate and Mercedes: Living at the Gardner Estate side plot that we deserve!!!!! Can you imagine? The quips! The attitude! The shade!

What casting announcement has you most excited?

Bridget: It was really great to see so much of Martina Ortiz-Luis’ Rachel in the trailer for Season 4. It looks like she’s fighting right alongside Wynonna and Nicole for much of it so I’m intrigued to learn more about her. However, I’m a huge Kim’s Convenience fan and was downright delighted to hear that Andrew Phung will be joining Wynonna Earp in some capacity this season. We don’t know who he is playing or how big the role may be, but I don’t care. Phung is so fabulous on Kim’s and I cannot wait for him to join the fun in Purgatory.

Nic: I am SO curious to see how Martina Ortiz Luis fits in with this cast. Knowing Emily [Andras], I’m positive that Martina is a DELIGHT, but I can’t wait to see how Rachel fits in with the characters we’ve grown to love.


Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

Are there any non-main cast characters you’re hoping will reappear in Season 4?

Nic: I’m sure this is SHOCKING. But: KAAAAAAAAAATE!!! As I mentioned before, I SUPER want to see Mercedes and Kate paired up this season, but that aside, the last time we saw Kate she was at the Gardner Estate after being rescued by Nicole because Doc left her for dead. Nicole told Mercedes that Kate couldn’t fully heal until nightfall which wouldn’t have been a problem, except the super blood moon prevented night from coming. What does that mean for Kate? Everyone in town disappeared, but if it was never nightfall, does that mean she never healed? (Also–Rosita. I just, I want more Rosita, y’all.)

Monica: I know this is probably a surprise to everyone, but my greatest wish for the show right now is to see all of the Earp women — Mama Earp and her three girls — together. I would love to see a redemption arc for Willa — maybe she and Rosita are in The Garden and manage to help Doc and Waverly escape — how her time away would have changed her, and how she would try and integrate herself into the everyday life at the homestead…and with Nicole. And it would be really interesting to see how Peacemaker would react to her now. And Mama Earp? Oh, to be a fly on the wall when she finds out if she had just stayed put, she would have found her beloved Julian…but at least her daughter was taking care of him in her absence.

Bridget: Since the Season 4 trailer already confirmed that Dani Kind will be returning to Wynonna Earp, in one or another since we don’t truly know if that was Mercedes Gardner we saw, I’m also hopeful that we may see Tamara Duarte’s Rosita again. Rosita took off in Season 2 amid some really crazy and dramatic circumstances, and you know Wynonna won’t be happy if she does cross her path again, but I still feel like there’s so much story to be told with Rosita. It’d be great if we got her back for a bit in Season 4.

Any other general Season 4 related thoughts?

Monica: I’m just really excited to Earp again, honestly. It feels like it’s been about 17 years, and it feels like my friends are coming home. I love to speculate about what’s coming, but I know my guesses will pale in comparison to what the writers have in store for us. I can’t wait to be consumed by Earp angst again.

Bridget: I’m really excited to see what Melanie Scrofano does as a director. I loved hearing that she was going to be stepping behind the camera and directing this year.  I think all Wynonna fans feel oddly proud of her for it. She proved to have a great eye when she directed a scene in Season 3, and coupled with the fact that she IS Wynonna Earp, well I think we’re in for some truly great looking episodes.

Nic: Honestly, even though we have a trailer and podcasts recapping the trailer and official photos and stitches based on official photos and merch based on a SPOON; I don’t think it’s going to hit me that we actually did it until the first beat of “Tell That Devil” hits on July 26. But other than that, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jeremy. There were several moments in Season 3 where his human status came into question and I’m really hoping we get to explore his backstory this season. I’d love to learn more about the accident he was in and what powers he may have gotten because of it. I’m greedy and as such, would also like that sweet sweet Nicole Haught backstory with some flashback action. This could potentially be nothing, but can we get to the bottom of the vanilla-dipped donuts thing? What kind of perfect Dunkin’ Demon is she?!


Wynonna Earp Season 4 will premiere Sunday, July 26 at 10/9 c on SYFY and CTV Sci-Fi.