When Calls The Heart: Our 5 Favourite Things From “Courageous Hearts”

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

When Calls The Heart was back with another fun, heartfelt and exciting episode. “Courageous Hearts” had us on the edge of our seats as we watched Bill and his witness AJ try to find the evidence that would convict Gowan and Wyatt of their crimes. It was fun to watch Bill fumble his way through convincing AJ to go along with him, even while they were being hunted down by a number of people trying to get in their way.

Back in Hope Valley, Elizabeth was missing Jack (every second of every day), Frank was suspicious of Carson’s secrets, Lee bought a new car and Rosemary was insistent on learning how to drive it. The Wyatt boys were getting into all kinds of trouble with Elizabeth and Ray Wyatt was taking things way to far to protect his and Gowan’s futures.

A lot of great things happened this week, read on to see what my favorite things were.

Jack’s letter to Elizabeth

We have all been missing Jack since he left a few episodes ago, but I really didn’t realize just how much I missed him until I heard his voice. Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship has been the focus of this show since the very beginning and I can’t help but miss it. I love getting to see more of the other characters each week, and that the show is focusing on some of the new characters a little more, but I really miss seeing Jack and Elizabeth together on my screen.

That being said I am nowhere near giving up on this show. I have faith in these writers and look forward to the scene where Jack and Elizabeth are reunited again. There is no way that this show could go on without him, it just won’t happen. We just need to wait patiently, or not so patiently, for him to return.

Carson admitting his past

Over the last few weeks Carson has become the man of mystery in Hope Valley. But mystery aside he has proven himself to be kind and loyal and a real stand up guy. There are not many people that could have done that without revealing anything about their past. All that being said, I’m glad that we were able to find out a little bit of his past this week. Most of us knew ahead of time that he was a widow and I suspected that him hiding his past had something to do with that. I’m glad he told Abigail (and Frank) about his wife. It is obviously still very painful for him to discuss.

I was surprised with how much Frank pushed Carson for information this week. He just wouldn’t give up. I think he cares a lot more for Abigail and her well being than he lets on, and is willing to do just about anything to protect her. I also don’t think he’s done yet. I suspect he’s going to on Carson more in the next few weeks trying to figure out the rest of his story.

Carson’s wife died after a long illness. My prediction is that he (being a doctor) treated her throughout her illness and possibly her family didn’t agree with his treatments. Then maybe after her passing they blamed him for her death and are now after him to somehow pay for the mistakes that he made. I guess only time will tell if my predictions are right.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

Abigail standing up to Gowan

Abigail proved again this week just how amazing of a person she is. Somewhere deep inside her she believes in Gowan. She knows that there is good inside him and she just can’t let it go. I loved that she confronted him in the bar and put him in his place about Wyatt. She could see that he was regretting his decision of working with Wyatt and she knew that he had it in him to break those ties.

I couldn’t believe that in the middle of that fight between Wyatt and Gowan she ran to his aid. Wyatt was trying to shoot Gowan and she was still running towards him. She was right there to help him up off the ground and I’m sure she’ll be there to support him in these coming weeks. Henry Gowan is definitely not a good person, but he is nowhere near as evil as Wyatt is. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that they have both been arrested. Will Gowan be able to turn states evidence and be able to weasel his way out of it again or will he have to do some jail time? Will the town forgive him? Will he even come back to Hope Valley? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Elizabeth not giving up on her students

Most people, after being threatened by Ray Wyatt and having their school house destroyed by two unruly students, would give up on those students. Well most people aren’t Elizabeth Thatcher. Elizabeth will truly stop at nothing to help her students. This week she went out of her way to convince Earl and Chad’s father to talk to them about their mother’s leaving. She knew that that small discussion would make all the difference to those boys, and it did. Thanks to Elizabeth’s help Mr. Wyatt was able to talk to his boys and confront his brother about what he needed to do for his family. He may have lost his job but I think that is only for the better. Hope Valley is a welcoming town and I’m sure it won’t take him long to find a new job to support him and his family.

Elizabeth FINALLY putting Rosemary in her place

Rosemary has been unreasonable about so many things for so long and I just love that people are finally putting her in her place. It really was exactly what she needed. It was just enough (OK maybe a little too much) to convince her to go back to and apologize to Lee, and it just might convince her to make some more changes in her life. I like that Rosemary is making some changes this season and I really like the person that she is becoming. I’m sure she won’t lose all of her quirky goodness and will continue to keep us laughing ever week.

Hope Valley Tidbits
  • I’m curious to see what will happen with the railroad now that Wyatt is in jail and Abigail back in the Mayor’s office. Who will take charge? I hope it’s the other Wyatt. He seems like a good guy and I think it would be good for him and his two bays to stay in Hope Valley.
  • I wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of Bill’s witness AJ. The two of them had an interesting chemistry and I think she’d probably make a fun addition to the show. Bill deserves a little excitement in his life, AJ just might be the one to add it.
  • I’m so glad that Abigail is going to be mayor again. She really is the best person for the job. I can’t wait to see what she can do for the town in the weeks to come.

What did you think of Courageous Hearts? Did we pick any of your favourite things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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