Wynonna Earp Cast Previews an “Almost Magical” Season 4 During HomeCon 2.0 Panel


As many Wynonna Earp fans eagerly await word on the long-awaited Season 4, at least they had something to feed their interests this weekend. At HomeCon, the virtual comic convention that took place Saturday, May 16 – Sunday, May 17, 2020, members of the Wynonna Earp cast, including Tim Rozon, Katherine Barrell, Dani Kind, Michael Eklund, and Varun Saranga, along with showrunner Emily Andras, virtually met with fans over Zoom and participated in a panel on Sunday afternoon.    

The cast and Andras covered many fun topics during the cast panel, but things got serious when Andras reflected on what she learned from the show’s #FightForWynonna that happened once production on Season 4 was postponed. “So much of its charm has been that it’s an underdog and it’s been a big fight the whole time,” said Andras about her show. “That’s part of our charm.” However, she said that once she realized the stall in Season 4 production was going to happen, she knew that she “can’t really do this alone. I have to take a chance and see if we can rally everyone that has ownership of the show.” That meant rallying the cast, crew, and fans to pick up the fight and help get the show back on track. 

    In doing so, Andras said she learned some very valuable life lessons. “What I realized about the Fight For Wynonna, more than anything, is that life is hard, so you might as well fight for what you want.” She went on to explain that, “You can’t dodge how hard life is going to be,” and so, “You might as well fight for hell for what matters to you because then you won’t feel helpless and you’ll feel like you made a difference.”

That Fight for Wynonna turned into a Win For Wynonna and the show did resume production and filming of Season 4 prior to the COVID pandemic hitting. While much can’t be said about Season 4, Andras did confirm that “it exists, which is amazing.” She said that they were able to film six episodes prior to the shutdown. She also added that fans “will be so amazed at how good the cast is. Everybody came back at full strength, but they just pushed themselves and the stuff they delivered is so funny and so good and so rich. It’s such a pleasure coming back to these characters that are already established. I hope you like it and I just can’t wait for you to spend more time with these people. I am confident that we will get back to it and we will give you Season 4, and hopefully beyond.”

Barrell agreed with her showrunner, noting that she feels “like it’s leveled up. It just felt like next level and it was so gametime by the time we got started that I feel like it’s a whole other level.” Saranga called it the “best season by far” and Rozon said it is “almost magical.” For Rozon, he said that magic comes from the fact that “everyone was very aware and felt it from all aspects of crew, just every department.” He said they “almost lost something they really love” and “when you almost lose something you love,” that’s what hits home. “It’s a magical season and what Emily and her writers have done for the Earpers, I can’t wait.” 

Fans who missed the panel can still view it and all other HomeCon panels once subscribed, for free, to the convention’s Twitch channel



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Wynonna Earp Season 4 will air in 2020 on SYFY and CTV Sci-Fi.