Wynonna Earp: 13 Things We Learned At San Diego Comic-Con


On the whole San Diego Comic-Con has treated Wynonna Earp pretty good. Not only was it announced that the show had been renewed for Season 3 during the cast’s panel on Saturday, July 22, but members of the cast, showrunner Emily Andras and comic book creator Beau Smith also shared at length some behind the scenes secrets. They also briefly looked ahead to the rest of Season 2 and discussed the renewal.

In addition to being renewed by Syfy, it was also announced that Space Channel has renewed Wynonna Earp for Season 3 as well. The excitement of the renewal news had levels for fans and cast members alike at an all time high, but The TV Junkies have highlighted below some key takeaways from the Wynonna Earp panel at Comic-Con. Be sure to tune in Friday at 10 p.m. on Syfy and Space for the next all new episode, “Future in the Past,” where Wynonna has an opportunity to discover the origins of the Earp curse while her team races to save the future.


The renewal is a credit to Earpers

As fans in the crowd changed “Season 3! Season 3” along with the cast, showrunner Andras credited fans with getting the renewal for the show. “It was you guys, thank you so much Earpers,” she told the crowd.


More of what you love on the way

While there is still five more episodes in Season 2 to go, the renewal of course sparked questions about what could happen in Season 3. “Oh my god, you guys I’m so tired,” Andras joked. She continued to joke that “Dolls is probably going to be in it. Doc might be there. Wayhaught, I don’t know. Mel, maybe not pregnant.” She did promise to continue giving fans what they love so much about the show already. “All the things that you love are going to be in it. Duh! Times one hundred,” she enthused.

Scrofano’s pregnancy was a positive

As both Andras and Scrofano have said, finding out that its star was going to be five to six months pregnant when shooting of Season 2 began, and thus, incorporating that into the story, actually turned out to be a blessing. “I’m so proud of what happened,” said Andras, before telling fans “thank you so much for sticking with us and trusting us to do this. I’m really proud.” Scrofano told Andras that she was “scared to disappoint” her, but Andras confirmed there’s no way that was possible when she joked back “well, you didn’t you big jerk.” Dominique Provost-Chalkley jumped in to add that “truly, I think the reason why this season is so successful is because of that.”

It’s about the family you choose

Wynonna’s pregnancy also brings up one of the show’s central themes about non traditional families. “Look, it’s not a traditional family, but that’s what’s so great about genre and this show,” said Andras. “It’s about building the family you want versus the family you have,” she continued and said that extends to Wynonna’s potential love interests. “My favorite thing about it is that both Doc and Dolls are grownups, and now they really like each other,” she said. Tim Rozon jumped in to note that he still believes what he said in Season 1, that “Wynonna gets to choose which guy she wants to be with.”

We still don’t know what Dolls is

Is he a dragon? Is he a lizard? What exactly is Dolls? When asked if he knew, Shamier Anderson remained pretty tight-lipped, saying that he was “going to defer to Emily for that one.” Andras then said “you can say it, and then I have to make it happen,” but Provost-Chalkley quickly jumped in to ask “why label it?”

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

Kat Barrell loved Drunk Haught too

One of fans’ most favorite things from this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp was seeing Officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) lose control, and get a little drunk trying to help out Wynonna. Barrell said she had a great time filming it, but admitted to getting a little nervous. “I get really nervous when I act with Melanie because she’s so fantastic. I was looking forward to doing that scene with her,” said Barrell. She went on to say “I had such a fun time getting to play with Mel. It pushed me as an actor because I had to control my nerves.” Getting to explore new sides to Haught was also a positive for Barrell. “It was super fun to play another side of Nicole because she’s always in such control, and I think it was really interesting to explore her trying to be in control. So it was fun,” she said.

The newbies were welcomed with open arms

The Wynonna Earp cast is a tight-knit bunch, so what was it like for new cast members Varun Saranga and Tamara Duarte to join this year? “Emily hazed us initially,” joked Saranga. “Coming in you feel really nervous because you feel like you’re going into someone’s Thanksgiving and everyone has their own dynamic,” described Duarte. She went on to add that “everyone is so welcoming and friendly and giving on and off set. It’s a blessing because I was an Earper first. I watched all of the first season, so when I got on set I was like, ‘it’s real!’”

Will Beau Smith make an on screen appearance?

When discussing the topic of Waverly’s parentage, comic book creator Beau Smith, aka “Papa Earp,” jokingly stood up and proclaimed “It was me!” Provost-Chalkley jokingly responded with “I sometimes wonder if you are my real father.” This led panel moderator Donna Dickens to joke that Smith appearing on the show must now be canon, to which Andras quickly asked “what makes you think we haven’t had Beau on the show?” Smith responded saying “It would be my honor to be on the show, but no one has officially asked me. But don’t suspect that I wouldn’t sneak through the back door.”

Smith and Rozon’s bromance is still strong

Smith is once again writing comic books to go along with the show with Rozon on Wynonna Earp: Season Zero. This is the second time the duo are collaborating, mostly because Smith says he missed Rozon. “When I was writing the first issue, something wasn’t right, and my wife Beth said ‘what’s wrong? You usually don’t cry this much in the afternoon,” he joked. He went on to say that “I was upfront and said ‘I miss Tim.’’’ Smith said he called his editor at IDW, pitched the idea of writing again with Rozon and they were immediately on board. Rozon added that he “couldn’t believe it,” to get another chance at writing with Smith. “Again, from the bottom of my heart, it’s the greatest experience working with this man,” said Rozon.

Fans aren’t the only ones who love the Earp sisters

While there have been many Earp sisters moments that have gotten to fans, the Wynonna Earp cast is also very affected by those as well. When asked what her favorite moment of Season 2 to film was, Provost-Chalkley said “hands down that scene with Melanie at the end of Episode 206.” She said that was her answer because “never in my life have I had an experience like that.” Provost-Chalkley actually began crying when she recalled the scene and Scrofano got up and hugged her. Provost-Chalkley also said “truly Melanie is one of the most incredible performers that, I genuinely believe, is on TV. To be able to sit there in that scene and have another presence there, it was very humbling and you suddenly realize there’s something so much more important, which is life. She’s actually making a human.” She said she hasn’t had much experience being around pregnant women so “the whole experience was just mind blowing.” Provost-Chalkley added a final note for her costar saying, “I feel so grateful to you Mel, so thank you.”


Wynonna men are supportive on and off screen

Not only are the men of Wynonna Earp very supportive of the ladies on screen, but that extends off screen as well. Provost-Chalkley recalled a text she received from Rozon after they had just been told over lunch that Scrofano was pregnant and the story was being incorporated into the show. She said all the text said was “I’m excited and I’m ready.” Andras said it isn’t just the cast members either. “We have guys behind the scenes too,” she said before citing how great a group of male producers Syfy was and how supportive they were of Scrofano. Andras noted that “honestly, that’s how we do 2017 on Wynonna Earp!”

Favorite Season 2 moments

In continuing the discussion about favorite moments in Season 2, Barrell noted that hers was the scene between Nicole and Sheriff Nedley. She notes that was “such an amazing reminder for her,” and said costar Greg Lawson is “such a wonderful guy.” Saranga jokingly said his moment was “when they revealed Jeremy was actually the dad.” For Andras, she said she loves “all the Earp sisters moments,” but said there’s one moment in particular in the finale that she really loves.

Buffy lessons learned

While Andras cites Buffy as a thematic inspiration, she notes that she really does “try to do homage versus derivative.” She also cited important lessons that she learned from Buffy that she has carried with her into Wynonna. “The thing that Buffy taught me the most is that, it’s OK if the demon has a zipper up the back of the costume if the characters are incredible,” said Andras. She added that if a scene “makes you feel something, the genre audience is so generous they just want the characterization to be fair, consistent and fun.”


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Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.