Wynonna Earp’s Melanie Scrofano on Working for Black Badge and That Surprise Guest Star


Revenants and demons better be aware because Season 2 of Wynonna Earp left no doubt that the show is back and more ready than ever to tackle the problems that plague Purgatory. With an action-packed premiere episode that saw Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Doc (Tim Rozon) successfully rescue Dolls (Shamier Anderson) from the evil Black Badge Division, the stage has been set for what looks to be a very exciting and intriguing second season of the supernatural thriller.

While Dolls was set free, Wynonna didn’t get off without making some personal sacrifices. She, Doc, Waverly and new team member Jeremy (Varun Saranga) all had to sign contracts, in blood no less, that they’d work for Black Badge and help round up all the demons that Willa let into the Ghost River Triangle. In our experience, blood signatures are never a good thing, and this agreement means for Wynonna that “there’s this ax over their heads so if they don’t do what Black Badge tells them to do, then all the people she loves could be taken from her,” Scrofano explained when she spoke with The TV Junkies prior to Season 2.

In fact, Black Badge’s demands mean that “Wynonna really has no control over her own destiny,” said Scrofano. However, we all know Wynonna Earp and she’s not about to be taking orders from anyone. “I wouldn’t put it past her to fight back against that a little bit or find a way to do it on her own terms,” Scrofano told us. While Wynonna worked with Dolls to help Black Badge in Season 1, the terms under which she has to do so in Season 2 “just adds this layer of resentment and fire,” the actress noted.

Another sign of how evil Black Badge is was the way they handled Eliza (guest star Rachel Skarsten) after she helped Wynonna and the team rescue Dolls. Wynonna ran into Eliza, an old friend of Dolls, when she went searching Dolls’ hotel room and, after a contentious start, she and Wynonna quickly developed a mutual respect and witty banter with each other. Fans of Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras’ previous show Lost Girl were surely very excited to see Skarsten, who played Tamsin for three seasons.


“I saw her name as the person who was coming on and I was like ‘Get this bitch off my show. She’s going to steal the show.’ And she does,” joked Scrofano. She said that not only did their characters end up getting along, but that transferred off screen as well. “I don’t know what to say about her except I want to hang out with her and be her friend,” Scrofano said of the Reign actress.

Scrofano also counts herself among those a little disappointed that we won’t see more of Eliza. “She was a cool character and a great friend/foe to Wynonna. I think she and Wynonna could’ve been an amazing duo,” she explained before joking that “I’m also very glad she’s dead because get that hotness off my show!” Regardless, Scrofano said that bringing on Skarsten for the premiere was such a great idea and surprise to viewers by Andras because “who thinks we’re going to kill off Rachel?”

One of the other major finale and premiere shockers had to do with Wynonna’s little sister Waverly. She’s now got an evil that has taken over her body, but will Wynonna continue to be oblivious when it comes to matters dealing with the youngest Earp? “There’s a certain amount of not wanting to see things that are right in front of you when they threaten your sense of security,” Scrofano said. She went on to explain that “Waverly gives Wynonna such a sense of security and family and belonging and she just thinks that partly it can’t be true.”

Not only that, Scrofano said that Wynonna may be too preoccupied in Season 2 to realize something may be up with her sister. “As with Season 1, I just think there’s so much going on for Wynonna that it’s impossible for her to see everything,” she explained. However, Scrofano said that “in the case of Waverly, I really do think it’s just that ‘I don’t want to see it.’” Sister issues aside, Wynonna certainly has bigger concerns as viewers eagerly await more of Season 2 and how the team will move on without Dolls.


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