Wynonna Earp: 9 Reasons Why Lucy Lawless Would Make the Perfect Mama Earp

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It can’t really happen, can it? Could Wynonna Earp seriously land Lucy Lawless to play Mama Earp in Season 3? What started out as just a pipe dream for showrunner Emily Andras and many fans, now seems to have a bit of momentum, and even Lawless herself possibly down for the idea. The Season 2 finale of Wynonna Earp ended on the cliffhanger that Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) has in fact known where her mother has been all these years, as well as how to contact her. With Mama Earp poised to play a major role in Season 3, Andras then told several outlets that if she had to dream cast the role she’d pick Xena’s Lawless. The Wynonna Earp fans then did what they do best, and reacted with #NoChill about the situation, politely reaching out to Lawless on Twitter.

While nothing official has been announced, and with Wynonna expected to start shooting Season 3 in Calgary later this year, there’s nothing concrete to report as far as Lawless actually becoming Mama Earp. However, we here at The TV Junkies couldn’t help but get excited along with all the Earpers about this possibility. Yes, Lawless would be a huge name to get for the Canadian supernatural drama, but it’s more than that. In fact, here’s several reasons why we think Lawless would be absolutely perfect for the role of Mama Earp:


She was a warrior princess!

As Xena, Lawless played one of the biggest TV badasses of all time. The mother of the Earp heir is going to no doubt be quite the woman, and who better for that than a warrior princess? It’s perfect and so fitting. Also, Scrofano is so good as Wynonna Earp, and brings such a presence to the role, that whoever plays her mother is going to need to be able to match that in many ways. Lawless’ past as Xena no doubt makes her up for that challenge.


She’s got the range

It’s pretty clear to everyone that Lawless would own the badass part of the Mama Earp role, but what about the rest? Every character on Wynonna Earp is three-dimensional, with many layers, and there’s no doubt that will apply to Mama Earp as well. There are so many questions surrounding why she left her children with a seemingly bad father, that there’s sure to be many emotional moments when she makes her return. Lawless has proved in past roles on shows like Spartacus and Top of the Lake that she’s capable of a wide range of emotions. She can be tough and a physical presence in one moment, and then transition right into a tender, emotional one the next. Mama Earp is going to need to be a skilled actress, especially to go up against Scrofano, and Lawless’ past work shows her more than capable.

She’s an LGBTQ icon

Thanks to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor) on Xena, Lawless became a bit of a LGBTQ icon. It’s a role that she’s fully embraced and earlier this year was named Australian LGBTI Awards Ally of the Year. Wynonna Earp is one of the best shows on TV when it comes to LGBTQ representation, and Lawless’ history makes her a perfect fit for everything the show stands for when it comes to the LGBTQ community.


She’s got a huge fandom following

Since Wynonna Earp does have such strong roots and so many fans in the LGBTQ community, many of those fans also were fans of Xena. In fact, these fans have already even given a name to themselves, Xearpers! While there’s a lot of cross-pollination when it comes to the two fandoms, the possibility of Lawless coming to Wynonna could bring a whole bunch of new genre-loving fans to the show. Wynonna Earp has been very popular on social media, but its traditional ratings have not been the best. An influx of new fans who would follow Lawless anywhere would be very welcome for Syfy and Space in Season 3.

She’s no stranger to genre

Xena wasn’t Lawless’ only stop in genre television, and the New Zealand native actually has quite a history with it. Some of her past roles include being a part of shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Hercules and Ash vs. Evil Dead. We’re not saying that whoever plays Mama Earp must have a background in genre, but it sure doesn’t hurt that Lawless has played on many of these types of shows before.

She can do comedy

One of the things we love about Wynonna Earp is that while she is a hero, she certainly isn’t perfect. She’s going to make mistakes and screw up from time to time, and usually with some hilarious results. That comedic nature trickles down from Scrofano’s Wynonna to every single member of the cast. In short, being able to also land a joke or one-liner is a requirement for being on Wynonna Earp. One of our favorite Lawless roles proved that she definitely has the comedic skills to do just that. As Diane on Parks and Recreation, her character was one of the only ones able to hold her own against Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman). She was a hilarious single mom who was always firmly in charge of the situation, and Lawless was able to jump into an already fantastic cast to make the role her own. We’d love to see her do a similar thing in Season 3 of Wynonna.


She’s got great hair

We’ve all seen the gorgeous hair porn that Melanie Scrofano puts on display every week as Wynonna. It only makes sense to assume that Wynonna comes from a long line of luxuriously locked women, right? Whether she’s brunette or blonde, Lawless has definitely proved that color doesn’t matter because her hair is always on point. Frankly, we’d expect no less than hair to die for out of Mama Earp!

The show and its stars want her!

Despite saying that she thinks she has “a two per cent chance of making that happen,” showrunner Andras did mention Lawless as her dream Mama Earp following the finale. “I feel like the feminist/warrior princess time continuum would explode, but it would be completely worth it,” she told TVLine. Star Scrofano is totally on board with the Lawless choice as well. When asked recently at Dragon Con what she would do if the show had “Game of Thrones-type money,” the actress said she’d “cast a really expensive Mama Earp.” She also freaked out with fans recently on Twitter when Lawless responded to tweets about Wynonna Earp.

Lawless seems down for it!

Which brings us to our final point, and that’s that Lawless herself seems open to the idea. She first opened the door when a Wynonna Earp fan tweeted to her asking if she’d play Mama Earp. The Xena legend responded with “Certainly. Where and when?” This set off a Twitter firestorm that included Scrofano, Andras and even Star Trek’s William Shatner getting excited about the idea over the weekend. Last, but not least, Lawless still seemed interested early Tuesday morning when she tweeted out an article about this dream casting scenario. So basically, if all parties involved seem down for it, let’s do this thing! We didn’t think it possible, but we’re now even more excited for Season 3 of Wynonna Earp!


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Wynonna Earp Season 3 will return to Syfy and Space in 2018.