Wynonna Earp: Dani Kind On Her Deliciously Evil Character

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

This season of Wynonna Earp has been quite a whirlwind for Dani Kind. The Toronto based actress joined the Syfy and Space drama in Season 2 and has taken viewers on quite the ride. Viewers were initially introduced to Kind as Mercedes Gardner, Wynonna’s (Melanie Scrofano) friend from her past and a potential new best friend for the gunslinger. However, Mercedes and sister Beth (Meghan Heffern) had their faces stolen by the two evil Widows, and since then Kind has been playing a villain who is getting crazier and crazier with each passing week.

Mercedes is in hot pursuit of the third and final seal that she believes will allow her demon husband to rise once more. Unfortunately for Officer Haught (Katherine Barrell), the end of last week’s episode showed that Mercedes thinks she may have it. The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with Kind about playing Mercedes and the Widow, as well as the danger that may be in store for Haught. Many fans of Canadian television also know Kind as Anne Carlson on CBC’s Workin’ Moms. She previewed what to expect when that returns for Season 2 this winter. Also, be sure and stay tuned at The TV Junkies for more of our interview with Kind in part two.


The TV Junkies: What’s it been like being on a show that is so different from Workin’ Moms?

Dani Kind: There are so many things that are different. For instance, Wynonna shoots on studio so much which kind of blew my mind. I’ve done a couple days here and there, but never shot that much in studio. Just the sheer scale of that was so different because Workin’ Moms is always on location all over Toronto. We are usually dealing with planes flying over or people standing in shots. It’s all different elements.

I also had never shot anything sci-fi before and this is such a specific show. I couldn’t get a grasp on the tone, or how to get into it because the scripts were coming as we were going. That was so different because on Workin’ Moms we have all the episodes, so I know my storyline, my arc and have a sense of what my character is revealing in each scene and episode. For Wynonna I didn’t know I was playing Mercedes at the audition. I didn’t know Mercedes was turning into a Widow. I didn’t know the Widow would be decaying. There was so many things about it that I had to be open in a different way than I am on Workin’ Moms.

TTVJ: Having had no idea that your character Mercedes was going to have her face stolen and become this evil villain, did you have a moment where you were like ‘wait, what now? This is so not what I signed up for.’

DK: No, because everything was so exciting. Everything I read was like ‘Oh my god, what? What!?!’ Also, I was waiting to be killed off because I didn’t think I’d be in the whole season. So every time I got a script or saw Emily I’d be like ‘killing me off this time?’ She’s like ‘Well, just wait and see!’ I just didn’t know what was going to happen. So every time I got a script and I was still alive it’d be juicier and juicier.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: There’s not just one Widow, but two. Did you and Meghan Heffern work together on figuring out who these ladies were and how you wanted to play them?

DK: We kind of talked on set a little bit about stuff, but I think we were equally ‘what are we doing?’ everyday. So when we would get into scenes we’d just find our way into it. We would talk, but more we’d just feel it out when we were in it. The directors all had such different ideas about the Widows too — who they were and the way they moved. We ran lines but it was mostly collaborating on set.

TTVJ: We all loved Mercedes and her friendship with Wynonna. Do you ever wish you got to explore her more? I think we should pour one out for her.

DK: For our homie Mercedes! [laughs] I really am shocked how much people like her. I wasn’t thinking about that at all while we were shooting it. I was thinking it was a silly, fun character who is a badass and doesn’t give a shit, and that’s really cool. But I didn’t ever think people were really going to like Mercedes. People started tweeting about it and posting and then it made sense. Wynonna doesn’t have a connection with other women.

One of my favorite moments between Mercedes and Wynonna was when they were sitting at the bar, and Mercedes says to Wynonna ‘How about your broken heart? Yeah, I can smell that from a mile away.’ Emily just slipped in this little tiny moment that solidified something between those two women. It was weighted, but fun and I really loved that moment. In hindsight I see that she’s badass in a way I never thought of.

TTVJ: At the end of last week’s episode Mercedes has just shown up at Nicole’s door. It doesn’t seem like it’s a friendly visit. Can you preview anything about what happens with her visit there?

DK: She’s there to cause shit. [laughs] I saw somebody tweet that she’s maybe there for a cup of sugar, and I thought that was hilarious. I can’t really say beyond she’s there to cause shit.

TTVJ: What’s it been like for you joining a show like Wynonna Earp that has such a passionate and engaged fanbase?

DK: It’s so great! My Saturday morning paper has now become running through all the tweets and trying to read what everybody posted. I can’t get through all of them, there’s just so many. Everyone is so supportive and so fun. I also like how everyone tweets at each other. They aren’t just tweeting to the actors on the show, but also engaging with each other. They’ve built a community. It’s not just about going crazy over the actors.

TTVJ: They are super funny too!

DK: They are so funny! They all get Emily’s sense of humor so well, and she seems to have a connection to them. She’s really in tune with the fan base.


TTVJ: I’m dying to know about Workin’ Moms Season 2. What can you tell us?

DK: We have some awesome new characters coming on this season who are so fun. There’s a lot more interaction between the characters already on the show. Last year you’d see Anne and Lionel together, but now there’s more crossover of characters that adds a crazy dynamic. Some very shocking, shocking things happen this season. I’m really excited. We’re only a couple weeks into shooting and I’m so excited to shoot every part of it.

TTVJ: We know Jann Arden has been cast as Anne’s mom. What did you think when you found out?

DK: I feel as though my life has come full circle because I went to so many of her concerts in my early twenties. She became a fan of the show and started tweeting about the show. When I was shooting Wynonna she invited me over for dinner at her house. I got to meet her, hang out and meet her friends. It was an incredible night. Catherine [Reitman] sent me a text message one day and was like ‘just want to let you know Anne’s mother might be Jann Arden.’ I lost my goddamn mind!

She got to set and was so amazing! I don’t think anyone has seen her in this way. No one has seen her dress this way that’s for sure. She’s hysterical on the show! She was so happy to be there and so kind to everybody. She’s just an amazing woman. She really knocked it out of the park and I can’t wait for people to see.


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Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.