Seven stages of where we go next on Grey’s Anatomy


Many are traumatized over the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd, rightfully so. It’s the end of an era for Grey’s Anatomy, one that began with a pretty young intern having a one-night stand with a handsome stranger who ended up being her boss, then eventually became her boyfriend, then was finally her husband and now he’s gone. GONE.

Some believe the show should end, but I can’t be the only person who thinks the possibilities are endless. Things might never be the same on Grey’s but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The show found itself in a rut over the last few seasons but Season 11 has seen a resurgence of sorts and has bounced back to resemble one of those great seasons of years past. And Thursday’s episode is proof of that. So now what? Where do we go from here? So. Many. Questions.

Meredith vs. Amelia

The biggest question for many was “Why didn’t Meredith call Amelia?” She’s a top neurosurgeon, some might argue THE top neurosurgeon now considering Thursday’s events, so couldn’t she have used her skills to save a life? Save her brother’s life? This could be a bone of contention for a long time but I’m hoping their unique family connection is stronger than that.

Meredith goes dark

How dark will Meredith go? She has kids now so it can’t be a full-on spiral like in the past… right? The loss of her parents, Lexie, Cristina, and now her husband, what will become of her? How strong can Mer be? And without her person to help her get through this, can Alex fill Cristina’s shoes? Ellen Pompeo has not signed on for anything past this season so depending on the direction, could this be the end of Grey on Grey’s?

Amelia goes darker

We’ve seen how bad things can get for Amelia and this might put her back over the edge. While there’s a chance she’ll turn to Owen during this awful time, I think her past demons will come back to haunt her and the troubled, addicted Amelia of Private Practice resurfaces.

Who will get Derek’s spot on the board?

Alex, obviously. He was thisclose to snagging Bailey’s spot so the loss of Derek should all but clinch it for him. Though I can see Karev not wanting it this way.

Who will Amelia’s backup be?

Derek was the guy backing up his sister so it looks like Stephanie may have just got an early promotion. Those who aren’t fans of Steph will probably resent her that much more but others will see glimmers of Cristina in her.

How will the others take it?

Derek’s absence will definitely be profound and felt by all but the other docs will react in different ways, like in real life. Some will be devastated, but because he hasn’t been around that much this season, those who weren’t close with him might take it all in stride. In particular, though, Richard and Callie will take it hard, as will Owen (who was just getting close to him) and Maggie (who had her own special bond with her newfound brother-in-law). Bailey, though, might be inconsolable for a bit.

Who will show their respects?

If there is any justice, we’ll see the return of Cristina, Addison and Derek’s sisters and mother, who might also have something to say about Meredith’s decision to pull the plug without telling anyone. But what are the chances of Sandra Oh, Kate Walsh and Neve Campbell returning for next week’s two-hour ep? Perhaps Derek’s favourite intern, Shane (Gaius Charles) will return and have some lame excuse for Cristina not being there but it just won’t be the same. Like Derek’s death and Dempsey’s departure, here’s hoping next week’s guest cast is another well-kept Shonda secret.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.

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