Wynonna Earp: Why Dani Kind is So Happy to Be Back In Purgatory

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Bell Media / SYFY

*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Wynonna Earp Season 3 episode “Undo It” ***

Surprise! Looks like that vacated Gardner house on Wynonna Earp will be empty no more. In fact, one of the home’s original inhabitants, Mercedes (Dani Kind), is now back and better than ever thanks to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and a touch from her magical ring. That’s right, when Waverly joined Nicole (Katherine Barrell) to check out a disturbance at the Gardner house they were surprised to see that Mercedes, Wynonna’s (Melanie Scrofano) friend from back in the day who lost her face to the Widows last season, had been to several doctors and had most of her face restored. It wasn’t until presumably Waverly touched her though that everything healed up for good.

Mercedes return also marks the return of Workin’ Moms star Kind to Purgatory. The TV Junkies recently caught up with her to talk about Mercedes’ return and why she is so happy that she gets to explore the character some more this season. She also previews why Mercedes may just be getting started on stirring up trouble in Purgatory and why she loves interacting with the Wynonna Earp fandom so much.


The TV Junkies: Mercedes came back to Purgatory! Were you surprised to get the call or did you have an inkling she may return?

Dani Kind: Emily had asked me if I would be interested in coming back, not if I would come back, but just if I had interest. I said ‘absolutely! 1000% I would die to come back!’ Then they started filming and I didn’t hear anything. I kept not hearing anything and started to think ‘I guess they aren’t bringing me back.’ I was kind of bummed and all the sudden out of the blue we got a phone call. I said ‘who am I playing?’ My agent was like ‘what are you talking about? You’re back on the show.’ But I played 3 different characters so he tried to find out and they wouldn’t tell us. I thought ‘Goddammit! Please let it be Mercedes!’ It was and I was so happy!

TTVJ: Well you weren’t the only one to love Mercedes when we met her, but we never really got to know a ton about her. Obviously, you were excited to get to explore her some more?

DK: She wasn’t in it a lot but there was something between her and Wynonna. They said they were friends but the way it was written the connection was something else. It was sort of like ‘why do these women even like each other? They are so different!’ I think we start to find out a little bit of why that is in smaller moments. Hopefully it translates because I think she genuinely has love for Wynonna and there’s something there between the two of them.

TTVJ: What I really loved was that everyone else we’ve met who knew Wynonna when she was young has looked down on her past, even Nedley. So it was always fun that Mercedes was so happy to see her and looked fondly on their relationship.

DK: I agree! Totally agree! The way they talk to each other is so quippy and fun. It’s just like ‘fuck you girl, I love you!’ It’s so great!

TTVJ: I will say some of the lines in this episode felt way more “Dani Fucking Kind”-esque. [laughs]

DK: I do think they stepped it up a little bit. [laughs]

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: What’s your favorite thing about going back to Wynonna Earp?

DK: Last year I felt like I was a guest on their show and I was really nervous. I wanted to do a good job and I didn’t know anybody. This year I felt like I was going home for a visit, even going back to Calgary. It was great seeing the crew, but even the new people coming in were so great and comfortable. It’s just a very chill vibe. It definitely felt like going home and it was just really nice.

TTVJ: The Wynonna Earp fandom really took to you and embraced you last season. They’ve been very vocal supportives of you and your characters. Do you think their love had anything to do with Mercedes making a return?

DK: A million percent! Absolutely they did! Also, I think Emily [Andras, showrunner] takes that very seriously. She’s very careful and I’ve heard rumors, as I’ve said before, where if it comes down to two different actors for a job, she’ll take the one that has a nice reputation or is nicer to work with. That kind of precedence that she’s set she also gives to fans of the show. If they are vocal about something or think that a person speaks to them and is important, she is smart and finds a way to write them in in a really heartfelt, beautiful and dark way. She’s not just a showrunner. She’s so much more than that.

TTVJ: Speaking of finding those interesting ways to bring characters back, I wasn’t sure how the whole face thing was going to be explained but they found a crazy way to do so.

DK: It was absolutely so crazy but I truly didn’t know what they’d do. The Widow burst into a million spiders and those spiders didn’t die. I was reeling all year thinking ‘what if one of those spiders laid eggs?’ I was trying to think of every possibility they could come up with because I wasn’t sure they’d bring Mercedes back. I’m just so happy they did! She’s just so fun and the outfits I get to wear are so fun! It’s just the best.

TTVJ: She is fun, but at the beginning of the episode when we see her she didn’t really have that same mojo. Now that she’s got her face back will she regain some of that and will she be sticking around for a bit?

DK: Bridget, she’s now oozing mojo. She’s oozing it! That’s where the costume department is so smart because Mercedes would never wear a pair of jeans, and they put her in jeans! We were doing a wardrobe fitting and I was like ‘why is she in jeans?’ They said it was because she isn’t herself and is out of it. It’s those subtle things that make the show so good and the fact that fans pick up on it. That’s how good all the departments of that show are but she gets her mojo back tenfold. She’s got enough mojo for several people on that show.

TTVJ: I definitely had that thought wondering why she was wearing jeans and just like a plain sweater.

DK: It’s funny because this season I felt like I was going too big or being too much. I just kept waiting for someone to tell me to tone it down and they never did. I thought for sure I was making a fool of myself, but it’s just so fun to do and go play.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: As we’ve mentioned the Wynonna Earp fans are very passionate about you. What was it like for you to finally get to meet some at EH Con earlier this summer?

DK: I am seriously beside myself upset that I cannot go to Earpapalooza, especially since I was ramping up for a full weekend with everyone. EH Con was such a great introduction for me because it was just a day. It was so amazing though and just pure joy. I was there for 8 hours and from the moment I got there it was like ‘here’s a bucket of joy’ and then ‘oh no, here’s 10 more buckets!’ Everyone was so happy and genuine. I had some great conversations with people, and I imagine this show will ruin me if I ever get to do this for another show. I can’t imagine all fans are like this. It’s just really, really nice people, and I’m not surprised people have found love and friendship with one another because of the kind of people the show draws. Earpers are also super respectful and human. There’s so much humanity in the fandom.

TTVJ: You’re currently hard at work on Season 3 of Workin’ Moms. Can you preview anything about what we’ll see from Anne this season?

DK: Anne’s going through some serious shit. This is going to sound so cliche but it’s very accurate, that we get to see her in a way that we haven’t seen her in the previous two seasons because of … stuff I can’t talk about. [laughs] Sorry, that’s the vaguest thing I’ve ever said!


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