Workin’ Moms: Dani Kind Previews A “Gut-Wrenching” Season 2 Finale


Despite the show being called Workin’ Moms, Anne (Dani Kind) hasn’t had many parental crises to deal with in Season 2. For the most part, things with her children have been relatively calm during the CBC comedy’s second season. Instead, Anne has had to deal with a lot of drama with the adults in her life, specifically her partner, ex-husband and best friend. Thankfully, as the show gets ready for its Season 2 finale, airing Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBC, Anne seems to be in a pretty good place with everyone.

If you found yourself cheering at home at the end of last week’s episode, when Anne once and for all took down her creep of an ex, Dr. Brad (Christopher Redman), then you weren’t alone. He’s been causing trouble ever since he reappeared in Anne’s life earlier this season, but the show tackled recent headlines about sexual assault as two of Dr. Brad’s students came forward about the trauma he’s caused them and Anne made sure they got justice. The reappearance of Brad in her life has caused some strife for Anne and her partner, Lionel (Ryan Bellevue), which may still need to be sorted out in the finale.

But perhaps the biggest concern for Anne this year was the tension that kept creeping into her relationship with best friend, Kate (Catherine Reitman). It kept building, this growing rift between them, until things finally exploded in a full on fight. Thankfully, the two realized how important they are to one another and are back in a great place moving forward. To prepare ourselves for the big Season 2 finale though, The TV Junkies recently caught up with Kind to discuss Anne’s journey this season and look ahead to what may be a very emotional finale. Kind will return to Workin’ Moms which has been renewed by CBC for Season 3 and will begin shooting later this year. She will also appear later this spring on the BET legal drama In Contempt set in a New York City legal aid office.


The TV Junkies: Anne went through a lot this season with the personal relationships in her life. How do you feel about her growth and where she’s at here at the end of Season 2 as opposed to the beginning?

Dani Kind: She is going through a lot with Lionel because coming out of the abortion at the end of last season and all that really changed things in their relationship. She became softer with him and they went through something so vulnerable together. Lionel has a bigger voice this year, which I thought was really important both in their relationship and for their marriage. Then she went through so much with Kate and that was so important to show female friendship and everything they went through. They really highlighted other relationships that were important and revealed a lot about Anne this year.


TTVJ: The tension between Anne and Kate early on this season was really hard for me to watch. That’s the real love story of Workin’ Moms and I hurt when they were hurting.

DK: I know! I do too! Even watching it and knowing what was coming I feel like ‘No, stop!’ Even the fight episode, I knew it was coming but still didn’t want it to.

TTVJ: That was really rough to watch and thankfully, they are past it. What’s it like shooting those moments with Catherine?

DK: It was awful shooting that fight scene! I was glad Philip (Sternberg) was directing it because he handled it so beautifully. We felt all the feelings shooting that. When we then had that moment of reconnection, I loved that it wasn’t forced and happened naturally. They found their way back to each other in a moment of chaos and it was just awful. When we were shooting that, which I think was the last scene of the season that we shot, it’s not in the script that we hug. So we’re hugging and she whispers in my ear ‘I’m sorry,’ which again isn’t in the script. So it just got me right in my heart. It was terrible and beautiful at the same time and really well written.

TTVJ: A huge nemesis for Anne this season was her ex-husband, number one creep Dr. Brad. It was nice to see Anne get some closure with him, but extra great in that she stopped him from assaulting and hurting others as well. Can she officially shut that door?

DK: I think so. I think he’s pretty fucked. [laughs] But Chris Redman killed that part, man! That relationship is done, but I never really know. They just returned to the writers’ room for Season 3, have some new writers and you never know. He’s just the greatest guy though in real life.

But that scene we shot with the two young girls and what happened to them, when the girl said that she was told to pee her pants, I just thought it was so specific. We were shooting it and I looked at Catherine and thought “this is so specific. How do you go there in your brain to write something this specific and know it’ll be that relatable?” There was something about that storyline that I felt was so relatable where so many could think they had gone through something like that. It was really well done.


TTVJ: It seems like going through that with Brad helped Anne see that what she has with Lionel is really special. Where are they at in their relationship at the end of the season, even though he rejected her proposal?

DK: He wants me to sweep him off his feet, that beautiful Lionel. I can’t say much about the last episode so we’ll see where they end up. As it stands right now, I don’t think he’s very content with her and where she is.

TTVJ: I feel like you won’t give me much, but what can you preview about what happens in the finale?

DK: A lot of shit goes down! After I watched last week’s episode I thought, ‘I’m cringing so hard knowing what’s coming in the finale.’ It’s a beautiful episode and there are some incredibly beautiful moments that happen. It’s also gut-wrenching!

TTVJ: Oh I can’t wait! [laughs]

DK: When I read it in the script they said they were going to prep me, but they didn’t. I read it and was like ‘Oh no!’

TTVJ: Did you have a favorite moment from this year? What about when you guys dressed up as the men?

DK: The best was when we first came out of hair and makeup and all saw each other for the first time. We were like ‘this is so weird!’ It was so crazy though and I think because we were in such extravagant costumes it was the most fun thing to shoot. There’s also a thing that happens in the final episode that was lovely and sweet that I also loved shooting.

TTVJ: What can you share about your part on the new BET show In Contempt?

DK: I was dying to get on that show! The content is so relevant and the way they tackle it is great because the showrunner was actually a lawyer. The case I got to work on for the script really made me go back and forth between the two sides. It’s such a smart show and I think it’s going to bring up a lot of important conversations. The actors they have on it are really terrific as well.


Are you looking forward to the Workin’ Moms finale? What have you thought of Anne’s Season 2 journey? Sound off below!

Workin’ Moms Season 2 finale airs Tuesday, April 10 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBC.