Wynonna Earp Proves It’s Her Body, Her Choice

Michelle Faye / Syfy
Michelle Faye / Syfy

Life comes down to a series a choices. When all’s said and done, it’s easy to look back and see where things went wrong, or a specific decision that changed the course of everything. Coming into its sophomore season, the powers that be behind Wynonna Earp had some very big choices to make when they learned the show’s lead, Melanie Scrofano, was going to be five months pregnant when filming on Season 2 was to begin.

Instead of trying to hide the pregnancy behind bulky sweaters or laundry baskets, showrunner Emily Andras decided to embrace it, and has worked the pregnancy into Wynonna’s arc for the year. In doing so, she and the Wynonna Earp team are poised to deliver one of the boldest, most empowering and relatable stories of what it’s like to be a woman in today’s political landscape. Wynonna may be pregnant, but she’s still a superhero, still a woman in charge of her own life, and she’s not going to let you forget it.

Everywhere women go they are judged. Regardless of whether or not we are pregnant, when we walk into a room, all eyes are on us. From how we look, what we have to say, and the choices we make, we are judged. The same is true for Wynonna, especially now that she’s pregnant. Despite the fact that she’s been on two types of birth control since she was 13 years old, her pregnancy opens the door even further for everyone from family and friends alike, to start making judgements.

The thing is, not only does Wynonna herself rarely play by the rules, neither does the series. Andras continually takes tired tropes, such as bury your gays, and turns them on their heads. It’s exactly what she is poised to do once more with this pregnancy storyline. Wynonna doesn’t abide by what the patriarchy may think, nor is she ready to fall in line with their rules. She is independent, strong, smart and yes, now pregnant, but you know what? She can be all those things at once, and it’s not going to affect her ability to send demons to Hell. In short, she’s a superhero, pregnant or not, and she’s got a job to do.


Thanks to the current political landscape, especially in the U.S., women are having a harder time feeling as if they have a say over things. Men in power want to take control of us, pass laws that rule what happens to our bodies and how they are cared for. In many ways, it’s the same loss of power and control that Wynonna experiences when it comes to the Earp curse. She was saddled with a job she never asked for, been told how she should be doing it, and now, even when she’s trying to do well at it, life keeps knocking her down.

The thing is, Wynonna doesn’t give up. She gets up every day, tries to do better and tries to turn the lemons life has handed her into lemonade. For those of us who are members of oppressed groups — women, LGBTQ, people of color — Wynonna proves that there’s worth and value in getting up every day and trying. We all have our own personal demons and revenants, and while we don’t have Peacemaker at our disposal, just like Wynonna, we shouldn’t stop trying to overcome.

The pregnancy on Wynonna Earp boldly reiterates the fact that no one should have a say over our bodies except us. Our bodies, our choice, and on Wynonna Earp, no one gets to decide what’s best for Wynonna, except Wynonna herself. Even when it comes to her sister Waverly, who has the very best of intentions, Wynonna has the final say. Anyone who has been pregnant can attest to the fact that a large belly becomes a signal that every topic is now fair game. People feel completely at ease telling you what they think you should do for the baby and with the baby, as well as open a door big enough to ask you the most personal of questions. Oh, and complete strangers feeling as though they are allowed to touch your belly? Apparently that’s totally fine when you’re pregnant as well.

“Tough shit. It’s my decision who to tell and when, and it’s my situation and nobody gets to decide how to handle it, but me. So stop pushing me, and while you’re at it, stop judging me.” – Wynonna Earp

Well, guess what? It’s not fine when you’re pregnant, and it’s certainly not fine on Wynonna Earp. Wynonna is going to metaphorically and physically kick down the door if that’s what she wants to do, and she doesn’t care what others have to say about that. So if Wynonna Earp wants to go in hot, then she’s going to go in hot and kick down the damn door. It’s a great reminder to all of us, pregnant or not, that we have the right to make our own choices, especially when it comes to our own bodies because no one knows them better than us.


The central discussion over a woman’s right to choose what is right for her own body came into play again when Wynonna learned the baby she is carrying may be half revenant. Yes, Wynonna made the poor decision to sleep with Jonas all on her own, but once she found out he was fully aware of the fact that she was the Earp heir when it all went down, Wynonna made the final decision to send him back to Hell, regardless of whether or not he was her baby’s father. Too many times we see men think that because a woman is carrying their baby they have the right to tell her what to do. Fathering a baby does not mean that you get to control the woman carrying the child, and Wynonna made that perfectly clear when she shot Jonas.

The other refreshing thing that Wynonna Earp is doing is showing the characters around Wynonna realizing this is her decision and trusting her. When Wynonna recently told Dolls she needed him to go with Haught to find Tucker, and leave her to take care of things, he trusted her and went. There was no “but you’re pregnant, are you sure?” It was just complete trust and faith because he knew she was totally capable of taking care of herself. She’s not a pregnant demon-hunter. She’s a badass, smart, cunning demon-hunter who by the way, just happens to be pregnant. There’s a difference.

While Wynonna’s pregnancy has certainly taken some of the focus of her story this season, especially as she works through trying to figure out who may or may not be the father, it’s not the only story being told. This pregnancy does not define her as a character. It’s just another facet and another level to an already rich and complex woman and story. Who among us can’t relate to that? Like Wynonna, we are not defined by one characteristic alone. Yes, I am a woman and I am a mother, but those two things alone do not define me, and it’s lovely to see a show like Wynonna Earp reiterating that fact.

Some of the best decisions and directions are born out of necessity. Wynonna being pregnant may not have been the original plan Andras and her team came up with, but it’s one they’ve tackled and embraced head on. At its core, Wynonna Earp is about a woman dealing with situations in life that she never asked for and learning how to not only overcome, but embrace those challenges. It’s a show that routinely proves how strong and capable women are, so who better to bring forth this story?

By having Wynonna pregnant, taking control of her body and the choices being made regarding it, Wynonna Earp is once again putting its money where its mouth is. Incorporating actor’s real-life pregnancies is always a risk, and those in charge of Wynonna Earp have bet on Andras and Scrofano to not only do this story justice, but make some pretty bold political statements along the way. They say the house always win, but from what we’ve seen so far, I’m more than willing to double down on the Wynonna Earp team any day of the week.


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