Wynonna Earp’s Natalie Krill on hiding that major reveal


If you’re still in shock over that major reveal from last week’s Wynonna Earp episode then you’re not alone. Not many fans were expecting to find out that Eve (Natalie Krill), the young woman helping Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) to escape the cult in the woods, was actually her long lost sister Willa who had been kidnapped by revenants years earlier. “I think they did it really well because you don’t see it coming in that way,” Krill told The TV Junkies of her character’s big reveal.

A secret that big has to start to weigh on a person, especially when it comes so late in the season. “It’s been terribly difficult,” Krill confirmed. However, the Saskatchewan native, whose credits include The Next Step, Riftworld Chronicles, Orphan Black and The Listener also said it was “kind of fun and exciting to be a part of that reveal. It was bittersweet.” She also said that she wasn’t even sure when she got the part that Eve would turn out to be Willa. When asked to send in a tape for Eve, Krill said “there was no mention of Willa in that breakdown.” After getting a callback she then was given some more material, but even then she recalled that “it just showed Eve was a very interesting character.”

So what’s up next for Wynonna and Co. now that Willa is back? Well first things first said Krill. “We still have to prove that she really is Willa,” she reminded us. There’s also the fact that she’s been kidnapped and forced to live in a cult all these years. “She’s definitely suffering from PTSD. She’s had quite a life,” said Krill. There’s also the small fact that Eve doesn’t know who Willa is. “She doesn’t remember anything really and things are vaguely familiar, but she doesn’t get any memories back at the end of Episode 10. There’s no memory of who she is,” explained Krill.


Having Willa back is also sure to mix up one of television’s most solid and strong relationships, the one between Wynonna and younger sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley). Willa’s return “definitely challenges their connection,” previewed Krill. She added that “Waverly starts to feel a little bit threatened because Wynonna and Willa were always very close when they were younger. So it starts to put some tension on the sister relationship.”

Thankfully joining an established group went far better for Krill when she joined the Wynonna cast. “They were just amazing. Everyone welcomed me with open arms right away,” she told us before adding that “it was such a lovely crew and cast, so warm, friendly and really caring. Everyone was 100% in for everything. There was no tension amongst actors and it was just a really lovely set to work on.”

While it remains to be seen if Eve is really Willa, and if Willa gains her memories back, there’s one thing for certain. Krill promised us “it’s a fun ride.” So hang on tight Earpers because things are about to get interesting this week!


Were you surprised to see Willa back? Share your thoughts on what her return means for Wynonna & Co. below!

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