Wynonna Earp: Emily Andras Says Fans Got the Show That Early Season 4 Renewal

Randy Shropshire/SYFY
Randy Shropshire/SYFY

Well, the Earpers did it. After airing only one episode of Season 3, SYFY and Space have renewed Wynonna Earp for Season 4. The good news was announced during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. Despite not being a huge hit in the ratings, the show’s strong fanbase and huge presence on social media, which had already been pushing the networks to renew the show, really helped to make a difference in SYFY choosing to bring it back for another year.

It’s a Wynonna Earp fandom that has been gaining quite a reputation for kindness, doing good and for fans supporting one another during tough times. The TV Junkies recently spoke with showrunner Emily Andras about how vital fans of her show have been in securing renewals and what a special surprise it was to hear news about the show’s fate so early on in the season. She also shared with us some of her favorite memories from Comic-Con where she appeared alongside Wynonna Earp cast members Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Shamier Anderson, Katherine Barrell, Varun Saranga and Chantel Riley.


The TV Junkies: Congratulations on the Season 4 renewal! You guys have a good history with renewals at Comic-Con, but did you expect to hear on this so soon?

Emily Andras: Absolutely not and you have to believe me! It is unfathomable in this day and age to even expect to get a pickup before you have ratings. That just isn’t going to happen in the era of 500 shows. Funnily enough, we went out to our typical cast lunch and we didn’t have a renewal. I could tell they were super bummed. I had to go and sit with each one of them and really stress ‘guys, we haven’t even aired yet. It’s so important to be here in the moment. It’s third season and we never thought we’d be here. It’s so critical that we just enjoy Season 3 and enjoy being here.’

It happened then the day of the screening and I knew we had good people pushing to get the renewal. I never thought SYFY would say ‘yes.’ It’s such a testament to SYFY’s faith and commitment to this little underdog, low-rated show that they are listening to the fans, seeing all the press and understand that there’s passion and room to grow. I honestly cannot thank them and Space enough for taking this huge chance on us. Huge! It was a massive shock!

TTVJ: What then was the cast’s reaction when you did tell them you had been renewed?

EA: It was so gratifying. Melanie and Tim may or may not have burst into tears from happiness. Everyone was just absolutely thrilled. They all had tears in their eyes and I was crying. We really are aware that we have captured lightning in a bottle, both with what we’re putting out there and the fandom, but also we just really like to make TV together. We really like our workplace, so the fact that we get to do this another year is incredible.

Honestly, the best reaction was Melanie because she was so shocked. She’s a very good actress, I don’t know if you know this, but she just couldn’t hold back her emotions. She was so overwhelmed with happiness and that’s how I felt. We then went into the premiere screening too knowing and that was next level.

Randy Shropshire/SYFY
Randy Shropshire/SYFY

TTVJ: A lot of attention has started to be paid to the power of your fandom and the amount of support they give the show. How important were they in getting this renewal and getting it so early?

EA: I honestly think they are 95 per cent of the reason that we’re going again. I’m not kidding. OK, maybe 92. Look, SYFY has rebranded to say “It’s a fan thing.” Tell me a show out there that has a more insane fandom than Wynonna Earp. With all the big ticket items at San Diego Comic-Con, Wynonna Earp was the 8th most tweeted hashtag on Twitter. It’s unbelievable.

Just that positivity of spirit and the fact that they are willing to stand up like Wynonna and fight for what they want. The thing that has me all emotional is this #WynonnaEarpAds campaign. I feel like that’s going to do huge things for us and to actually get to the advertisers and say ‘I saw your ad on Wynonna Earp and keep advertising!’ If an advertiser called SYFY and said they want their ad on Wynonna Earp, that’s massive. The truth is that’s how live TV works, for all the ways we watch television, the network still needs to sell advertising. It’s just so clever.

I just really can’t believe the power of this fandom. I start to feel a little guilty that we haven’t turned the Earpers over to income equality or the opioid crisis. We honestly should be channeling our power to solve the problems of the world. Let’s just get seven seasons and then worry about that.

So this was 100 per cent the fandom and them mobilizing and being loud. Look, just the fact that people know about this show is due to the Earpers. You did this. It almost feels like the show has been turned over to the fans, but I love it and am so grateful.

Randy Shropshire/SYFY
Randy Shropshire/SYFY

TTVJ: Other than the renewal news, did you have any other Comic-Con highlights you wanted to share?

EA: It’s one of the only times during the year where I feel like the cast and I are all together in a fun setting. So honestly, it’s just so joyful to be with them. It felt like our show arrived this year in a weird way, but also we’re still such idiots. We went on the IMDB and Variety yacht and met people from The Walking Dead. One of my favorite memories is that we’ve been lucky enough to go to the Entertainment Weekly party on Saturday night each year, but we’re such Canadian jerks that we always sneak back out onto the red carpet. We then do our own photo shoot on the red carpet like such Canadian idiots. We’re just so grateful and enjoying the ride.

It also feels like we know the routine now, know the Earpers and that we can trust the Earpers. We know when we meet fans they are all going to be respectful and loving. But I never want to lose the feeling of ‘oh my God! I’m at San Diego Comic-Con!’ I will never be over it.

It’s always fun too to see San Diego through the eyes of the newbies. Chantel Riley was just blown away by the response to her character. I have such a great memory of her. Lora Innes did her speciality print for Comic-Con and I just remember Chantel signing her first one under the Kate caricature like ‘oh my gosh! It’s so surreal!’ We all took pictures of her. We are just like you guys and have no chill at all. We are not cool. We can’t believe it.

TTVJ: Well and now the Earp-centric cons that are coming up can really be a party since we know there will be Season 4.

EA: I think EH Con is going to be insane. It’s going to be so fun because it’s a hometown crowd and so many people who help make the show and who normally don’t get to participate in cons are coming. That makes my heart full. There will be all the writers and we’re just going to tease and razz each other. The composers are coming and you can hear how they make the music. It’s just going to be a really good con.


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