When Calls The Heart: It Finally Happened!

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It was five years in the making, but this week we finally got to see Jack and Elizabeth get married on When Calls The Heart. Now we don’t get say this very often in TV land, but it was well worth the wait. The wedding, and really just the entire “My Heart Is Yours” episode could not have been more perfect. In true Hope Valley fashion, the entire town came together to make sure that everything would be perfect for Jack and Elizabeth’s day. Bill took Jack’s place in a dangerous prisoner transport without even telling Jack about it, Rosemary, Dottie and Clara worked tirelessly (twice!) to ensure that Elizabeth had the dress of her dreams, and the entire town came together when an accident caused damage to the church.

There were so many great things to choose from this week that it was tough to narrow down my favorite things, but I gave it my best shot. You may notice a few extra things in the Hope Valley Tidbits at the bottom. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!


Bill Stepping In

Over the last few seasons Bill has developed a bit of a crusty personality. He often comes off as a little grumpy and seems a little put off by everything going on around him. That being said, he has showed us time and time again that he will stop at nothing to help the people of this town and him stepping in for Jack and taking over that prisoner transport was a prime example of the person that Bill has become. I love this development in his character. He makes me laugh almost every week and I look forward to what he will do next.

Elizabeth And Her Dad

The scene between Elizabeth and her dad was probably one of my favorite ones of the entire episode. Mr. Thatcher has always questioned Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship, but it was so nice to see him finally offer his support and approval of their marriage. While it was hard to watch in Season 2, his disapproval was really just protectiveness over his daughter’s well being. Now that he realizes how good of a man Jack is he could not be happier and more supportive of their marriage.

I am a little disappointed that Elizabeth’s mother couldn’t attend the wedding. I can only imagine how special that scene or a similar scene could have been if she had been there as well.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

The Kids’ Excitement

I loved the children’s excitement this week. They were so excited for their beloved teacher to get married that they couldn’t contain themselves. They wanted everything to be perfect. It was sad to see them accidentally set fire to the church but in the end, it really brought the town together even more. Their practicing did make the wedding perfect, even if it did cause a little added work.

We Have a Day and a Night To Make Everything Right

The way the town of Hope Valley came together to make this wedding happen was impressive. The ladies worked day and night to make, and then remake, Elizabeth’s dress after it was burned in the fire. The whole town also came together and went out of their way to rebuild the church.

Lee and Rosemary deserve special mention because they were simply amazing. Lee donating the materials and the time to fix the church, and Rosemary donating the fabric off of her own wedding dress so that Elizabeth’s could be perfect, blew me away. And then when Bill still hadn’t arrived with the rings, they even offered up their own wedding bands so that Jack and Elizabeth wouldn’t be without. Simply amazing.

From Chalk Dust To Eternity

I really don’t think that the wedding could have been more perfect. The way it all came together in the end was beautiful. As fun as it would have been to see Abigail perform the ceremony, I could not have been happier that Frank made it back to town to perform the ceremony. He has become an integral part of the show and has been dearly missed this season.

Elizabeth’s dress was stunning. It was beautiful and the ladies really pulled it off this week (again twice!).

Can we also talk about the vows? I’m amazed that Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing wrote those themselves. They added a personal touch to the traditional vows and made the whole thing sweet and intimate.

Both Abigail’s and Bill’s speeches were great, but Abigail’s was really special. She’s always known that Jack and Elizabeth were meant for each other and her immeasurable support helped them get to where they are now.

The dance at the end, with the whole town coming together and showing a few budding romances, was another one of my favorite parts. Without the help of the entire town, that wedding would not have been possible. I feel like that dance at the end symbolized them all coming together again, just like they did throughout the episode, to make everything perfect.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media
Hope Valley Tidbits
  • I knew those rings wouldn’t be safe in Bill’s pocket. You’d think he could have remembered to take them out if his pocket and put them somewhere safe but no, he has to take them with him when he left town. Luckily, he made it back just in time.
  • Was anyone else excited to see Faith and Carson dancing together at the end? I’ve always thought they would be perfect together and it looks like they just might be the next budding romance in Hope Valley.
  • I loved seeing Julie and Tom together again. That spark is definitely still there for them and they could not have been cuter together.
  • Do weddings ever really run on schedule? Funny that Mr. Thatcher was so worried about that. Did he have somewhere else to be?
  • How great was that wedding morning chat between Abigail, Rosemary and Elizabeth? These three have become such good friends. I love seeing them support and encourage each other as much as they do.
  • I loved Lee and Jack talking wedding jitters. Again, such a great friendship these two have developed.
  • I wonder why Elizabeth’s dress was left at the church. I know they took it there for her to try on, but why would it have been left there overnight?
  • Could Opal have been any more adorable laying in that bed in the infirmary? Yet another scene where I wanted to squish her.
  • I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Elizabeth throw her bouquet. I wonder who would have caught it if she had. Maybe Clara or Faith? That would have been fun to see.
  • I love seeing all the new cars come to town. It’s nice to see the town growing with the times.
  • The romance really was on fire this week. The horse back ride, the vows and so many quick sweet moments between Jack and Elizabeth. Everyone really went out of their ways to make sure this was an extra special episode.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you think it was as perfect as we did? What were some of your favorite things? Let us know in the comments section below.

When Calls The Heart airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel in the U.S. and on Super Channel in Canada.

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