Wynonna Earp’s Kate Drummond Previews Lucado’s Breaking Point

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No one is supposed to like the boss. The boss isn’t there to make friends or necessarily cheer anyone on. In that respect, Wynonna Earp’s Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) is very much your typical boss, but as with everyone in Purgatory, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve that make her special. Ever since having to sign that blood oath to work for Black Badge in the Season 2 premiere, Lucado has been making all kinds of trouble for her new employees. Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), Doc (Tim Rozon) and the gang aren’t too happy to be working for her either.

Off screen however, it’s a much different story for Drummond, the former elementary school teacher who switched careers and became an actress later in life. In addition to her work on Wynonna, Drummond stars in video games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. She’ll also be seen later this season on an episode of Dark Matter. While Drummond may play a character that many Wynonna fans love to hate, the actress herself has been embraced by fans and is a very active member of the show’s community on Twitter.

In this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, Lucado and Dolls (Shamier Anderson) will finally confront the issues that exist between them, where she blames him for her husband’s death, and things really come to a head. To get a closer look at Lucado, that confrontation with Dolls and why she enjoys the Earper community, The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with Drummond.


The TV Junkies: We know that Wynonna and the gang aren’t happy about having Lucado as their boss, but Lucado isn’t too happy about the situation either. What’s her main goal right now? Trying to get out of Purgatory?

Kate Drummond: Lucado definitely wants to get out of Purgatory, and now that Wynonna and her gang are a part of what she envisions as her elite club, it’s now tainted everything. She’s just fed up. Lucado is fed up of feeling like a big fish in a little pond.

TTVJ: Playing the straight man can be a very hard role as an actor. What’s it like for you trying to keep a straight face when you’re among the likes of Melanie Scrofano, Dominique and Tim spouting off one-liners?

KD: It’s so funny because I love playing the straight man, but it is challenging because sometimes you want to get in on the joke. Lucado is always having people make faces behind her back or make rude gestures, so it can be challenging. Sometimes when you’re really in your character and as authentically as you can be, then you are taking those hits personally as well. However, as soon as they call ‘cut!’ everyone bursts out laughing and it’s all back to normal, which is how this whole crazy profession is. I love it though and love playing that character that doesn’t fit in and has to exist on the outside. I don’t know why I like that so much, but I like being an obstacle.

TTVJ: Shamier always has to play that role as well against the other characters that have these huge personalities. It’s such a difference from him as a person who has the most magical smile.

KD: Totally! It’s so funny because I’ve had people ask me ‘How can you play such a hardass, bitch of a character when you’re so lovable and dorky in real life?’ That’s the beautiful gift of being an actor and going into the shoes of these characters that are outside of yourself. Sometimes they are a part of yourself that you just don’t express in regular life and it gives you permission to bring that out. Shamier and I are very similar in that way in that we play this serious, straight man but outside of it we’re like ‘Hey!’ and have jazz hands. [laughs]


TTVJ: We finally learned a few hints about why Lucado hates Dolls so much. Will we get to see them really confront that issue and the tension that still exists there? In the previews it looks like things may even get physical between the two.

KD: I think there’s always a breaking point where a person will lose their cool and without giving anything away, Lucado hits her breaking point. When you act out of desperation your filters are down, and you maybe don’t make the best decisions which often results in really complicated situations happening. It does get a little physical and it’s interesting because Dolls and Lucado are coming head to head physically, but that shows the past they share — the training. That’s a really interesting thing where you can experience something, go away as characters, take different paths as characters and come back to what you both know and have your conflict face to face.

TTVJ: Did you know from the beginning why Lucado was so mad with Dolls or did you sort of find out along the way with the audience?

KD: Emily [Andras] and I had spoken that there was some definite sense of betrayal and a definite sense of loss that Lucado was trying to recover from. I knew from the beginning I had lost someone very dear to me. The depth of Lucado’s sense of revenge was something I discovered as we filmed. It was like ‘Oh, this is landing more deeply now and makes more sense now!’

Emily has such a sense of the characters and the story she wants to tell, and you can have a conversation with her at any time about what her vision is. She has so much trust in the actors and all of us that between Emily and the writers, directors and everyone it was such a team effort to create believable, three dimensional and relatable characters.

TTVJ: That’s something that definitely comes through with the show is that everyone acts in character. No matter what crazy situation they may find themselves in, the character is always true to who they are.

KD: As an actress you try to be the believable, authentic version of your character in the craziest, most unbelievable situations. So even though things are really fantastical and out of this world so to speak, you still want to come from that truthful relatable place in your heart. That’s the through line from the television screen to the audience member sitting at home. That’s what’s connecting them and they become invested in the characters. Our lead cast — Mel, Dom, Tim, Shamier and Kat — do such an incredible job of playing these really believable, grounded characters in these fantastical situations. That’s why they are so endearing.

TTVJ: That’s why we’re all able to go along with things when a giant tentacle comes in.

KD: Yes! Right? It’s so true and the magic formula of entertainment plus relatability. We all want to connect with something we feel aligned with. We want to be entertained, but we also want to feel, by watching these stories and seeing these characters, that a little bit of ourselves is represented on our screen. That’s what makes shows successful, even though there’s tentacles, goo, faceless things and scary monsters. The writing team for Wynonna Earp, there’s really just no words for how talented they are because they’ve been able to bring in heart, comedy, entertainment, absurdity and love all into one show. I think that’s what makes it so successful.

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: We’ve seen the goo transfer into Wynonna for the time being which can’t be good. Can you give us any hints about what that means and if Lucado will be involved at all?

KD: No! [laughs]

TTVJ: You recently recorded an episode for the Wynonna Earp fan podcast that really touched a lot of the fans, myself included, by sharing your experiences and messages of just being yourself. What’s it been like for you to hear from those fans?

KD: It’s been incredible and the fans have been really generous not only with their feedback, but sharing their personal stories. Outside of being an actress, that’s something that’s really important to me, to feel part of the bigger picture and be part of the community. That’s one of my favorite words, community, because we need it. We can create it, we can foster it, we can build it, we can learn, fail, succeed. So for me, I never expected that response because to be honest I didn’t think many people would listen. It was such an unfiltered conversation that I was really surprised and humbled by all of the feedback.

I’m always very fascinated by how we relate to one another as human beings, and it just goes to prove even further that when we are the most authentic and the most truthful, that’s when we are heard the most. When we try to put on airs, sound a certain way, or behave a certain way, we get overlooked because it doesn’t resonate at the same place for people. I think what everyone really wants is to just be heard in a truthful place and to know, no matter what, we all matter.

Everybody matters, no matter what is in your suitcase that you’re dragging behind you or pushing in front of you. Everyone matters and everyone is dealing with life as best they can. We do the best we can in our situations with what we have at the time.

It’s funny because even as a writer, having an experience like that, where people are writing in and being so truthful with their own experiences, it’s inspired me even more to create characters who are not glossed over, who are really sitting in that truthful place of the human condition and human heart. I feel super blessed to have been so embraced by the community.

TTVJ: I think that’s one of the reasons the fans feel and care so much for the show, you and the whole Wynonna Earp cast are so real and authentic and giving of your time.  It’s very special.

KD: I think a lot is a testament to the example that Melanie Scrofano is as well. The lead that carries a show and they way they handle it, the way they interact and the way they move around the space, that impacts the other actors and everyone on set. Melanie is such a pro and such an example. Between Emily and Melanie and everyone that’s a part of the show, it just felt from the very beginning, that it was a culture that they’ve fostered this interaction with fans and reliability and connection. For me, it was right up my alley because I love interacting with fans. I’ve fallen in love with this community because it’s just all heart.

TTVJ: I know you’re on an episode of Dark Matter at some point this season. Can you tell us anything about who you’re playing?

KD: What can I tell you? I come in later on in the season as a guest star in one of the episodes and one of the highlights was working with the Dark Matter crew. That was another set I could gush about because the way everyone interacted and welcomed me was just really, really special. Let’s just say I’m not necessarily wearing Lucado’s white pant suit. [laughs]


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