Workin’ Moms Stars Preview What’s to Come in Season 4


While things are still cold and chilly outside for most of us, it’s summer and the heat is turning up on Season 4 of Workin’ Moms. The CBC comedy series will premiere on Tuesday, February 18 at 9:30 p.m. ET. Almost immediately, Kate (Catherine Reitman) will have to deal with the ramifications of her decision between taking back Nathan (Philip Sternberg) or moving on with Mike (Victor Webster). In true Workin’ Moms fashion, we know that her friends will have major thoughts over whatever she decides. Relationship issues may be the least of her worries, though, as Kate tries to keep building upon the success of her business with a few interesting new clients.

Elsewhere, Anne (Dani Kind) has a huge battle on her hands as Alice’s (Sadie Munroe) behavior reaches a new level, one that Anne may try to capitalize on. Frankie (Juno Rinaldo) continues to do well in her relationship with Bianca (Tennille Read), despite some questions arising about the sperm donor of Bianca’s new baby boy.

To get a full look at everything that’s ahead in Season 4, The TV Junkies recently caught up with Reitman, Kind, and Rinadi. The trio preview not only what’s ahead for their characters, but discuss what others like Val (Sarah McView) and Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) may be up to as well.


The TV Junkies: Let’s start with Kate, she and Nathan have come to an understanding and he apologized. Where are they at in Season 4 then with their relationship?

Catherine Reitman: The premiere, as well as the rest of the season, really is a nice answer to the question mark we leave at the end of Season 3. We talked at length in the room about the opportunity you would get, if your husband or wife did cheat on you, and you were given the opportunity to start fresh; if you were given the golden ticket to go out there and restart your life. What would that look like? What decision would you make, especially when you have children with somebody? We really got into it.

I know there’s a lot of Team Nathans, and an equal amount Team Mikes, so it was a difficult question to answer, but we did it before the show aired so lucky for us, we had already committed to a path. I think it’s going to be very satiating, particularly when they see what happens to the one that was not chosen. 

Simultaneously, Kate has this really funny, new work storyline with this wheat beer. It’s so funny to see her, who really thrives in conservative environments and is such a kickass, all of the sudden be surrounded by frat boys who have money to squander. I think it’s going to be a really funny season for Kate.


TTVJ: When we last saw her, she was booking the True Air account with Mike. Is it safe to assume we’ll still see them working together this year?

CR: That’s right because if Kate does choose Nathan or Mike, there are repercussions. She has children with one, and a company to work for with the other. Either way, she has responsibilities tied to one of her choices. Not an easy, clean choice. 

 TTVJ: Anne learned some pretty unsettling news about her daughter Alice at the end of last season. Where do things go with that situation in Season 4?

Dani Kind: I double down on parenting her. It gets harder, faster, stronger. Then, I think I know everything, so I start writing a book about parenting. 

TTVJ: As much as we all love Anne, she does have some real anger issues. Will we see those continue to surface and will she try to manage them in any way?

DK: I think that’s the core of who Anne is. They are never going to go away and are part of her personality. We will see them come out in different ways.


TTVJ: Things seem to be going really well for Frankie with Bianca. Now that Bianca has her own child, how is that going to affect their relationship?

Juno Rinaldi: Frankie wants to double down on being a supportive partner. She really loves Bianca and loves the idea of family and being in a committed relationship. She realizes though that the baby isn’t what they thought, in way of its look, and realizes how hard that is for Bianca. Because Frankie loves Bianca so much, she wants to figure out where this lovely baby came from. So she tracks down the sperm donor, and true to Frankie form, all sorts of things ensue.

I love how fierce Frankie is this season with her protection and connection and desire to be a really important figure in Bianca’s life. For me, it was really a beautiful storyline for me to play, and I have a really fun scene partner this year.

TTVJ: I was so happy to see my girl Val featured in the photos from the first episode. Will we still see her this season? Is she still going strong with her handyman?

CR: She is still going strong with her handyman. It’s hard, because we only did 8 episodes this season, and as it is, I’m having to sacrifice certain storylines to commit to 21 minutes and 49 seconds for four characters’ home, work, life, and the whole deal. So we don’t follow Val in the same way that we did last season, but that’s not to say we won’t again. I, much like the fans, am so in love with Val and how people are connecting to her. But we do see her have some fun this season. I was cutting Episode 3 the other day, and I think that audiences are going to scream laugh at what she wears in that episode. She’s a delight, both on and off screen.

TTVJ: Jenny and Ian are also still in the mix. What can we expect from Jenny this season?

CR: We were talking in the writers’ room about what Jenny satiates for the show. We have all these strong, controversial characters on the show, she being one of them. Jenny represents an aspect of most women that we don’t like to talk about: our vanity. While we have all these ball-busting strong women on the show, Jenny doesn’t usually get to stand up on a soapbox for what we consider our feminist issues. She usually stands up for more of the identity crisis of, ‘Am I going to lose what it is to be beautiful?’ So we put her as the most unlikely source, and she becomes the face of gender inequity this season. She stumbles upon the wage gap at her own work and becomes a Norma Rae. The way she does it is so perfectly Jenny and I think the audience will get a kick out of it.


TTVJ: Workin’ Moms is now available on Netflix in the U.S. and the world. What’s it been like for you now that so many more people have been able to see the show?

CR: It’s been extraordinary. For three years we were living anonymously with the show where few people would get it outside of Canada. Whenever I’d go back to the States it was like I had this weird summer camp job that not everyone knew about. So to go there now for me, and I was raised in Los Angeles, so to have everyone know what I’ve been doing with the last 5 years of my life is very rewarding.

JR: It’s been overwhelming. Everybody keeps coming up to me on the street, or if I go to a small town somewhere, and that speaks to the quality of the show and how it’s touching people. It’s striking a chord with not only moms, but ex-boyfriends, people who fired you from different jobs, everyone. It’s been incredible and I never really thought this was a journey to be had. I feel really lucky.

DK: One of the big things for me has been the crossover with the Wynonna Earp fan conventions. It’s been surprising to see how many people want to talk about Workin’ Moms and sign Workin’ Moms stuff for them. That’s been the biggest, more than getting recognized, it’s been the biggest shift for me.


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Workin’ Moms Season 4 premieres Tuesday, February 18 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBC and CBC Gem.