Witchy ways comes to Supernatural


Hold the press! Dean Winchester has a date everyone!! Last night’s episode of Supernatural saw Dean getting back in the saddle again, but his steamy encounter didn’t exactly go as planned.

Witches weren’t on my greatest hits monster list from last week, but that’s OK. I think they’re pretty neat too. Hex bags have proved very effective in the boys’ past (remember when Crowley kidnapped people Sam and Dean had saved and murdered them one by one?), so I knew that witches were nothing to scoff at. And besides, despite the fact that “Girls, Girls, Girls” didn’t heavily featured the curse-muttering fiends we all love to loath,  it definitely introduced us to a pretty powerful and fascinating member of the species.

I guess I was wrong about the redhead being a reincarnation of Abbadon. Turns out Rowena is a sassy Scottish witch who has a penchant for sticking people to her ceiling and was thrown out of her coven for practicing extreme magic. She was born with her magical abilities, which made her a lot more powerful than your garden-variety witch, and she was busy recruiting disciples.

But more importantly…Dean has a dating profile? I was heartened to see Dean finally diving back into the dating pool, but this was a little sad. Time was all he had to do was walk into a bar and wink at the girl behind the counter while he asked for a slice of pie, but now…. Impala67?! So sad. But what was even sadder was the fact that he totally got catfished by a working girl exchanging sexual favours for souls. Better luck next time Dean.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the midwest, Castiel was trying hard to focus on the task at hand, but Hannah was making that very difficult, what with her stripping naked in front of him and all. I was so sure at that point that Cas, who has come a long way from his “pizza man” days, would seize the opportunity, but alas, ’twas not to be. Inconveniently, Hannah’s host body Caroline’s husband showed up in search of his long lost wife. At first Hannah tried to put him off by sharing a passionate kiss with Cas, but in the end she felt guilty about leaving the guy hanging and denying Caroline the right to be with her family, so she decided to vacate the premises.

This is something that has always bothered me about angels. They claim to be different than demons in the way they treat their hosts, but in the end all human hosts get a pretty raw deal. They’re forced to leave their families behind and usually end up dead when their supernatural passenger gets ganked by an enemy (usually one of the Winchesters). Much as I love Cas, I can’t help thinking about the last time we saw his human host Jimmy Novak, begging to be allowed to return to his family. When the angels fell from Heaven and Cas became human, I was surprised he didn’t even consider taking Jimmy home for a visit. So I was even more surprised when Hannah made her passionate speech about how human hosts had rights to lead their own lives in their own bodies. Cas’s protests of “the mission comes first” sounded a little weak after that. What mission Cas? The Apocalypse is over, Metatron is in prison, and most of the angels have gone back to heaven. What more did he feel they needed to do?

But once Hannah returned to Heaven and left her human host to return to her family, Cas seemed to suffer a twinge of guilt, looking up missing person reports on Jimmy in his car. Look, I don’t want to lose Cas and I can’t really see another actor besides Misha Collins playing this character if he decides to do a Ruby and switch hosts, but I’m just glad the show is acknowledging that the whole idea of possessing humans – whether one is a demon or an angel – presents a pretty thorny ethical problem.

As if the boys didn’t have their hands full trying to chase down Rowena, the whole ret-con bomb that is Cole Trenton finally caught up with Dean. He and Cole tussled for a bit before Dean got the upper hand and gave Cole a choice: shoot him or listen to the truth. It turns out Dean killed Cole’s father because he had developed a taste for human liver. Sounds like a Rugaru to me, but Dean said he didn’t know what type of monster Daddy Trenton was or even if it was really Daddy Trenton he killed. He and Dean managed to talk Cole into going home to his family, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that guy again. After all, we can’t let all his weapons training and demon hunting skills go to waste, now can we?

Rowena is definitely a character that is going to be making an appearance in future episodes, though, especially since she made a run for it while Cole and Dean were fighting, and promptly got nabbed by Crowley’s demons. And then the twist: Rowena is Crowley’s long lost mother! Let the madness begin…

Supernatural aside:

  • Best quote of the episode was from Sam: “We drove 8 hours so you could get laid?” Yes Sam, yes you did. What could be more important than Dean getting laid?!
  • I was looking forward to seeing Hannah and Cas get it on, but if Cas is considering turning over the wheel to his human host, that could prove even more interesting.
  • It sounds like Dean has reverted back to his belief that he is destined for a messy end and doesn’t deserve anything better, despite Sam’s heartfelt pep talk of seasons past. So heartbreaking to hear him say he’s past saving. Hopefully Sam can talk him out of his dark mood yet again.
  • I’m so looking forward to seeing Crowley square off against his mum! Those two are more than a match for each other.

Next week the brother’s team up with Sheriff Jody Mills and her over-eager fellow officer. Can’t wait to see what those ladies will add to the whole Winchester brother dynamic!

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.