Workin’ Moms’ Sarah McVie on Why Everyone Can’t Help But Love Val


All of the moms at the center of CBC’s Workin’ Moms has their own unique personality, but none of them quite measure up to Val Szalinsky (Sarah McVie). While many of the moms’ kids have graduated from the Mommy and Me group, it’s so great to still see Val popping up everywhere from birthing classes to helping Kate (Catherine Reitman) babysit at home. Val has become an integral part of this show and she’s about to make an even bigger mark on this week’s episode, “Girl’s Trip,” which sees Kate, Anne (Dani Kind), Frankie (Juno Rinaldi) and Val take a memorable “trip” to celebrate Frankie’s birthday.

That’s right, just as Reitman promised us at the start of Season 3, Workin’ Moms has begun to take a deeper look at Val’s personal life, and from what we’ve seen so far, things aren’t all that pretty. In last week’s episode, Val’s two teenage sons, Jacob and Joseph, made quite a first impression, albeit not a great one. In order to discuss what Season 3 may hold in store for Val, The TV Junkies recently spoke to McVie. She also previewed a little about what to expect in this week’s episode and why the other women so love having Val a part of their crew.


The TV Junkies: It’s so nice that even though the kids have gotten older and now are in school that Val is still around. Were you surprised when you learned Val was still going to be around in some capacity this year? What did they tell you about her role in Season 3?

Sarah McVie: We don’t talk about it much, but what’s very clear to me is that she’s wanted. Catherine, the writers, the crew and other actors just make it feel like there’s space for her. I love that she’s in contrast to them and so different. It celebrates that thing that I’ve experienced in my own life, which is that we don’t need to be one thing and we don’t need to surround ourselves with one thing. We can have a really diverse group of friends and it’s good to embrace that. Sometimes it’s nuts and she goes too far and gets them in hot water, but they still love her. I can’t speak to why, I’m not in their shoes, but I know she has a profound adoration for all of them.

TTVJ: I think it’s safe to say that we were all pretty shocked when we met Val’s two teenage sons. What did you think about our introduction to them and had you ever imagined a backstory for Val?

SM: In my imagination, the Mountie was absent a lot. I don’t think RCMP are absent, just that particular man. I don’t think he was around enough and she’s over indulged the kids in the same way she lavishes her friends. There’s a serious lack of discipline happening and I don’t know how she’s going to get through that. She’s not a disciplinarian by nature but they are bonkers out of control! It’s a real problem and I’m nervous about it. [laughs]

Those actors [Christian Martyn and Evan Marsh] were so sweet though and so lovely to work with. They were my first on screen sons and I love those boys. They were so fun to play with, and they got how to play just the right amount of rebelliousness to where it was shocking, but not uncomfortable.


TTVJ: Well and now this week we get to see the girls go away for a trip together.

SM: The Mommy and Me has been missing and we haven’t had any scenes with us all together again. That was so established over two seasons where we’d start the show together like that. So I had so much fun with that in this episode. This episode is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. Personally, I have been going to a girls’ weekend at a cottage for 25 years. It’s a huge part of my life. We’ve had as many as 25, but it’s settled in the past couple of years to 10 to 12. We’ve gone through births, deaths, new career opportunities, health issues and home renovations. There’s never one thing happening, it’s just all happening.

So this episode and idea of women going off together and getting away from the usual, taking space to explore, was something I loved.

TTVJ: What was it like getting to film where it’s just the four of you all together?

SM: I loved every second of it and just being with those gals for four or fives days was great. Yael [Staav], the director, is a complete pleasure to work with and the crew, since the beginning, has always been so supportive of Val and the humor she brings. They really couldn’t have been sweeter.

TTVJ: You have to be excited too about Workin’ Moms coming to Netflix and the fact that so many new people are going to get the chance to see it.

SM: Totally! At least a handful. [laughs] I’m ready for it and can’t wait! I spend quite a bit of time in New York and my friends there have been asking for years. I’m so happy to now just be able to say ‘watch it!’ If the reaction is anything like how it’s been here in Canada then it’s going to be great.


TTVJ: I know Val loves it, but how do you personally feel about noodle art?

SM: Love it! Just love it and can’t get enough of it. Don’t have any, and that’s a sadness in my own life. How fun! Also, you don’t have to ingest the carbs, you can just wear them.

TTVJ: Finally, I can’t speak to you without discussing your Instagram stories. I love them so much and may be a bit obsessed.

SM: Oh, those little things. That means a lot to me.

TTVJ: Your #MirrorChats are fabulous and I really am envious of your favorite winter coat. It’s fabulous!

SM: I wish I had one to lend you because it’s really like a different weather system in there. I don’t feel what everyone else is feeling and I’m happy as a clam in there. It’s from a Canadian company in Montreal.

But it’s really been such a pleasure doing Instagram stories, and you know who really told me to get on there? Jann Arden. When she came on in Season 2, she was all over Instagram and told me to get into it. I’m an actor, so all I want to do is make people laugh and think. It’s been pretty fun and I love that people enjoy them.


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Workin’ Moms airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and is available on CBC Gem.

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