Workin’ Moms’ Dani Kind on What’s Behind Anne’s Insecurities


Things are going a little rough in Anne Carlson’s (Dani Kind) life at the moment. Season 4 of Workin’ Moms has seen not only Anne’s relationship with her out of control daughter Alice (Sadie Munroe) tested, but all other core relationships in her life as well. Now that her husband Lionel (Ryan Belleville) has lost his job, all of the pressure of earning money for the family has fallen on Anne. That means that it’s even more important that she delivers on the parenting book she’s currently writing. 

While Anne is feeling insecure about things it’d be great if she could lean on her best friend, Kate (Catherine Reitman), but she’s a pretty busy woman herself. In an unexpected turn of events, Anne may find herself getting some harsh truths from an unlikely source in this week’s episode, Val (Sarah McVie). To go even more in depth about what Anne is experiencing this season, Kind recently spoke with The TV Junkies.


The TV Junkies: Season 4! It’s hard to believe we’re here already. Was there anything different about coming into this season?

Dani Kind: There was, just in terms of shooting, because it was a shorter season. I’ve referred to it so many times as summer camp because we shoot over the summer, we pee our pants laughing on set, and it’s so much fun. This time, because it was only 8 episodes, I felt like I blinked and it was over. That was the hardest thing to wrap my head around this season. But coming back to it for the fourth year in a row feels so natural and like coming home.

TTVJ: What in the world is Anne thinking writing this book about parenting when she so clearly has no control over Alice?

DK: In my own life, at all stages of parenting, I never feel like I know what I’m doing, but I’ll have these really small victories with my kids where I think, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got it! I’ve figured out this stage of parenting.’ Then it all comes crashing down within seconds of that feeling entering my body.

So Anne may be a bit delusional, but she’s also just trying to cope. Anne is flailing and Alice is flailing and they can’t find each other. I don’t know. I don’t know what she’s thinking, Bridget!


TTVJ: Do you ever think you could write a parenting book? Are you a good disciplinarian in real life?

DK: No! No, I could never write a book never ever! What could I ever possibly say that any parent hasn’t felt themselves or thought themselves? Absolutely not! I don’t think so. My parenting book would be full of the most brutal truths and then the world would just stop populating and we’d all die. I feel like I know less and less everyday about parenting, but at the same time my kids teach me so much. I don’t know how anyone can figure this out. It’s really hard.

TTVJ: She’s been frustrated with Lionel losing his job and having to carry the load, could that mean possible strife for them going forward?

DK: Absolutely. Strife, lots of it! I can’t say anything about it though. What’s going to happen to them? I don’t know, Bridget! I do know though…

They have some turmoil and it’s such a relatable situation of trying to pay for a mortgage, manage finances, and find yourself. It’s a great storyline and it also highlights Ryan Belleville, one of the greatest human beings on the planet.

TTVJ: No strife allowed!

DK: I know, but there is… [laughs]

TTVJ: But you guys are already hurting me by bringing back some potential drama between Kate and Anne. What can you share about their relationship and why Anne is feeling a little left out of Kate’s life?

DK: I think it is similar to all adult friendships you have outside of your marriage, where you never spend enough time with the person. With my friends, I love them so much and miss them all the time, but when I see them on Instagram hanging out with other people and having fun I think, ‘Who the fuck are those people? Why am I not there?’ There’s never enough time to spend. I just want to have a sleepover with my friends the way that we used to, just a full uninterrupted night with my friends. That’s a really hard thing to do, especially when Kate owns her own business and Anne is writing a book and being a therapist and mom. It gets harder and harder to divide your time. Anne and Kate have a really special relationship. Friendships are like marriages in that way though, you have to put in the work as you get older.


TTVJ: I love that there’s this little subplot happening where Anne thinks Val hates her. Were you as happy as I was when you read that relationship would be explored this season?

DK: Other than in Mommy & Me, Sarah and I haven’t really gotten to work together, as our characters never interact. It was so much fun working with her this season. She’s fantastic and such an incredible artist.

TTVJ: What’s behind Anne’s thinking that Val hates her?

DK: There’s an insecurity in Anne that’s bubbling up this season. It’s stemming from her problems with Alice where she’s feeling insecure as a parent. She’s feeling insecure writing this book and is insecure in her relationship with Kate. So anything that pokes the bear in that way is sparking this. She’s feeling like a small version of herself and looking for answers anywhere she can. In this season they happen to be in Val.

But did you see her in that clown costume?

TTVJ: It scared the crap out of me!

DK: When she stepped on set, none of us saw her getting ready, and so it was like ‘Holy shit, Sarah!’ That day filming was so hot too and she just owned it. It was incredible just watching her go to the bathroom or get coffee on set in that outfit. It was so funny. She’s so good.

TTVJ: Exploring Anne and Val this season was a delightful surprise, but are there any other relationships you’d love to explore for Anne?

DK: She had a little moment with Ian (Dennis Andres) where they were fishing and I really liked that. Any time we get to see her with a different character we see another shade of her. She hasn’t interacted much with Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) and I think that’d be a cool combo. They are such different women. Also, any time she’s with Frankie (Juno Rinaldi) there’s almost like a softer, sisterly thing that happens with them. I think it’s really interesting and don’t know where it came from. I’d also like to see her and Nathan (Philip Sternberg) locked in a room together. I think that’d be pretty cool.

TTVJ: I fear for his life.

DK: There Will Be Blood: Part II. That’s the sequel.


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