What We Learned About Wynonna Earp at Dragon Con 2017


The Wynonna Earp fandom is known for being a special group, and they proved that all over again this past Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Thousands of Earpers came to Georgia to spend the weekend with members of the Wynonna Earp cast at Dragon Con 2017. The pop culture, fantasy, and sci-fi convention actually set a new attendance record this year with more than 80,000 people sharing in the four day celebration in Atlanta, GA. Among those 80,000 in attendance were Wynonna Earp cast members Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson, Katherine Barrell, Michael Eklund and showrunner Emily Andras.

The cast members participated in four different panels during Dragon Con, one each day, and fielded questions from the audience that ranged over a wide variety of topics. In the recent Season 2 finale, Wynonna (Scrofano) had her and Doc’s (Rozon) baby, but sent it off to live with her Aunt Gus to keep her safe from demons and revenants. The baby gives Wynonna a renewed sense of purpose, and has her more determined than ever before to break the Earp curse when the show returns in 2018 to Syfy and Space for Season 3. Since we know not everyone was able to attend Dragon Con, The TV Junkies have some highlights from each of the cast panels below, including thoughts on Season 2 and a few hints about what’s to come in Season 3.


No baby in Season 3

Just as she told us in her finale postmortem, showrunner Andras confirmed again that there will be no baby in Season 3. “I feel like the baby will always be a presence and is something worth fighting for. Now we have definitive stakes of why Wynonna has to break the Earp curse,” Andras explained in one panel. However, she reiterated that she doesn’t think “the baby will be a physical presence in Season 3.”

Season 3 hopes

When asked what they’d like to see happen in Season 3, Provost-Chalkley immediately jumped in and said “I want to know what’s going on with my mom.” Mama Earp did show up in the finale’s last few moments and we will discover more about her next year. Meanwhile, Doc Holliday’s ring turned out to be the third seal and Wynonna taking it from him meant he lost his immortality. Rozon doesn’t think his character will do so great with that change. “I don’t think he’ll deal with it super great. I feel like he might be wimpy,” he joked. Keeping with the light mood, Anderson asked the crowd “who wants to see more dragon/lizard Dolls?” He said he thinks “it’d be interesting to see a whole episode of Dolls full dragon.”

Is Nicole in the Cult of Bulshar?

A topic that got a lot of discussion in Friday’s panel was the connection between Nicole (Barrell) and the cult of Bulshar that appears like it’s going to be a Big Bad in Season 3. As she mentioned in our interview with her, Barrell says she’d “like to see if the cult has anything to do with her parents.” Provost-Chalkley, who plays Nicole’s girlfriend Waverly, jumped in to joke to Barrell that “it’s going to be hard for Waverly because her sister has been lying about her mom, and you’re in a cult.” Barrell quickly retorted saying that it’s still unclear if Nicole is in the cult, while Andras joked that Waverly may know, leaving the showrunner to jump to the possible conclusion that it’s “a sexy lesbian cult.” But kidding aside, Barrell reiterated her trust in Andras. “We trust Emily a lot. I don’t ever worry about Nicole. I know whatever shows up on the page is going to be the right decision,” she said.


Fans don’t drive the bus

While Andras admits to being “fairly active on social media,” and says she is “certainly aware of feelings in the fandom about what things they like and what they don’t,” she said she can’t let that affect the story. Her philosophy is that she “can drive the bus and you can get on the bus. You can be drunk on the bus. You can be laughing at the cheerleading on the bus, and you can be yelling at me while I’m driving, but you can’t grab the wheel of the bus. You can get off the bus, but if we all try to drive the bus we’re going to crash.” She also added that she will “try to tell you a satisfying story, but probably not in the way you expect.”

The actors are not their characters

While every single one of the Wynonna Earp cast members reiterated how important the fans are, and how much they love the fandom, Barrell said there have been a few tough moments this season thanks to the ups and downs in the WayHaught relationship. “The fact that I’m not really Nicole is sometimes hard. You want people to be super invested, and that’s a huge part of our fanbase is how invested people are, but at the same time so much of it is not our decision,” she explained. She also admitted that those times are hard “when you know you’re going to upset people and you just have to play it out.”


A lighter Dolls in Season 3?

Anderson said he’s really enjoying going on Agent Dolls’ journey these past two seasons, especially as Dolls has lightened up in many ways. “Being able to add colors in this part has been incredible,” he said. He also said that he’d love that trend to continue moving forward. “I’m looking forward to Season 3 and really warming up a bit. In my real life I smile every two seconds, so maybe I can do more of that in Season 3,” he said.

One word to describe Wynonna Earp

When asked by a fan for one word to describe the show to someone who had never seen it before, Anderson immediately started a crowd chant for “WayHaught! WayHaught!” Rozon said the show is about “redemption,” while Andras joked that she was going to say “boobs!” For Scrofano, Wynonna Earp means “identity,” while Provost-Chalkley cited “love,” and Barrell said “family.”

Bobo and Waverly’s relationship

Michael Eklund joined the cast for panels starting Saturday, and he and Provost-Chalkley were immediately asked about the special relationship between Bobo and Waverly. Eklund recalled that “we had no idea there was more to our relationship at all.” As the show built through Season 2, it became very clear that they did, but Eklund joked with Provost-Chalkley, asking “you want spoilers? Turns out you’re not mine. I tried.” Provost-Chalkley echoed Eklund saying “we don’t find out what’s going to happen before it does,” but turned to Eklund and said “apparently we’re kin.”

The small budget works in the show’s favor

When asked what they’d do with a large budget, Anderson joked he’d love to see “Dragon Dolls flying,” and Scrofano would “cast a really expensive Mama Earp.” However, the consensus of the panel seemed to be that the show’s smaller budget actually works in their favor. “I think the thing that makes our show really special is that we’re like The Little Engine That Could,” said Barrell. She went on to explain that she felt that way because “we’re this small Canadian show, and we had this incredible online fanbase, and I feel like we pulled through together. I feel like on those shows with all the money in the world it’s not the same. It wouldn’t be the same show.”


Operation Get Bobo A Friend

While Bobo Del Rey may be one of the meanest and best villains on television today, Eklund said he’s just misunderstood in a lot of ways. “He can’t trust anybody. Every time he trusts somebody they stab him in the back,” Eklund said. He went on to explain that for him, Bobo is “not a bad guy. He’s just trying his best.” He said if he just had someone to understand him then things could be different for Bobo. “Bobo just needs a friend. Now he’s in a hole. All alone. Who is going to hug him now,” Eklund pondered.

Dream Wynonna guest stars

When asked who everyone’s dream guest star for Wynonna Earp would be, Scrofano went first and mentioned Rookie Blue vet Charlotte Sullivan. “She’s wildly talented and so versatile,” Scrofano explained. Tim Rozon cited Jeffrey Wright, and Eklund selected his friend Richard Harmon (The 100). Anderson told his boss Andras that she’d “be a great BBD boss,” while Barrell said “I still really hope that we can make Amy Acker happen.”

Pivotal character moments

“Black Badge becoming obsolete,” was what Anderson chose as Dolls’ most pivotal character moment to date. Eklund joked that Bobo is “stuck in a well. I have to work on that somehow.” For Scrofano, it was Wynonna having to give up her baby and Provost-Chalkley said it was when Waverly met Nicole. “Nedley telling her that he wants to groom her for sheriff,” was the really big turning point for Nicole said Barrell.

Always striving for diversity

“I think we certainly strove in second season to expand the diversity of the show,” said Andras. She explained that “we always write the characters as the characters, and then try to cast the best actors, but certainly with an eye to where we can fill a role diversely.” She also was sure to add that “we’ll keep trying. I promise,” and that they are “always looking for diversity behind the scenes as well as in front of the scenes. That’s one thing we’re still trying to improve.”

Hardest scenes to shoot

Everyone had different opinions on their hardest moments to shoot, as Eklund cited Bobo’s scenes with Waverly in the padded cell, and Rozon recalled the episode where Doc was bound to Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Dolls. Barrell said that she “sometimes struggle with how to play our [WayHaught] make out scenes. I’m like ‘what can we do that’s new? What have we not done?’” Barrell just said she knows “how important those are for so many people. So just making sure there’s a balance of things you haven’t seen before. I put a lot of pressure on myself to keep getting those scenes right.”


The fandom is special

“Since Day 1 there always needs to be another chair up here with us. We’re all in this so much together and without each other none of this happens. I’m so thankful for what you guys have brought into my life,” Rozon said of the Earpers. Eklund echoed Rozon telling fans in attendance, “I can’t ask for a better family than you guys. You’re so loyal to this show.” For Andras, she said that “this show is nuts. It’s a crazy concept,” and that’s why “it’s been so gratifying that people get what we’re trying to do. It’s so gratifying that people understand, just from a writer’s perspective, what I want to do and am trying to do.” Finally, Provost-Chalkley added that she feels “very lucky to have been cast in a show that is all about being inclusive with everyone and being yourself.”

Nicole knows!

When asked whether or not Nicole knows about Waverly kissing Rosita (Tamara Duarte), Barrell was pretty definitive in her response. “I think she totally knows. I think Waverly was probably really honest with her, and she was like ‘honey, it’s OK.’ I think Nicole is at a mature enough place in her life where she knows the difference between love, lust and a mistake,” said Barrell. She went on to say that Nicole is “in such a solid, confident place that she understands where that would have come from because she understands where Waverly is at. So yeah, absolutely I think Waverly told her.” That response led Rozon to immediately say that “relationship goals is what WayHaught is.” He joked that if only “we could all have this cross universe, parallel destined love thing. Must be nice! Some of us are dealing with dragon dudes and helicopter babies, and you guys are just perfect!”


Favorite WayHaught Moments

That discussion immediately led into one about everyone’s favorite WayHaught moments. “I really liked doing the baby shower actually. I really loved just seeing Domestic WayHaught,” said Barrell. Provost-Chalkley thought that “it was really fun in the alternate universe to see Old Waverly with Nicole with the sandwich and pickles. It was a really fun moment.” Andras said credit for many of the great WayHaught moments goes to the other Wynonna Earp writers. “Brendon Yorke, Alex Zarowny and Caitlin Fryers have all written amazing WayHaught stuff,” she said.

Rosita was created for Tamara Duarte

After learning in earlier panels that Duarte actually auditioned for Wynonna, Waverly and then Nicole, Andras said “we really loved Tamara Duarte.” That led the writers to create a character specifically for her, even calling it ‘Tamara’ in the writers’ room. “We knew we wanted someone from Doc’s past and we knew she was a revenant,” explained Andras. The ‘Tamara’ character then became Rosita and Andras said “what I didn’t expect was how empathetic and sympathetic Tamara would make that character. I think she has a lot more in common with Wynonna than maybe Wynonna realizes. I hope we haven’t seen the last of her.”


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Wynonna Earp will return for Season 3 in 2018 to Syfy and Space.