When Calls The Heart: Our Top Moments From ‘Weather The Storm’

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When Calls The Heart was back again this week with another great episode. This show has always done a great job in reminding us what’s important in life and teaching us great life lessons and this week was no exception. “Weather the Storm” reminded us the importance of family and showed us that even those that have been hardened by their past can change. It also showed us that we need to trust ourselves and our abilities, to forgive ourselves of our past mistakes and to even use them as learning experiences.

There were so many great moments in this week’s episode, so many exceptional scenes that really got the emotions flowing. Read on to see what our favorite things were about the episode and the one thing we just had to mention.

Emily Showing Up Harper

I really liked seeing Emily step up and do her whole project herself even though she had a lazy partner in Harper. She could have complained to Mrs. Thornton (I almost wrote Ms. Thatcher there) and gotten Harper in trouble but instead she decided to just get things done.  I love how they empower women and girls with this show. They show them as being strong and smart and better than the boys in so many things. And in the end they show how kind they can be. Even though Emily did all the work in their “group” project she still chose to go out of her way to help Harper when he needed it. This show is such a great example of how people should treat each other. I’m so happy that this show is out there to set such a good example especially to the younger viewers.

Carson To The Rescue

I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for Carson to see his deceased wife’s sister suffering with the same illness that killed his wife. And to be faced with doing the surgery that he had tried to do in his wife would be unimaginable. Carson is obviously a very skilled doctor and surgeon but that was a lot for even him to handle. I was really impressed with how Faith stepped up and tried to convince him that he was ready to do the surgery. That scene between the two of them was impressive and had me tearing up the whole way through. I’m glad he decided to do the surgery in the end. It really was the only thing that could save Rhonda’s life and she surely would have died if he hadn’t stepped up. I wonder if news of Carson’s abilities will get out soon. I’m curious to see if this will bring more people to Hope Valley seeking help from him. I just hope that this doesn’t take him from Hope Valley any time soon.

Abigail Fighting For The Town

Abigail could not have been more impressive this week. She went above and beyond and really did everything that she could to protect her town. She knew that Mrs. Preston was the best person to invest in the town and she really did stop at nothing to convince her to stay. I loved seeing Elizabeth and Abigail working together in getting Mrs. Preston’s son to town. They knew that she needed to resolve that part of her past before she would help Hope Valley. That scene when her son brought his wife and children in to the saloon had me in tears. It really was a great example of how important family is to everyone, even those that appear to have been hardened by their past. Another great lesson from When Calls The Heart.

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AJ Saving Bill’s Life

I have to admit I’ve always been a little uncertain about AJ Foster. She’s always seemed like a good person but could she be trusted? Last week she went out of her way to help out the town and this week basically saved Bill’s life. She could have escaped from Bill so many times on their journey but instead she chose to go and get him help. She even tried sucking the rattle snake venom out of his arm, who does that? I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am completely behind AJ Foster now. She and Bill obviously have so pretty serious chemistry there so I hope we get to see it play out more this season. Bill has arranged for her to have a short sentence and I hope that after her jail time she returns to Hope Valley. This town is well known for giving people second chances so it would be the perfect place for her to start over again.

Elizabeth’s letter to Jack

I have to admit that letter was probably one of my most and least favorite things of the episode. I loved that she wrote it and that she loves Jack so much and hasn’t let him slip from her mind while he’s away and I love that the writers made sure to mention him and their relationship in the episode. I didn’t like that she had to write that letter at all. I honestly hadn’t even though of him until this point in the episode and that made me sad. The show has always centered around Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship and by having him come and go so much has affected the flow of the show. Yes, I love the other characters in the show and seeing their storylines develop, but I miss Jack and Elizabeth.

I feel like we’re missing out on so many things with them. Wouldn’t it have been great to see their honeymoon. Their first fight? Watching them trying to navigate their way through the first few weeks of marriage? I don’t know, maybe the writers have big plans for the two of them in the future and we should just be patient. Maybe we haven’t missed anything but are just a little delayed. It’s hard to be patient when you miss them so much. But I guess we are just going to have to wait and find out. We don’t really have any other options, do we?

Hope Valley Tidbits

  • AJ obviously “lost” her horse on purpose. Do you think that Bill FINALLY got the message? I sure hope so.
  • Why didn’t they try to find the horses after they ran off? They couldn’t have gone too far.
  • I’m still really enjoying watching Abigail and Henry working together. I like that they are taking their time with them and letting them build a strong friendship before they (hopefully) move on to something more.
  • I kind of wish that Abigail and Elizabeth had gone in to the saloon to celebrate their win. It would have been nice to see them let loose a bit. I’m not saying they should have gone in and gotten drunk but wouldn’t it have been fun to see them relaxing, playing a little darts, maybe a card game, have some chilli. You know, everything that the men do in that saloon…


Did we pick your favorite parts of the episode? Was there anything that you thought was extra special about this episode? Let us know in the comments section below.

When Calls The Heart airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel in the US and Super Channel in Canada.