Wynonna Earp’s Dominique Provost Chalkley on the Possibility of an Earp Sisters Rift

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Syfy / Bell Media

Wynonna Earp may be a show about a demon-hunting cowgirl who is the great great granddaughter of Wyatt Earp, but it’s really about so much more than that, and a whole lot more grounded. That’s a fact that was especially evident in the supernatural western’s Season 2 finale last Friday, when Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) had her baby and it taken and hidden away so no evil could get it. Elsewhere, Wynonna’s sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) not only helped Wynonna deliver the baby, but she also discovered a few clues about her true identity as well.

It was those human stories that really showed why Wynonna Earp is great to Provost-Chalkley. “That is the reason that Wynonna Earp is so special. It is always relatable and real despite being this fantastical world,” she told The TV Junkies in an exclusive chat about the finale. While Waverly did find out that she’s not half revenant as she suspected, there’s still plenty more questions that were raised by showrunner Emily Andras and her writing team as the show heads into Season 3. Provost-Chalkley weighed in on Waverly’s identity, as well as what Wynonna seemingly knowing where their mother has been all these years may do to the usually very strong Earp sisters relationship.


The TV Junkies: The scene in the finale where Wynonna gives birth is so powerful. It really felt as if it summed up the show for me because of the sisters’ connection, Wynonna having to make this choice and the great performances from you and Mel.

Dominique Provost-Chalkley: I agree. This finale and this season is everything that Wynonna is about. It’s really cool and really exciting that Emily managed to set that bar right on up. I’m sure she will continue to do so. Every time I’m like ‘of course you managed to do that, Em because you’re a genius!’

TTVJ: Except she just made me love Rosita (Tamara Duarte) and now she’s bad! Come on, Emily!

DPC: I know! But also, that’s why Emily’s writing is so interesting and her storytelling is so great. It blurs the lines between good and evil constantly. What makes somebody good and what makes somebody evil? That as a concept is way more interesting than black and white, traditional heroes and demons. I just think that’s really cool. Rosita is really great in some ways, and then she’s faced with an impossible situation. I think Tamara did such a great job at making you feel that she’s not 100 per cent sure she’s doing the right thing. She’s just clasping at all straws and trying to fight. It’s like ‘I know you don’t have my back so I have to look out for myself.’

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Waverly has been trying to find out who she is, and while we know that according to the DNA test she isn’t an Earp, the finale also proves that she’s not half revenant either. What did you think of that reveal and has Emily told you the truth about Waverly yet?

DPC: What do you think? Absolutely no chance in a million years! I had mixed feelings about it when I read that I wasn’t going to find out. I was so sure that she was going to wrap it up and tie it in a nice little bow. I think it was a really wise choice to leave it open because we have to have somewhere to go. We’ve covered so much this season, and it being a slow burn is actually nicer.

Waverly is someone who traditionally doesn’t like thinking of herself and her own problems. She’s so keen to put all her attention into solving everybody else’s and helping other people. I really wanted to portray that in that scene where she steps over the boundary. Of course, there’s that sense of relief that she’s not a revenant, but there’s still that pain of ‘Oh no! I still don’t know.’ That feeling that this isn’t over, and there’s still going to be some searching involved, when ultimately she’d like it to be over.

It wouldn’t have been the best thing, and I think we’re all guilty of this, but she’d shove it under a rug and get on with it. But Emily is the best and I trust her with my life, and there’s no doubt that it’ll play out way more interesting this way because she’s left open the possibility.

TTVJ: Classic Andras! Give us a few answers, but here’s five more questions for you.

DPC: [laughs] At least the baby was born! She did tie up a really good one I thought.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Wynonna goes to find Mama Earp at the end of the finale, and it seems like we may meet her in Season 3. What does that mean for Waverly if she returns, especially since it seems like she may be Waverly’s true mother?

DPC: Again, it’s so good! It’s so good! When I read it I just thought it was fantastic. I know a lot of fans of the show talk about it, and fans on the show, aka Tim [Rozon] and I, and it couldn’t have been brought in a more perfect manner. After all this notion of motherhood, Wynonna having to give up her baby, having to get in touch with that side of her as a woman, to then tie that in with their mother is just a beautiful bookend to go into the next season.

I think it’s really hard to know because it could go in so many different directions. One thing I do think is that this is Wynonna’s secret. I don’t know if you read the same thing, and I’ve not seen it play out, but if you remember when Waverly bought the pregnancy test for Wynonna, there was an interaction where I explained that the demon said it was too crowded. Just before Waverly said that to her, Wynonna said ‘oh you know all my secrets now?’ There was a very powerful look in her eye, and I think, my analysis of this episode, is that that secret was ‘oh shit, she knows I’m in contact with our mother.’ It was just a split second and then was taken away.

I think this is a regular thing that they’ve been having contact, and that’s going to cause a huge issue between Waverly and Wynonna. You know what I think it’s a really cool and smart idea because sisters have problems, and we’ve seen this incredibly strong, beautiful dynamic between them that is very powerful. It’s the reason why our show works so well and is the heart of our show, but I think it’d be really interesting to see something that meant so much.

This is real stuff. It isn’t ‘oh you can shoot Peacemaker and I can’t and I’m jealous of that.’ No, it’s like this is going behind her back and something that means so much to Waverly. That could bring a really interesting dynamic and story to tell between two sisters having to work some proper shit out. I think that’s probably where it will go, but what do I know? You should probably ask Emily this. [laughs]


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Wynonna Earp Season 3 will premiere on Syfy and Space in 2018.