TV Couples Most in Need of Mistletoe – 2016 Edition


As the holidays approach, we here at The TV Junkies can’t help but feel a little romantic. It got us thinking about all the almost-couples or couples in a rocky spot out there on television that could use a little extra help this holiday season. These are couples we’d love to get under the mistletoe for that extra push they may need. We’re not talking about couples who are swimming along just fine and nice and happy. Nope, instead we’re focusing our efforts on couples that may have kissed or hooked up in the past, but are no longer in a happy place. You know, those couples that may need an extra nudge to help them make up for the holiday season or take that first step.

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Jess and Rory – Gilmore Girls

While there has been zero confirmation that Netflix will do another season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life–and if we’re being honest there probably won’t be–it doesn’t stop us from being incredibly optimistic that maybe, if the show does come back, these two will end up together. Rory and Jess have been through so much, and have truly grown as people since they dated way back in the day. With the majority of Gilmore fans being Team Jess, them getting together would be a win win for everyone. Plus, that way we can get more videos of Jess staring longingly at Rory through windows. — Victoria Nelli

Toby and Kate – This Is Us

If any couple is in some serious need of help this holiday season it’s Toby and Kate from This Is Us. The midseason finale left us completely hanging and worried that Toby may not be alive when the Pearson family returns to us next year. After crashing the family Christmas Eve party, and delivering one of the most romantic speeches of the year, This Is Us lulled us into thinking everything would be OK for this couple. However, we were sadly mistaken when Toby collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. He may need a little more than the power of mistletoe to survive, but we want these two to be happy so badly that we’re willing to try anything! — Bridget Liszewski


Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot – Gotham

Gotham villains Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot have been developing a bromance on the show for quite a while, but it wasn’t until Season 3 that we discovered Oswald’s feelings were more romantic than platonic. Thus the fantastically-named Nygmobblepot ship was formed. Unfortunately, these two ended on a bit of a rocky note at Gotham‘s mid-season finale, what with Ed finding out about Oswald killing his girlfriend Isabella in a jealous fit of rage, and swearing to get even. Awkward. Still, the fact that Ed didn’t take his revenge on Oswald when he had the chance means there could always be hope for these two in the New Year. It’s Gotham, after all. Weirder things have happened. — Kelly Townsend

Kara Danvers and Mon-El – Supergirl

First it was Winn, then James, and now Mon-El. Perhaps because she’s adorable AF, we could see Kara with any of these three charming dudes but the latest, the former palace guard from Daxam, might be the one for her. While he’s made it clear he is definitely interested, is Kara? Um, she’s got X-ray vision and 20/20. Not sure what’s taking her so long to make something happen. — Denette Wilford

The CW
The CW

Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. Eliza Minnick – Grey’s Anatomy

Arizona Robbins had an interesting 12th season. Her entire life shifted and now it’s time for her to get back out there. With the inclusion of two new/returning characters, it’s no longer slim pickings out there. Although my little heart would love for her to get back with Leah, we know that this might not be where the story is headed. It looks like she’s going to jump back into the dating world with Dr. Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) and I’m 100 per cent OK with that. So go on, get under that mistletoe, Dr. Robbins! — Megan Haas

Erica and Geoff – The Goldbergs

Geoff may be in a relationship with irksome Evey but we all know he is destined to be with Erica Goldberg. He knows it, she knows it, everyone knows it. But he doesn’t know that she know it so therein lies the pickle. Once they figure it out (because you know it’s going to happen), the double-date possibilities with Barry and Lainey are endless.  — Denette Wilford


JJ and Claire – Speechless

Despite getting assists from his parents, Kenneth and Ray to capture the perfect first kiss, Claire either didn’t get it or wasn’t feeling it. But we are, which is surprising considering how bratty she started. With Claire no longer wheelchair-bound and back to gymnastics, will she and JJ continue to watch movies and grow closer, or is the most unconventional teenage couple on television just destined for the friend zone? — Denette Wilford


Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor – Supergirl

OK sure, so all signs currently point to Kara being headed for a romance with Mon-El, but hear me out. I can’t be the only one noticing the chemistry between Kara and Lena Luthor. Maybe it’s the way that Katie McGrath seems to add a layer of subtext to everything Lena does, but there definitely is a connection between Kara and the adopted Luthor daughter. Lena double crossed her mother in Supergirl‘s midseason finale to help Supergirl, but that doesn’t mean I’m entirely sure that she can be trusted. While Lena does seem intent on a friendship with Kara, getting closer to a Luthor is always risky business. However, the chemistry between Melissa Benoist and McGrath has been too great for me to not hope that in the new year we get plenty more Kara/Lena scenes! — Bridget Liszewski

Wyatt and Lucy – Timeless

The sparks have been flying between Wyatt and Lucy since the show’s pilot episode, but it really went into high gear during their run-in with Bonnie and Clyde when they shared a first kiss. Of course, it was all to maintain their cover and after Wyatt shared an emotional memory of his deceased wife, so not the most epic of romantic moments. Still, it solidified that there’s definitely something between them. Between his emotional baggage and their constantly conflicting ideologies, there’s a long way to go for this potential couple, but a little mistletoe could give a little help. Too bad there’s still Flynn and Rittenhouse around to ruin everything. — Kelly Townsend

Sergei Bachlakov/NBC
Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

Nancy and Jonathan – Stranger Things

Here’s to hoping in Season 2 that Nancy dumps her Jean-Ralphio look alike boyfriend Steve and finally notices Jonathan. Sure, Nancy may have ended Season 1 of Netflix’s Stranger Things with Steve, but who is to say come Season 2 she won’t dump him for Jonathan? Jonathan saved her multiple times, cared for her, and then slept on the floor of her bedroom so she wouldn’t be afraid. With all of the talk surrounding this relationship and how people were really upset she ended up with Steve, things could all change in Season 2. Let’s hope next season Jonathan stops getting friend zoned and maybe even, if we’re really lucky, we’ll even get a Barb cameo (OK, this definitely won’t happen! A girl can dream though!). — Victoria Nelli

Negan and Lucille – The Walking Dead

Her bloody spikes right in his kisser. That’s the dream. — Denette Wilford


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