Wynonna Earp: What We Learned About Season 2 at C2E2


Despite the fact that we’re inching closer and closer to Season 2 of Wynonna Earp, details about what’s going to go down in Year 2 of the supernatural thriller are still hard to come by. The trailer that dropped recently gave fans their first look at new footage from the upcoming season, premiering Friday, June 9 at 10 p.m. on Syfy and Space Channel, but much of what showrunner Emily Andras has planned is still largely unknown. Andras along with Wynonna stars Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson, new cast member Varun Saranga and writer Brendon Yorke were still mostly tight-lipped about Season 2 when they appeared Friday, April 21 on a panel at the C2E2 convention in Chicago.

Wynonna dropped several big cliffhangers in a Season 1 finale that saw Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) take down her long lost sister Willa (Natalie Krill), as Dolls (Shamier Anderson) was hauled away to parts unknown by his bosses at the Black Badge Division. Meanwhile, Bobo (Michael Eklund) met his end and he had Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) questioning whether or not she was an Earp before she went touching the mysterious (and possibly evil) black goo.

“I’m really excited for you guys to see Season 2 because these guys are incredible in it,” Andras enthused on Friday’s panel, which was moderated by Uproxx’s Donna Dickens. While the Wynonna crew kept things close to the vest, we were able to gleam some information about what’s to come. If you’re anything like us here at The TV Junkies, then let’s face it, little information is better than no information at all at this point! Read on below to find out what was shared about Season 2!


The New Guy

Prior to the convention, Andras teased Saranga as a “mysterious newbie,” but he was able to divulge some information about his character. “My character’s name is Jeremy and he works for Black Badge,” Saranga said. While it’s not much, he did also mention at one point that he has “a lab coat I wear a lot.” Whoever Jeremy turns out to be, one thing that is clear is that Saranga was thrilled to join the show. “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had,” he said before going on to explain that “the tone of the show resembles the tone of the set, where you’re doing crazy things every day and you can’t help but be excited about it as an actor.”


Don’t worry! Doc still has the ‘stache

Don’t be fooled by the pictures of Rozon at the C2E2 panel, Doc Holliday still has his signature moustache in Season 2. “I happen to be working on something else and they would not like me to have the moustache,” Rozon explained.

More fashion savvy villains

They don’t make villains any better than Bobo Del Rey and one thing we’re eager to see about Season 2 is how Wynonna follows up Eklund’s Big Bad. Just as in Season 1, where Wynonna and the gang had to contend with Bobo and the Stone Witch (Rayisa Kondracki), there may be more than one villain in Season 2. Whoever the new nemesis may be, it seems like they may share Bobo’s flare for fashion. “Two of the villains this year have incredible costumes. It’s very much a part of them,” teased Andras.

Weather is still a character

The cold Calgary weather where the show shoots is still very much a character in its own right in Season 2. While Rozon joked that he “thought it wasn’t that cold,” his costar Anderson was quick to disagree. “It was very cold. I’m still defrosting,” he joked. While it makes shooting rough, Andras thinks it’s worth it in the end. “It looks beautiful though. That’s one thing I kind of like because you don’t’ see a lot of winter on television. It gives that added danger,” she said.


More “Lizard Dolls” in Season 2

Anyone who has seen the trailer knows that Dolls’ mysterious “lizard eyes” are back this year, something that’s a little tough for Anderson as an actor. Turns out, he’s not a huge fan of having to put in the contacts required to make Dolls’ eyes look that way. “I don’t wear contacts and it’s a big no no for me. I’m a big baby when it comes to sticking my finger in my eye,” he explained. Given that, he went on to say that “it was a tough time for me and yes, I do have the contacts in a lot more this season.” More contact time equals more “Lizard Dolls” so maybe we’ll finally get some answers about what’s really going on with the Black Badge agent.

More and more action

Both the writers and actors seem to really love filming action sequences for the show. For instance, Yorke said his favorite moment from the Season 2 trailer was “where they are running in the snow because there’s a real sense of action and what happened and a real sense of anticipation.” Andras said that the show has “a really awesome stunt coordinator, his name is Steve McMichael,” and because of that she would “love to do more action outside. I’d love to do more motor bike riding and stunts like that, just keep pushing stunts.” She added that “these guys are so amazing with it and I just want to keep pushing the action.”

Representation is still at the forefront

Season 1 of Wynonna seemed to come along at a very important time for LGBT character representation on television and we did learn a little about what’s ahead for WayHaught in Season 2 at ClexaCon. As she said at the Vegas convention, Andras confirmed that she will continue the push for more representation. In fact, when asked “how gay” Season 2 is going to be, Andras replied by saying “think like a dolphin at Studio 54. Glitter bomb. Liza Minnelli is there. They lock eyes across a crowded dance floor and Donna Summer is playing. Clay Aiken is there even though it’s the 70s. Mike Pence is like ‘I don’t know about this.’ I’d say capital G Gay.”


Interaction with fans is still important

“I’m quite aware that I don’t think we wouldn’t have gotten a second season without you guys and social media. I’m indebted to every person here for that because I love being on the show so much that all I want to do is the show. So I feel that I’m indebted to the people who got me there,” Rozon told the crowd. Every cast member confirmed how much they enjoy interacting with Earpers and have plans to do so again come Season 2. Saranga said he’s new to the fandom but has already gotten such great feedback, especially after it was announced he’d be coming to C2E2. “I felt so much love from you guys and I’ve never experienced that before. I thought it was such a beautiful thing,” he said. Andras also added why she loves the Earpers so much, explaing that “it’s such a good-natured fandom and it’s really been incredible, the warmth of the Earpers. You all are a smart bunch and I’m really entertained by it. It makes me laugh.”


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Wynonna Earp Season 2 premieres on Friday, June 9 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space Channel.