Wynonna Earp: Michael Eklund Explores A New Side to Bobo Del Rey

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Syfy / Bell Media

There aren’t many villains that can top Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund). Many viewers of Wynonna Earp found themselves, much like Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), feeling conflicted about his demise in the Season 1 finale. However, earlier this season, after Wynonna finds herself dead for 77 seconds, Bobo unexpectedly popped up out of the snow. Why he is the only revenant to come back during those 77 seconds is still unknown, but with only two episodes remaining in Season 2, we suspect we may get some answers soon.

Along with the unexpected return, through Wynonna’s vision quest to the past we were introduced to Robert Svane. Robert was the man who existed before becoming a revenant, and going to Hell and back several times turned him into the Bobo Del Rey we know. It turns out that Robert was an old friend of Wyatt Earp’s and actually had the opportunity to rescue Doc (Tim Rozon) from the well, but didn’t. Wynonna’s encounter with Robert also revealed Bobo’s connection to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), which is that he considers her to be his angel and swore to always protect her.

The return of Bobo also meant the return of Michael Eklund to the show, something that pleased many a Wynonna Earp fan. The Saskatoon native recently spoke exclusively with The TV Junkies about Bobo’s return and what it was like for him to play Robert, in essence, a completely different character than Bobo. Be sure to check back early next week for part two of our interview with Eklund.


The TV Junkies: Bobo is back! Did you know this was coming when you got shot in Season 1, or were you surprised to get the call asking you to come back?

Michael Eklund: Scripts were being written as they went in Season 1 and we were all very excited to get them each week. I knew that Bobo was probably going to run into Peacemaker eventually. I knew that in the last episode of Season 1 he was most likely going to be killed. When the script came out that was confirmed. Did I know he was going to come back? I knew there was a high probability that he would come back eventually. Season 2 wasn’t written yet, but there were some rumblings that maybe Bobo would come back. I did then get confirmation that he wouldn’t be back. I was disappointed at first because I really enjoyed playing Bobo. I loved playing Bobo.

Then I did get the call, and they were already shooting Season 2, I stay in touch with a lot of the actors, and I got a message from the director first that sounded like there was potential of him coming back. That kind of got me excited, but it was vague and cryptic. I got the call then from Emily [Andras] that they would like Bobo to come back for Season 2. The thing about Wynonna Earp is that it’s family oriented and everyone is very close, which I love. It’s like they invite you, ‘would you be willing to come back?’ It’s like an invitation back to the party. I said ‘of course I’d like to come back! I’ve been waiting for this a whole season.’ They present it like ‘maybe you don’t want to,’ but of course I do! I want to play Bobo! So when I got the call I jumped at it.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: I think fans all really loved seeing Robert Svane in the flashbacks, how different he was from Bobo, and learning that he was a good man. How did you approach playing that versus what you do for Bobo, because he felt so different from the Bobo we know?

ME: He was a very different man back then and he was dealing with a lot of pain as well. He was a good man and tried very hard with his friendship with Wyatt. You did see the conflict that was already developing between he and Doc, a clash between them. They knew as far as we went with Bobo in Season 1, the contrast of Robert Svane had to be just as much in Season 2 to see the transformation he went through. I approached it from a man who once had a lot of hopes and dreams back in the day, but they were destroyed — a man before he was corrupt. It’s hard to describe, but I really enjoyed playing Robert and the softness of him. It was really interesting playing a man that had that much softness, and then it was destroyed because of the things he was forced to do for other people. I liked that he wasn’t a bad guy, and that he was actually a warmhearted person who had to live with the consequences of the choices he made.

Also, in Season 1 I never approached playing Bobo as the villain of the show. I always feel every villain has his own story. I didn’t know what the story was yet in Season 1, but I still approached his story in Season 1 out of his necessity of what he needed to overcome. Whether that be with Willa, which was love, or with the Stone Witch, he was always fighting for someone else. Emily’s writing always drops hints. For instance, I knew there was a lot going on with Waverly. Within the writing there was always a sense of pain going on, and while from the audience perspective he was the bad guy, I knew laced in there somewhere was a man.

TTVJ: So you were with us, where you knew Bobo had a connection to Waverly, but didn’t know the origin of that until Episode 208 and the flashbacks?

ME: Exactly! Nobody knew! In a way we still don’t know. Lots will come out in the season finale.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Something I really loved about meeting Robert Svane was seeing his scenes with Doc Holliday. What were those like for you and Tim to film, given they had such a different dynamic than the one we saw in Season 1 between Doc and Bobo?

ME: I’ll add to what Tim says and say that we loooooove each other. We just have a blast when you put a camera in front of both of us. We just want to play. We didn’t know each other before Season 1, and the first scene we ever did together was when I threw him on the ground and stepped on his face with my boot. I learned right away that Tim is the kind of actor that loves to play, and you can go as far as you want with him. He’s willing to give as much and take as much in a scene, and when you have actors like that then it’s fun. It’s a battle between two characters.

In Season 2, Doc has the power and it’s Robert Svane’s job to show that Doc Holliday has all the power, is in control and is the stronger one. I love playing the weaker one. If you watch that first scene where they meet in the saloon you see a lot of things we did in Season 1 that are reversed. For instance, Doc Holliday is taking Robert Svane’s hat for the first time. Back in the West, a cowboy’s hat is everything to him so we worked that in and mess with each other’s hats. The contrast was just so different than Season 1 so we just had a blast and so much fun. It’s fun letting Tim run the scene and roll right over Robert Svane.

TTVJ: What was it like working with Melanie Scrofano this year? For instance, when she’s almost 8 months pregnant and having to lie on the cold, church floor with you for those scenes in 208?

ME: I was very excited and happy for Melanie when I heard the news. By the time I got to set she was far along, but did I see a difference in her? As far as her acting and talents, she is so good and never let being pregnant stop her. Working on those scenes with her, freezing cold weather, laying on the floor of a church, I personally didn’t see a difference. I was worried for her, but as far as between the words “action!” and “cut!” going into that world and playing those characters? She’s Wynonna Earp, whether she’s pregnant or not, and is ready to rock the scene. I’m very impressed by her and don’t think I could do that.


Were you excited about the return of Bobo? Got any predictions about what he’s up to? Sound off in the comments below!

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