The Voice: The final performances

The Voice season 7 final performances

It seemed so fitting that even with four performers, the essence of Season 7 of The Voice boils down to Battle of the Bromance: Team Adam vs. Team Blake. However, with three contestants in the performance finale, Levine had some heavy lifting to do when you consider each artist had a duet with their coach this Monday night.

The finalists took the stage three times to perform a final judge’s choice, a duet with their coach, and–for a new twist–the potential single they could release upon winning The Voice. No, they didn’t all just show up and write the first hit single of their future hit album; they were paired with songwriters and/or their coaches. And ambitiously, they also made music videos. Sure, why not.

And now to the rundown of the final performances (links to purchase the songs performed below), which are likely faint memories if you took a shot every time there was a Beats headphones product placement or a Nissan red thumb mention…


Judge’s Choice: Donny Hathaway’s “A Song for You
Potential Single:Soldier
Duet: Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Overall Thoughts: It felt like Damien was attempting to win over a different era of America with two thirds of his songs. Or maybe just an older generation/demographic? And while viewers voted him into the wild card spot last week, these were not the hits that the YOUTHS will throw their vote behind. During the duet (a.k.a. the strongest of the three performances), Adam even got more close-ups than Damien. Okay, I didn’t count but it felt like it. His single just didn’t have enough kick (and YIKES to all that rain in his music video – “Take That,” Damien is not!).

Craig Wayne Boyd

Judge’s Choice: Alabama’s “In Pictures
Potential Single: “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face
Duet: Randy House’s “Boots On
Overall Thoughts: Gosh, I just want CWB to pull off a win and SNATCH this from Team Adam because I can picture the hilarity and gloating that will occur between Blake and Adam during Season 8. (Spoiler: it will be the best part of that season.) Pharrell summed it up with his feedback after Craig’s first performance: “That song’s available tonight? We all know everyone’s going to go buy it. Congratulations.” Of all the finalists, his potential single (which he performed first) was the easiest to imagine on the radio immediately–perhaps that’s because I listen to the local country station A LOT while driving–while it also felt like part of a larger, longer career. Regardless of the final outcome, this guy will be at the CMAs next year if Blake Shelton has anything to say about it.

Chris Jamison

Judge’s Choice: Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River
Potential Single:Velvet
Duet: Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You
Overall Thoughts: From the song selection–plus the lyrics from his “single”–it is clear that Chris (or his coach) courted the female population of America Monday night. It’s about heat, vulnerability, lust and sex all wrapped up in a dreamy dude crooning to you in a falsetto. Basically, he was going for the grown-up Nick Jonas vibe. Obviously, Adam has seen himself in Chris when coaching and shaping him this fall; look no further than their duet complete with identical wardrobe (which Chris should have stuck with instead of changing into these unfortunate bunching blue pants). The injection of Adam’s ego into Chris’ stage presence has really helped him progress and evolve over the season. And Adam’s message to viewers was clear: “If you worship my hotness and talent, crown my young Jedi.”

Matt McAndrew

Judge’s Choice: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Potential Single: “Wasted Love
Duet: Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars
Overall Thoughts: His single was very of the moment as far as music trends are concerned; and he actually wrote it, so that’s a bonus. (FYI at the time of West Coast airing, “Wasted Love” was at the top of the iTunes charts, with Craig Wayne Boyd close behind in the  No. 2 spot.) Their duet was so in sync that it almost made me giggle. Matt did an impressive job mimicking Levine’s falsetto too–those few key bars could cement a win. His “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” got the prime final performance of the night spot, so yeah, The Voice producers have backed this pony.

The Voice finale airs Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 9 p.m., ET/PT on NBC and CTV Two.

Who do you think will win?

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