When Calls The Heart: Our Favourite Things From Heart of a Secret

Crown Media United States LLC/Ricardo Hubbs
Crown Media United States LLC/Ricardo Hubbs

When Calls The Heart was back again this week with another exceptional episode. “Heart of a Secret” kept me enthralled from start to finish and left me asking for more as soon as it ended. Our beloved Mountie was absent again this week but that certainly didn’t slow things down in Hope Valley. Dottie finally opened up her new dress shop and dress designer Rosemary was chomping at the bit to get things going. Cody’s sister Becky returned to Hope Valley for a visit but ended up spending most of her time studying and forgetting about her brother’s needs. Carson Shepherd’s secret was fully revealed but things didn’t end quite as we were hoping. Opal’s parents went out of town to care for an ailing loved one leaving Opal in Elizabeth’s trusted care and giving us some of the cutest scenes to date. Romance was blossoming again this week for Faith, but not exactly with who we were expecting and we were left hanging at the end of the episode with one of our favorite characters well being hanging in the balance.

“Heart of a Secret” really was a great penultimate episode and has left us eagerly awaiting next week’s finale. Read on to see our favorite parts and we’re betting some of them just might surprise you.

A Budding Romance

OK I have to admit that I did not see the pairing up of Faith and Shane coming at all. I was sure that Faith was going to end up with Carson. But I have to admit that I am loving what I’m seeing and they really do make a cute couple. Faith will be a great addition to their family.

Shane and Philip’s relationship has really grown this season and that could not have been more evident this week. I love that Shane was putting Philip ahead of his wants in courting Faith. I don’t know if he would have done that before he came to Hope Valley and I love that he told Philip all about his date. It can be really hard on kids when their parents start new relationships, but being open like Shane was with Philip about the date and about their kiss was exactly what he needed to do to keep Philip happy and involved.

A Secret Revealed

I think Carson has been my favorite addition to the cast of When Calls The Heart this season. He is a genuinely good guy and really could not be any better of an employee at Abigail’s Cafe. He is a great cook and an all around handyman that is more than happy to go out of his way to help Abigail out in any way that he can.

We all knew that Carson had a past that he was running from and I’m so glad that everything came out this week. I just wish is could have ended better. Carson obviously did nothing wrong. He did everything that he could to save his wife but unfortunately that wasn’t enough. I love that Abigail waited to find out all the facts before she made up her mind about him and I love that she was more than willing to keep his secret for him and give him another chance.

What surprised me was how Carson reacted to it all. He knows that he didn’t do anything wrong and that no one is to blame for his wife’s death but he wasn’t willing to stick around and fight for his second chance. The people of Hope Valley are very forgiving and I’m sure would be more than willing to give him a second chance. Heck, Abigail was ready to do it right then and there, but Carson wanted nothing of it. He just wanted to walk away from it all. This might sound a little crazy but I’m glad that Cody fell ill at the end of the episode. I’m guessing that he has appendicitis and is going to need Carson’s surgical skills to save his life. I really hope that this is how things play out next week and am obviously hoping for a happy ending for both Cody and Carson. I really don’t want to see Carson leave Hope Valley and this just might be what’s needed to keep him around.

Crown Media United States LLC
Crown Media United States LLC

Opal’s Sticky Situation

Ava Grace Cooper gave us another stand out performance this week and she deserves a lot of praise for it. I know I’ve said it before, but this girl is so talented and she just blows me away every week. She knows just how to use her cuteness to he advantage and really kills it every week.

I love that Elizabeth stepped up to take care of little Opal this week while her parents were away. It gave us a chance to see how Elizabeth might be as a parent and it gave Elizabeth a chance to get her mind off of missing Jack. That scene with the jam in the cafe was priceless and I have no doubt that it will be one of those scenes that people are talking about for years to come. I love all the children in Hope Valley but Opal has really become my favorite this season. I can’t wait to see more of her.

A New Friendship Forms

I know this was a small part of the episode but I loved seeing the budding relationship starting up between Henry and Bill. Like Gowan said, these two really aren’t that different, the cards just fell a little better for Bill in the end. Gowan is a fixture in Hope Valley and I would hate to see him disappear. His testifying against the railroad might just give him the out that he needs to start a new life. I know the people of Hope Valley could forgive him and I’m curious to see what might develop between him and Abigail. I love Abigail and Frank together but there’s something special between her and Henry, I’m just not sure yet if it’s going to end up being romantic or just a really good friendship. Whatever it is I hope it’s enough to keep him around and hopefully earn him a lighter sentence for all the crimes he committed in his past.

Love Is Patient

Now I know we are all missing Jack and the longer he is gone from the show the more painful it gets, but I love that we are still getting a little piece of him each week. The writers could have easily carried on with the show and just left him out of it for the time being but instead they’ve made a special effort to remind us that he’s still out there, that he’s still fighting the good fight, and that we can still keep our hopes up about his return. The writers haven’t given up on him and neither should we. I can’t imagine them ending the season without us at least having a glimpse of him on the horizon. Let’s all be patient and look forward to seeing him next week.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you like it as much as we did? Did mention of Jack give you hope or leave you missing him more? Were you happy to see Faith and Shane hitting it off? Were you surprised that Carson didn’t stay and fight for his second chance? Leave a few words in the comments section below and let us know what you’re thinking.

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